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30 LinkedIn Sales Triggers

The key to social selling success is fishing where the fish are. You might be fishing where the fish are, but you do know what to do when you get a nibble on the line?

Many sales meetings are full of fish tales about the one that got away. These fishing holes are filled with sellers, who did not use social selling techniques.

30 LinkedIn Social Selling Triggers

There are customers willing to engage, or bite on an intelligent insight, but many sales professionals do not understand the social sellings signals. Their missed quotas, management excuses and intrusive and brand-centric emails are partly related to connecting with the customer at the wrong time with the wrong message!

Do you know an under-performing sales person who misunderstands what those ‘nibbles’ look like?

5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Pay Attention To Social Selling Triggers

  1. Get on their buyer’s journey radar
  2. Nurture a relationship with a prospect, who is not ready to make a decision
  3. Sustain your relationship with your customer
  4. Accelerate the sales process by adding value with content and insight
  5. Develop your reputation

Here’s Some Research To Hook You Into The Decision-Maker

  • 84% of C-level/vice president (VP) executives use social media to make purchasing decisions. (Source: IDC)
  • Social networks, like LinkedIn, are the #1 influencer in the final stage of the purchase process. (Source: IDC)
  • The average B2B buyer, who uses social media for their purchase decision, is senior, has a larger budget and has a greater span of buying control than a decision maker who does not use social media. (Source: IDC)
  • B2B buyers find the greatest benefit of social media is gaining greater confidence in and comfort with their decision (Source: IDC)

The big insight from this research is your customers use social media and expect to engage – either with you or your competition!

The big question is, do you know when and how to engage with your network? Do you understand the sales triggers giving you the permission to connect?

Here are the 30 social selling LinkedIn sales triggers to help you identify when to reach out a be a part of the customer conversation.

30 LinkedIn Sales Triggers To Help You Achieve Social Selling Success

  1. Your LinkedIn profile is viewed
  2. You receive an invitation to ‘LinkIn’
  3. Contact accepts your invitation to ‘LinkIn’
  4. Contact changes a job
  5. Contact gets a promotion
  6. Contact has a birthday
  7. Contact has a work anniversary
  8. Contact is mentioned in the news
  9. Contact updates something in their profile – photo, summary, etc.
  10. Your LinkedIn blog post is liked
  11. Your LinkedIn blog post is shared
  12. LinkedIn blog post is commented on
  13. Daily update is liked
  14. Daily update is shared
  15. Daily update is commented on
  16. Group post is liked
  17. Group post is shared
  18. Group post is commented on
  19. Group member makes a comment in a group
  20. You are endorsed for a skill
  21. You are recommended by a contact
  22. You have an opportunity to ask for a recommendation from a contact
  23. You are invited to join a LinkedIn group
  24. A shared group member reaches out to you
  25. You receive and InMail
  26. A contact’s contact likes a LinkedIn update post
  27. A contact’s contact comments on a LinkedIn update post
  28. A contact’s contact shares a LinkedIn update post
  29. Your contact writes a LinkedIn blog post
  30. LinkedIn’s People You May Know feature presents a contact which is connected to someone in your network

Do you have another social selling sales trigger to add? If so, please comment below or reach out to me at!

So, do you really understand how to use your expertise and reputation to hook into the buyer’s journey? Customers provide 30 ‘tugs on the fishing line’ on LinkedIn – or, in other words, social selling triggers. Pay attention to them to you know when you can begin to ‘reel in the fish!’

Oh, now the next thing you need to figure out is how to respond to every sales trigger!

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Stop Being A LinkedIn Photo Loser!

If LinkedIn was like Tinder, would your customers swipe left or swipe right?

I know a few Millennials, and scarily a few Gen X friends, who use Tinder to, well, hook up. If you don’t have a great pic, then you are immediately ‘eliminated.’ Sort of voted off the relationship island before you ever washed ashore.

linkedin profile and tinder


Your picture is the first step to moving toward ‘hooking up’ with your customers and prospects.

If they swipe left, then you’d be left in the dark and your chances to connect with them and their network would end right there.

If they swipe right, then you are headed in the right direction with your relationship – as a thought leader, subject matter expert, or as a sales person!

The Research Tells Us A LinkedIn Profile Picture Can Open Many Doors

  • Profiles with pictures generate 11X more views than those profiles without a photo. We know it’s a numbers game, so the more people who look at your profile, then the greater chance you have at connecting! (Source: LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn profile photos with smiles or laughs get the most views, love, and attention. (Source: PhotoFeeler)
  • Who’s Viewed Your Profile remains the #1 feature for the second year running with 76% of respondents picking it as a favorite feature. (Source: Forbes)

This research paints the picture that you need to have a great LinkedIn profile picture to make a connection with your customers! Without a photo, you are not part of the billion annual LinkedIn searches. If you have an atrocious photo, you will win a place on my LinkedIn profile photo Wall of Shame. And, those who have seen my personal branding workshops know the only thing that honor generates is laughs!

3 Things You Can Do To Get Your Customers To Swipe Right!

1. Take A New Picture Every Year. Connect your network to your freshest face every year! And, make sure to laugh or smile in your photo!

2. Take a professional-like photo. If you cannot secure a professional headshot, then enlist a friend to use an SLR or high-quality smartphone to snap 100 photos, so you can choose the best one.

3. Run your photo by 5 people in your network. Forget about asking your Mom or brother what they think. Ask someone in your network what they think of your smiling face in your new photo. This request will get the best and most authentic view of you.

The Big Picture Lesson When It Comes To Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

The bottom line is that you need an excellent picture to succeed on Tinder or LinkedIn! Focus on taking the best one so you can get the most action! That’s it.

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P.P.P.S. Thanks to Kyle Tuverson (@ktuverson) who suggested this blog post’s idea.

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Are You InTouch With Your LinkedIn Strategy?

Are you in touch with your LinkedIn personal branding strategy?

My great grandmother used to tell me, “Gerry Moran, you need to take advantage of every LinkedIn opportunity to reach out and touch your contacts. Build and nurture solid relationships by paying attention to the relationship triggers, authentically messaging and paying attention to the little things.”

LInkedIn Touch | | Gerry Moran


These B2B relationship-building tools and touchpoints are at your fingertips in your LinkedIn account. You just have to understand how to participate actively!

LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to combine good connections and good ‘manners’ to increase your relationship currency.

You can be in control of your perception and enhance the value of your relationship currency on LinkedIn by doing these little things.

8 Nice Touches To Make With Your LinkedIn Strategy

1. People Who Know People Are The Luckiest People In The World. Sharing your interests and needs, whether you are a marketer or sales person, with your network will increase your chances of connecting with their network. Many of my posts shared by my contacts reach people who are not in my direct line of networking site – but they will be soon.

2. Customized Invitations. My great-grandmother would never have sent out an invitation without a personalized message. As old-school sending personalized invitations might sound, it goes a long way in making an impact on the early stages of a relationship. It’s a great way to make a solid first impression – especially since about 95% of Linkedin invitations come with a default message.

3. It Takes Two To Play Tag. Tag you are it! The responsibility of conversation and relationship-buillding with social interation lies with the last person touched. Benefit from this relationship sustaining strategy by sending a customized note including invitations links to your blogs, reading content, etc.

4. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone. Connecting with 2nd and- and 3rd-level contacts is an excellent way to build a larger network resembling your current network. Introduce yourself to 2nd- and 3rd-level contacts, referencing the 1st-level contact you have in common. Ask a smart question or share so content you think they might find helpful based on what you know from your relevant contact. It’s human nature that people like to help, so put yourself in the position to be helped!

5. Contribute To The Greater Good Of The Community. Birds of a feather flock together. Add insight and valuable conversation to 2-3 LinkedIn groups to meet new connections and sustain relationships. Join groups where your target audience hangs out, answering questions and contacting people who have issues with which you can help.

6. Pay Attention To Who’s Checking You Out! Someone who checked you out must be interested in you, right? You need a quick and relevant response to help spark what might be the beginning of a relationship. Have 2-3 ready-to-send responses customized for each type of opportunity.

7. Pay Attention To Current Relationships. People love and need to be acknowledged for their birthday, work anniversary, press mention or any other business-related event. Take the time to use the Stay In Touch feature (in the Connections drop-down menu). Congratulate 1st-level contacts who have updated their profiles – especially if they’ve changed jobs and/or companies – to learn about new opportunities for doing business together.

8. Add Value Every Day To Your Relationship. Move from spammy me-centric messaging to relationship-building and value-add content. Sharing meaningful content with your network encourages them to share with their network, so you continually have the opportunity to meet new people.

Do you have a nuance or a nice touch you use to be successful with your relationship building on LinkedIn? If so, please share below. Or, contact me directly on or LinkedIn and start building our relationship! I can also be reached on Twitter and Google+.

As my great-grandmother always said – “it’s the little things that count up to the right relationships and big sales results.”

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Your Personal Brand’s Curbside Appeal Is Killing You

You work on your curbside appeal before you sell your house, right?

So, you need to work on your brand’s social media appeal- personal and business – before you start selling, too.

Curbside Appeal | | @GerryMoran

Think about it. You would never sell your house without making sure you presented it in the best light – mowing the lawn, painting the exterior and picking up around the property.

The same goes for your small business, big company and personal brand on social media. When you say that you are able to solve problems with your services, products or knowledge, then you need to be able to back up this claim with a solid first impression.

The last think you would want someone to do after they check out your profile is snicker, laugh or wonder if you have the cred to back up your claims.

The Research Shows Customers Are Checking You Out

  • 49.5% of LinkedIn profiles are incomplete, rendering some searches useless (Source: LinkedIn)
  • 72% research vendors on social media networks (Source: Demand Gen Report)
  • 44% find vendors from their friends on social media (Source: LinkedIn)

This personal branding research indicates that your customers are checking you out before, during and after they meet you – whether you choose to participate in an open house or not! Since our profile sort of reputation destination, it behooves you to straighten it up a bit!

3 Key Steps To Sprucing Up Your Personal Brand

1. Fix your LinkedIn profile. At a minimum, ensure you update your photo, value prop-based headline, customer-centric summary, and refreshed job experience all with at least 5 keywords that represent your strengths. If you are looking for the essential steps to becoming a LinkedIn All-Star or MVP, you can increase the chances of setting an excellent impression.

2. Fix Your Twitter Profile. You cannot say you are innovative unless you are on Twitter – especially at a B2B brand. At a minimum, update your photo, include a link to your LinkedIn profile or blog, and include a key word-rich summary in the 160 characters Twitter provides.

3. Distribute Content Representing Your Brand. After checking out your profile, you customers will Google you, so make sure you are active on your key social media channels with relevant content. You want to own the top-fold of the Google search page.

Do you have another tip to make sure people will want to visit your brand? If so, please share below!

The Big Personal Branding Lesson Learned

The big takeaway from your personal brand and native customer behavior is people will check you out and judge you on your social media and digital appearance. The days have passed where you can hide behind a beeper and telephone. Your social media profile is the new calling card. And, your content is the new relationship currency.

You cannot increase the value of your currency until you get people to walk through the front door of your brand. So, get sprucing up!

P.S. Your Next Steps! I am the author of, a social media and social selling coaching blog. Please sign up for email delivery of my posts and pass this sign-up link to your friends and co-workers, who you think might benefit from reading these ideas.

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Head In The Sand With Your Personal Brand?

Do headhunters find your background and value appealing? Or, is your head in the sand with your personal brand?

If you grew up when televisions were black and white, you probably saw many Tarzan episodes where he was saving a jungle visitor from lions, tigers and … headhunters.

Head in the sand with your personal brand?

Flash ahead to today and many job seekers want to run to headhunters, or recruiters, instead of running from them. However, not all recruiters find your ‘head‘ appetizing, or even know that it‘s there! They are not hungry for your background for a number controllable (by you) reasons.

Many potential candidates unconsciously stick their head and career highlights in the sand  – making their personal brand unfindable by those looking for their type. Understanding how recruiters hunt, will help you bolster your personal reputation to be foundconsidered and converted by a contingency or corporate recruiter!

8 Ways Social Recruiters Use Social Media To Find Your Personal Brand

  1. Recruiters Use Social. 93 percent of recruiters currently use or plan to use social networks to support their recruiting efforts.
  2. Social Recruiting Spend Is Increasing. 73 percent of companies planned to increase their investment in social recruiting in 2014.
  3. Companies Hire Directly From Social Media. 73 percent of companies have successfully hired candidates via social media, with 79 percent of those hires coming via LinkedIn, 26 percent via Facebook and 14 percent via Twitter.
  4. Recruiters Use LinkedIn. Job Seekers Use Facebook. Facebook is the social network of choice for job seekers, at 86 percent, but LinkedIn attracts 94 percent of recruiters, compared with 66 percent for Facebook.
  5. Just About All Recruiters And Hiring Companies Review A Candidate’s Social Profile and Personal Brand. 93 percent of recruiters review candidatessocial media profiles before making hiring decisions.
  6. Over Half Of Companies Reconsidered Hiring Decisions Based On Social Media Profiles. 55 percent of companies have reconsidered hiring candidates based on their social media profiles, with 61 percent of those reconsiderations not resulting in a job offer.
  7. Bad Grammar On Social Media Means Bad First Impressions. Recruiters frown upon poor spelling and grammar (66 percent), profanity (63 percent) and indications of drug use (83 percent.)
  8. Social Media Enables A Candidate’s Personal Brand To Stand Our From The Crowd. 44 percent of recruiters who have implemented social recruiting have seen improvements in the quality of candidates, while 44 percent have seen a higher quantity of clients and 34 percent have experienced quicker times to hire,

Source: JobVite

Do you have a social experience with a headhunter to share to help others? If so, please share in the comment space below. Or, contact me directly at or on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

With the ‘write’ personal branding recipe, you can get the attention of the social recruiting headhunters and hiring companies. Your profile highlights, good grammar and interesting content will serve you up as a tasty and hirable dish.

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15 Resources To Help Improve Your Personal Branding

Strong personal branding will help you sustain a solid career, develop a deeper relevant network and help you advance your agenda.

You probably are not doing it as good as you could.

Personal branding |



You see, the biggest barrier to your personal branding success is the lack of planning, strategizing and goal-setting. You need to do a little soul searching, self-assessment and checking out what’s underneath your ‘hood’ to get the most out of your personal brand on LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging. Before you jump and make changes, you need to do a little pre-work.

When working with executives, sales professional and small businesses, I often share this story to contextualize the need to do initial self-assessment before doing personal branding training. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, my significant other has her house cleaned by her trusted cleaning crew. And, every 3rd Monday evening of the month, she frantically cleans her home and to get it in order before her cleaners arrive. I think she is crazy. However, I understand that this type of pre-work is standard operating procedure for many. This pre-cleaning and straightening up helps her get the ‘big things’ accomplished by the person she hired.

Preparing for your personal branding tune-up is much like getting ready for your house to be cleaned. If you do the pre-work before you start to investigate changes, hire someone to help or attend a workshop then you will get the most out of your personal investment and our social brand will be hitting on all cylinders!

15 Resources To Help Your Personal Branding Tune-up

Your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are your new calling cards. Your tweets and LinkedIn posts are your new networking and brand-building tools. So, take stock of your current social snapshot. Here are some pre-work reading and ideas to help you get the most out of your personal branding tune-up.

1. Understand Why You Need To Integrate Social Media Into Your Personal Brand. Your customers and network are searching Google, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay on top of industry changes and to develop solutions to their business challenges. You need to be where they are searching. Understanding “why” a strong presence on social media is critical to your long-term success will help you think through your branding strategy. Check out these three posts to help you:

Personal Branding Profile |

2. Tune-up Your LinkedIn and Twitter Profiles To Bring Out The Best In Your Personal Brand. You cannot sell yourself until you work on your curbside appeal. So, think about these five links to help you start planning your social spruce-up.

Personal Branding | | @GerryMoran

3. Learn How To Talk The Personal Branding Talk On LinkedIn, Twitter and with blogging. Now that you are all dressed up, you just be a social wall flower and sit against the call. You need to integrate yourself into your network’s social graph. If you can’t talk the talk, then you will never connect with your audience. These seven links will help you understand how to connect with you network on their terms.

Do you have a question or comment on these tips? If so, please share below or reach out to me directly at before the workshop. You can also reach me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

So, take a lesson from my significant other’s approach to having her home cleaned and do a little pre-work before you start to tune up your profile. Need a little help with your sprucing up yours? Send me an e-mail at with your questions.

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Find Customers In LinkedIn’s Haystack Of Members

“Hello, can you tell me who the decision-maker is for enterprise software decisions?” Sound familiar – whether you are making or receiving a call? Now that sounds like searching for a needle in the proverbial LinkedIn haystack.

Cold Calling A Needle In A Haystack | Social Selling

Is that effective prospecting or cold calling? Does effective prospecting mean conducting a broad search on LinkedIn and using that list to make cold phone calls? No!

A Case For Social Selling – Cold Calling Facts

  • 200 million Americans have registered their number on the FTC do not call list.
  • Doesn’t work 90.9% of the time, reports Harvard Business Review
  • Costs at least 62% more per lead, states HubSpot, The State of Inbound Marketing
  • Cold calling has a rate of less than 2% of phone calls resulting in a meeting, states Leap Job
  • 88% of buyers will have nothing to do with cold callers, finds Huthwaite
  • 94% of buyers couldn’t remember a single prospector or message they had received during the last two years, reports Huthwaite

Use Advanced LinkedIn Search Features To Increase Social Selling Productivity

If you understand how keyword modifiers for Google searches and HootSuite listening work, then you will understand the power of these terms for LinkedIn. Keyword modifiers and Boolean terms make your searches work a little bit harder – not by changing the keywords, but by filtering what’s included or not included. Think about the question you want to answer before diving right into a Boolean search – and you will be much more productive.

5 Strategic Ways To Use LinkedIn Advance Search

Begin your search simply entering keywords into the search field at the top of any page or in any search field in the Advanced Search section. You can use search strings for better results. Before you enter these terms into the search field, ask yourself the following questions and then use the relevant Boolean terms.

TIP: Any one of the following searches will help you recruit for local events. However, because you find a key contact does not mean you should send them an immediate InMail. Engage with them first on LinkedIn, Twitter and on their blog, and then recruit. InMail SPAM is worse than email SPAM – so avoid it at all costs.

1. “Am I searching for a relevant customer based on two or more descriptive terms or words – e.g., public sector AND HR?” If so, the AND modifier will tie these two word together and provide you with a tighter set of search results.

LinkedIn Boolean Search - AND

TIP: “+” can be used interchangeably with AND.

2. “Am I looking for customers with 1 of 2 differentiating characteristics or types of experience – e.g., CFO OR CIO OR CMO?” If so, then the OR modifier will help you search for anyone of a specific set of terms, which is crucial to help your access to the buying team within a target account.

LinkedIn Boolean Search - OR

TIP: Save up to 3 people searches using Linkedin’s standard service – you will have 10 saved searches if you are a Navigator user.

3. “Do I know the type of customer for whom I’m prospecting, while at the same time knowing for whom I am not searching – e.g., (software AND Marketing) NOT SAP?’ If so, then the NOT modifier enables you to weed out the superfluous search results automatically. This strategy will increase your selling efficiency!

Linkedin Boolean Search - NOT

TIP:  Think ‘niche’ when it comes to search. The smaller and more accurate your prospect list is, the better.

4. “Is there an exact phrase that my prospect set uses to help me quickly assess their viability – ‘Head Of Social Media,’ for example?” If so, then the QUOTES modifier enables you to look for an exact phrase or buzzword in the title, summary, job description, etc. to help you increase your sales productivity.

LinkedIn Advanced Search - Quotes

TIP: Think like a customer, thought leader or person and how they would describe themselves vs. what you think they are calling themselves.

5. “Do I have a very complex requirement that needs to consider, for example, location, target market, and industry – e.g., ( “marketing directors” OR “VP of Marketing”) AND Philadelphia AND ( software OR “information technology”) AND HR?” If so, then PARENTHETICAL modifiers will help you combine search terms and multiple modifiers to provide very focused results, which will save you prospecting time.

LinkedIn Advanced Search - PARENTHETICAL

TIP: I recommend using a combination of Google, HootSuite, Twitter and LinkedIn search to get a 360-degree view of your customer’s social and reputation graph.

Do you have another tip, strategic question or a way to search for your needle in the social selling haystack? If so, then please share below, or contact me directly at, or on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.

With over 300 million people using LinkedIn, every one of them cannot be your prospect. The task to find which ones are are daunting. A better understanding of how to use the LinkedIn Advance Search feature will come in handy – kind of the MacGyver tool for prospecting – to help you find your one in 300 million customers in the LinkedIn haystack of members.

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5 LinkedIn Social Selling Lessons

Aberdeen research states that 67% of sales teams that use social selling techniques achieve quota vs. 49% that do not – an impressive statistic.


LinkedIn is one of the biggest tools in the social-selling tool box to help teams achieve this differential. Sometimes we just need to ‘think different’ about the possibilities of how to use these tools to build great results.

5 Different Ways To Think About LinkedIn To Reach Your Social Selling Goals

1. Use LinkedIn as your reputation destination instead of your resume and your customers will be open to your solving services instead of your selling ones. Strong social selling reps use their profile a springboard to building great relationships.

 2. Customers are using LinkedIn to learn and self-educate, so give them what they want with your daily updates and group posts.

3. Small businesses are selling seven days a week. LinkedIn needs to be a part of the small biz tool kit to get more people to walk through the door.

 4. Your competition has access to the same LinkedIn tools as you. Are they using them more effectively to outsell you?

 5. Scary LinkedIn profiles can scare your customers away. Remember, you can’t sell yourself unless you work on your LinkedIn curbside appeal. It’s the easiest way not to blow the sale!

Have you seen a recent tweet that gets you to think about using LinkedIn differently to sell? If so, please share or contact me directly on, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+.

Good luck adding to your team’s quota success by using LinkedIn! If you are looking for more ideas, please contact me directly at

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Your LinkedIn Profile Is Your Reputation’s Destination

What doeslinked-in a good craft beer bar have in common with a great LinkedIn profile? Both are great destinations that get more visits based on their reputation!

If you’ve ever walked into a great craft beer bar, the bartender, or cicerone, can provide you an excellent customer experience by asking you a set of questions to lead you to what you should be drinking based on what you like. There is not a best craft beer for everyone, just like there is no one LinkedIn profile format or formula every should use.

The LinkedIn reputation lesson is that as a good craft beer stands out based on what one is looking for, then your reputation needs to describe yourself accurately so you stand out with the correct crowd. And you can get to the realization that you need to change your LinkedIn profile by asking yourself some very pointed questions.

I shared this question-approach with a fellow craft beer lover at one of my favorite watering holes. Acting as a reputation ‘cicerone’ I asked my new friend the following questions that ended up causing a paradigm shift in the way he looked at his LinkedIn profile.

Reputation Destintation | | @GerryMoran

10 Questions To Do Your Own Linked Profile Audit

Key questions to ask your sales teams, your leadership, your marketers or yourself about your LinkedIn profile

  • Does your profile pic look like it belongs on the Wall of Shame? Take a professional-like photo, so you stop the social smirking about your silly looking image.
  • Does your LinkedIn headline look like a job title that nobody really understands anyway? Why would you use this 120-character space for anything other than an elevator pitch to explain your value to separate you from the crowd?
  • Does your LinkedIn summary tell your customer how they are going to help you make it to Presidents Club, 21 Club, or Winners Circle? Make your summary about the customer and network and how you can help them.
  • Are you ‘Googleable’; including keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile that sum up your value that people are literally searching for on Google? If not, then  include these ‘Googleable’ terms to your LinkedIn Endorsements section, Summary, Headline, Job Experience, Anchored Text  to get found by those who are looking.
  • Are you using your formal, baptismal, confirmation or any other name that would only be familiar to your mother? Your mother may be in your network, however, you need to include the name which you go by in the work place so others can find you.
  • Are you employable? If you don’t have at least three current and past positions that include keywords and accomplishments to explain the value you added then add them immediately. The way in which you describe your job experience can add to the way that your network
  • Does your LinkedIn profile show that you play well with others? If not, then get some Recommendations, Endorsements and Awards listed to show others what your first-grade teacher knows!
  • Does your LinkedIn profile pass the reading, writing and arithmetic exam? If you are not writing in first person, have typos throughout your LinkedIn profile, use poor grammar and do not include any publications, videos or SlideShares that you’ve created then you fail this test. And, you let your competition go to the head of the class.
  • Are you all dressed up (i.e., a polished profile at the LinkedIn dance, but acting as a wallflower would by not participating in the conversation? It’s one thing to get dressed up for a ‘dance’ with a great looking profile, but if you hang on the sidelines, then you are not helping your reputation – telling your story, your brand’s story or just being a part of the process. Get moving with LInkedIn group updates, daily status updates and asking people to connect with you.
  • Are you driving your LinkedIn profile like there is no reputation speedometer? If you are fine-tuning your reputation’s engine then pay attention to the speedometer – how many people are viewing your profile, does your network view and share your updates, are people asking to network with you and accepting your invites? Paying attention to your reputation dashboard will help you  reach your destination.

Do you have another self-assessment question to help turn a LinkedIn profile from a resume to a reputation builder? If so, please share below. Or contact me directly at or on LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter.

LinkedIn Profile Tune-up By Gerry Moran

Did you notice I did not mention the term ‘social media’ once? Working on your reputation is not based on your social media expertise. Your reputation is about fishing where the fish are and having the right bait to be noticed and caught. LinkedIn is today’s reputation hub and you better be fishing there with the right bait. And we all know what goes best with fishing. A nice IPA craft-beer.

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How To Use LinkedIn’s Most-Viewed Connections

My great-grandmother Michelena used to say “If you are going to have people over to your house for a party, then make sure you know who are the most popular, who you need to get to know better, and who can help you. If you are handing out cake, you want to make sure your most influential guests get a piece!”

Personal Branding | | @GerryMoran

Her advice can help you understand how to use social currency to plan accordingly – investment, influencer planning, sales focus, and content creation to name a few.

Do you know whose social currency is worth the most in your network? If you knew whose brand was hot, what would you do to leverage it?

LinkedIn launched a new feature called Most-viewed Connections – a rank-ordered list of your connections based on the amount of times their profiles have been viewed. The link to this feature is located just under the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” link. Click it and you have a rank-ordered list of your contacts, by profile views, as well as all contacts in your current company.

How To Use LinkedIn’s Most-Viewed Connections Feature For Your Personal Branding Strategy

1. Who are your network influencers? We all say that we dislike Klout scores and other numbers that rank us. But, as my great grandmother Michelena also said, “It is what it is.” In today’s personal branding terms, this means that if you have contacts in your LinkedIn network who are viewed a lot, then get you should get closer to them and leverage their influence. If they are getting checked out, then them must be influential, right.

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LInkedIn Most-Viewed Connections is located under Who’s Viewed Your Profile

2. What contacts should you spend time connecting with on other social channels? Believe it or not, your personal brand and your social selling hub extends beyond LinkedIn. If not, then you should start building an even deeper relationship with this group on Twitter, Google+, SlideShare, YouTube and blogs.

Receive immediate feedback from the tool to see where you rank against your connections.

Receive immediate feedback from the tool to see where you rank against your connections.

3. Is it time to polish up your, or your team’s, LinkedIn profile? My great grandmother would NEVER invite anyone to her house if it were not in pristine condition. If people are viewing you through the windows of your personal brand’s home, LinkedIn, then it better be in great shape. Otherwise, you can damage your story. Or, your underwhelming presence could cause a customer to move on to the next person in their network. Use this new LinkedIn Most-viewed Connections tool to inspire you to make changes in your profile to increase views.

Gerry Moran on LinkedIn

Is it time to polish your profile on LinkedIn?

4. Do you need some personal branding therapy to understand why no one is viewing you? People don’t view your LinkedIn account because of the word the street is that you have a complete profile with your smiling face. The social media profile is new calling card, but content is the new networking tool. If your profile is not getting viewed, then it’s because you are not regularly networking with content and engaging with your community and LinkedIn groups. Once they find you, then you need to make sure you have a complete profile with your smiling face displayed!

LinkedIn Content Shares

Increase your 2-week view counts to increase your profile views.

5. Who at your company can you tap to tell the company story? If you are looking for internal thought leaders to help tell your product or company story, then this LinkedIn feature is the one to use to find the ‘hot personnel property.’ Spend some time viewing your company’s top 25 most-viewed social assets and leverage them with your speaking, blogging and video strategy.

Steve Lucas | SAP

See where you rank with your fellow team members.

There must be more ways to use this LinkedIn feature. If you know of a way, please share it below. Or, reach out to me directly at, on LinkedIn, on Google+ or on Twitter.

LinkedIn Profile Tune-up By Gerry Moran

Every feature of every new and old social media platform should be innovatively and strategically considered as part of your social branding, social business or social selling strategy. It’s like my great-grandmother used to say when making golumpki” you need to figure out how to use every ingredient creatively. Even those pig ears.” Well, I am not sure how many pig ears she stuck into her golumpkis, but it taught me a lesson to look at every feature and tool to understand how I can use it to my advantage. I hope you picked up a tip or two.