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Do These 8 Things Before You Send a LinkedIn Message

LinkedIn is an essential personal branding tool for every professional’s toolkit. Whether you are a sales professional, marketer, or newly minted college graduate, LinkedIn needs to be your go-to tool.

Because you can use send a LinkedIn message directly reach anyone in the world, it does not mean you should. It’s a powerful tool, so be careful!

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How to Conduct a Simple LinkedIn Profile Audit

Do you need a LinkedIn profile makeover? How do you know it needs just a refresh or a total redesign? Are you sure your reputation destination is set up for success? Do you even know where to start to understand what you need to do with your personal branding?

To get significant results, you need to understand three things:  establishing your current state, determining your desired state, and assessing a way to close the gap!

Ask yourself these critical questions about your LinkedIn profile! 

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How to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

You may already have an All-Star LinkedIn profile. But, do you know how to be an MVP — a Most Viewed Profile?

Yes, it’s easy to earn a spot on the All-Star LinkedIn team. Almost 50% of members maintain that status. However, when it seems like everyone wins a spot on the team, you can take home the BIG trophy by fine-tuning your LinkedIn profile to outperform your competition.

True, there is no official MVP LinkedIn status. However, you can establish yourself as a Most Viewed Profile. It’s about the extra work that gets you there.

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4 Things to Know About LinkedIn Post Views

If no one views your LinkedIn profile or posts, are you really on LinkedIn? Don’t worry about who can you see who views your LinkedIn profile. Worry if you have enough of the right people seeing you!

You can’t build your personal brand on LinkedIn unless people view your profile and posts. Only when they are viewed, can they get liked, shared, commented on, and clicked on!

Think of your LinkedIn profile as the personal branding engine. Your posts are the gas that fuels the engine.  Everything you publish on LinkedIn is trackable so you see how many people viewed it. Posts, videos, articles, and comments included. Some of your ‘gas’ might produce “economy-level” results, while others produce “premium” results. You will receive more earned media views when your network likes, shares, and comments on your posts.

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8 Ideas to Get More LinkedIn Connections (and stay connected)

Do you have a personal branding LinkedIn strategy? One that keeps your brand relevant?

My great-grandmother used to tell me a story. She’d said you need to take advantage of every opportunity to reach out and touch your network. Build and nurture solid relationships by paying attention to the relationship triggers. Send authentic messages, share meaningful content, and pay attention to the little things.

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The 5 Best LinkedIn Metrics To Start Using Today

You cannot manage your LinkedIn profile unless you can measure it. So, you better start measuring it since it’s your reputation destination.

How do you know if your LinkedIn profile is performing for you? Is it helping you meet your goals? How can you possibly keep your personal brand score if you don’t know how to measure its performance?

Your LinkedIn profile will not perform well unless it’s complete. Only 50.5% of members have completed their profiles. This completion enables the LinkedIn algorithm to work harder.  Incomplete profiles mean Status Updates, Video posts, and Article posts will underperform. 

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8 Social Media Mistakes New College Grads Make

Do you know the social media superpowers hiring managers expect from recent college graduates? Are you guilty of any social media mistakes that you could fix? Are you aware of how your social media accounts may cost you your job?

The pressure is on for college graduates, Gen Z, and some Gen Y job seekers! Hiring managers expect you to be a social media expert—someone who can immediately help their business because of this “superpower.”

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3 Really Easy Personal Branding Improvements to Do Right Now!

Your LinkedIn profile’s curbside appeal could be killing your personal brand. And, your Twitter profile may look like an abandoned house.

You’re always working on your home’s curbside appeal. You need to pay attention to your reputation on social media, too.

Think about it. You would never sell your house without making sure you presented it in the best light. Mowing the lawn, painting the exterior, and keeping the property neat have a positive impact on its value. 

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What Does Twitter Success Look Like?

What do you need to achieve Twitter success?

Is Twitter a means to an end or is it the end goal? Do you need 100,000 Twitter followers to be successful? Do you need to have engaging content to be a winner on Twitter? Or, do you need to increase your social and personal brand currency to help you reach your bigger goals?

Twitter Success Formula

Winning marketing leaders, sales executives and thought leaders understand this differentiation and the need to do five key things to be successful with Twitter.

5 Things You Need To Be Successful With Twitter

1. A Twitter Goal Mapped To Your Overall Objective. You cannot determine what Twitter success looks like until you articulate your goal. Are you looking to learn? Do you want to become a thought leader and brand amplifier? Are you trying to sell more products or services? If you understand what you are trying to do then you can determine what you need – more followers, better content or to be following more relevant contacts.

2. Secure More Relevant and Targeted Twitter Followers. More relevant followers enables your message  to reach more people and make an impression with this targeted audience. It’s harder to drive earned messaging if you do not have a critical mass of followers on your earned channel. Just make sure your followers align to your goal and are not purchased from a Twitter follower broker in Russia!

3. Follow More Relevant People On Twitter. The more relevant people you follow, the better handle you can have on pertinent information needed to help you reach our overarching goals and objectives. This listening will help you learn and move your agenda forward.

4. You Need Great Twitter Content. Once you have Twitter followers and are following the right group of people, then you need to ‘feed the machine’ with great content.  You’ll know if you have great content by measuring engagement – retweets, mentions, and favorites. Engaging content will drive new network additions and reduce overall network drops.

5. Rising Social and Personal Brand Currency. It is impossible to have a 1-1 relationship with more than a few hundred followers. No one on Twitter expects you to have a personal relationship with them. The Twitter platform is not built for this reason. However, you need to authentically engage with your total audience on a regular basis. This interaction will build the value of your social and personal brand currency so you can increase your awareness, influence, and sales.

Do you have an additional to this approach that makes you successful with Twitter? If so, please comment below or reach out to me at  

A vanity metric is a wrong thing to use to measure your Twitter success. However, you do need a goal, lots of followers, to be following many people, and great content to help you increase the value of your social and personal brand’s currency to help you meet your business objectives.

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5 Ways To Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Active And Relevant

Keeping your LinkedIn profile active is a lot like keeping a baseball glove worn-in and ready to use. When I was growing up playing baseball, my dad always told me to oil up my glove and use it regularly. Otherwise, it would get stiff and make it hard to catch fly balls and grounders. Catching these fly balls and grounders would be critical in a game to maintain the favor and friendship of my teammates! Little did I know my dad was teaching me a LinkedIn lesson in the 1970’s!

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 4.59.21 PM

An active LinkedIn profile is similar to that glove. If you don’t keep it active, then you will not be regularly connecting with your network, and, therefore, might fall out of favor of your constituency!

Here are 5 easy ways to keep your LinkedIn profile “oiled” up to you can catch all of your opportunities!

5 Ways To Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Active And Relevant

  • Update your LinkedIn status once or twice daily; once at the beginning of the day and another at the end of the day. Factbrowser reports that 77% of LinkedIn members use the site to research people and companies, 69% to reconnect with past business associates and 50% to build new networks, so regular updates will help you get found! If it sounds like this scheduling and updating is a lot of work, it’s not. Use a tool like HootSuite to schedule your twice-daily updates from curated sources, like the Wall Street Journal or This tool makes it easier to plan your communication strategy from the comfort of your couch! (No … two daily updates are not too much. No one has EVER complained about my volume of updates!)
  • Participate in 3-5 key LinkedIn groups 2-3 times a week. LinkedIn reports hosting 1.5 million groups, however, you can only join 50 of them. Even with 50 groups to join, you will never be able to activity engage in all of them. So, pick the most relevant ones and maintain a contributing and consultative presence. Your contribution formula should be 10 consultative posts for every 1 “sales-ish” post. Participating in 3-5 LinkedIn groups can get hectic, too. You don’t have to log into LinkedIn every time you check on a group since you can use tools like Flipboard and HootSuite to check the activity.
  • Own the conversation in 1 key LinkedIn group. It’s easy to commit to trying to be an expert, thought leader, or active participant in one group; hopefully one that is thriving and full of other great contacts and potential business for you. Active participation in a group like this will increase the likelihood a growing LinkedIn network, and we all know that a bigger network is a better network!
  • Refresh your LinkedIn profile’s headline, summary and job experience quarterly. LinkedIn reports that a complete profile increases your chances to be found by 40%. So, if yours is not completed then get that part completed today. LinkedIn is keyword driven, so running your profile like a PPC campaign will help you get found and make you more relevant when you are found. When refreshing your high-profile LinkedIn profile components (headline, summary, job experience) make sure to rethink if you can update keywords that are being searched for today, instead of how they were searched last year or last quarter.
  • Like, comment and share your network’s updates daily. By regularly engaging with your network’s updates, you demonstrate that you are an active and invested community member. Like a news update, share an interesting post or comment on someone’s new promotion! This activity is visible by your network and your contact’s secondary network. Being active with your community will open you up to endless connections and possibilities!

Do you have another way that you use to keep your LinkedIn profile vibrant and relevant? If so, please share below. Or, contact me directly on, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

If you are looking for other ways in which to keep your LinkedIn network “the best that it can be”, then you might be interested in:

  1. Create the perfect LinkedIn profile
  2. Run your LinkedIn profile like a PPC campaign
  3. Use LinkedIn invites to deepen your relationships
  4. Measure the success of your LinkedIn activity
  5. Have a LinkedIn profile picture that does not scare your network away!

Keeping an active and alive LinkedIn profile is much easier than keeping a glove worn-in and in a ready-to-catch fly ball state!  And, it’s a lot more comfortable too since my dad used to make me put my glove under my mattress and sleep on it to help keep it really broken in! Here’s to you catching more LinkedIn opportunities with an active network!

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