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10 Ways To Get Found More Easily On LinkedIn

You’ve filled out your LinkedIn profile. You’ve uploaded your smiling picture, and you posted a few updates. However, you are not getting the LinkedIn profile views that you had hoped? You’re concerned since you understand how important your LinkedIn profile is for your social selling strategy. That social selling strategy won’t work so well if you cannot be found! How can you make your social brand work harder, so you get found on LinkedIn more easily?

Many business professionals, sales executives, small & large businesses and thought leaders stake their claim on the LinkedIn platform in hope to strike riches … in other words, they hope to be found for leads, business, sales opportunities, speaking engagements and other connection opportunities. You need to be able to be found in order to springboard your social brand toward leads and sales!

10 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work Harder For Your Social Selling Strategy

I want to provide you a quick read to help you make your LinkedIn profile work harder. I’ve provided 10 ways to make it easier for others to find you on LinkedIn. I’ve identified an easy way that you can activate your LinkedIn profile strategy as if it is your personal pay per click campaign.

Perfect LinkedIn Profile

  • Customize Your LinkedIn URL. A custom URL increases your external visibility on search engines. If your name is taken, add your initial to the front of your last name or add your location to the end.
  • Customize Your 3 LinkedIn URLs With Anchored Text. Give your readers a better idea of what your sites about and add keywords to optimize Google search.
  • Place Keywords In Your Headline. Keywords in your headline will drive internal and external search. Your headline always appears in your Google search results, so make it count!
  • Use Keywords In Your Summary. Keywords placed in your summary will help your profile show up in LinkedIn and external search results. Go Google yourself!
  • Use Keywords In Your Experience Review. Include keywords in your job title to show up in LinkedIn and Google search results. Include keywords through your experience descriptions to help impact LinkedIn and Google search results.
  • Choose The Right Industry Classification. Choose the correct industry to make it easier to be found with internal LinkedIn searches.
  • Turn Off All Privacy Features. Eliminate most privacy features in LinkedIn to be found on LinkedIn and have a better chance to be found on Google and other search engines.
  • Join 50 Relevant Groups. Industry-relevant keywords will improve your LinkedIn and Google search, including geo-targeted search results.
  • Connect Other Sites & Channels. Let people outside of LinkedIn find you by connecting them your other social media sites like Twitter and your blogs.
  • Use Your Email Signature. Use your email signature to help people outside of LinkedIn to find and follow you so you can build your network’s reach.

Do you have another LinkedIn profile tip or trick to help your social selling efforts? If so, please comment below! Or, contact me directly at or via Twitter @GerryMoran.

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  4. Twitter profile
  5. Pinterest profile

This document is a great social selling, business creating, or connection action plan to help to put you on the pull marketing map for your personal social brand! If you like this slide deck or blog post, you might also find my social media and marketing coaching blog enjoyable. Check out

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How To Measure Your LinkedIn Social Selling Success.

Yes, the bigger the size of your LinkedIn network the better for your social selling efforts. However, it’s also what you do with that big network that will make you successful and put a smile on your sales leadership’s faces! Pardon the entendre, but the wording did get your attention, didn’t it? And the more attention that you can get with your network and extended LinkedIn network for social selling, the better!

How To Measure LinkedIn Success



LinkedIn & Social Selling Goals

Your personal or business’ social media goals likely center on three areas:

1. Increase the reach of your message

2. Keep your clients engaged with your messaging

3. Convert interest in your messaging into moving closer to a sale

I recommend using  these three goals on which to base your LinkedIn success.  You cannot sell your sales manager that you are successful purely based on LinkedIn performance numbers. LinkedIn can help you meet your quota by effectively reaching and engaging with customers. Like the Pennsylvania Lottery says, you cannot win if you do not play! So, start to engage on LinkedIn, measure your success metrics and watch your contacts, calls, opportunities and sales increase!

9 Ways To Measure Your Social Selling Success On LinkedIn

Forrester states that 76% of B2B marketing professional agree that their ability to track marketing ROI gives marketing more respect. Here are 9 ways to measure your social selling success on LinkedIn!

1. Size Of Your Social Selling Network. Why does size does matter when it comes to your LinkedIn network? Each new connection adds to your 2nd- and 3rd-connection reach, which can be thousands of contacts! You can see from my connections below, that I can reach almost 15 million connections. When you need to be introduced to a client or contact, it can help to know someone who knows someone, and this is where the 2nd- and 3rd-level connections come in. This extended reach number is how you can regularly measure your LinkedIn success! Growing your network will help you increase your influence and visibility in LinkedIn.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.35.11 PM

2. Number Of New Invitations. When you are selling and using LinkedIn as your digital hub, the more invitations you receive the better off you are. This type of LinkedIn invitation is what I like to call “personal pull marketing”, since people come to you to connect! Keep track of your new invitations to show the health and value of your social brand’s currency. If you get a ‘good number’ of new invitations weekly, then you know that you are growing your influence and potential value from your LinkedIn activities. Keep score of your new invites by going to Your LinkedIn Statistics’ tab and clicking on the ‘New People’ link.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.36.29 PM

3. Number Of LinkedIn Profile Views. If you’ve ‘prettied up’ your profile, added key words to it, and relevantly take part in conversation then you should be more ‘findable’. However, how do you measure your ROLI (Return On LinkedIn Improvement)? Of course, by noting the amount of people who view and access your profile! If you have a premium account, then you can monitor exactly who checks you out (so you can start to follow them on Twitter and NOT make a phone call or send and email).

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.37.30 PM

4. Appearances In Search. Include key descriptive words in your Headline, Summary, Groups Work Experience/Job Description and Skills & Expertise to better present yourself in LinkedIn search results. By including more relevant key words throughout your profile, your ‘Appearances In Search’ numbers should rise. This change indicates you will likely increase the amount of LinkedIn profile views.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.38.24 PM

5. Percentage of Target Audience Profile Views. If your mom, brother or recruiter checks you’re your profile, their interest can’t really turn into a sale, right? Instead, pay attention to the amount of prospect views you receive by upgrading your LinkedIn account. You can increase this number by being engaged in LinkedIn Groups, adding your LinkedIn profile to your email signature, your Twitter profile, etc. Also, pay attention to the amount of views you receive before and after a trade show or conference or after an important client call!

6. Social Selling Interaction Level. In addition to cultivating a large-sized network, you need to be interesting and keep them engaged! Remember, it’s not the size of your network. that counts most,  it’s what you do with it! In other words, this is your “Am I interesting” metric. Every time you comment in an “open” LinkedIn Group or on your status update you open yourself up for likes and comments. This engagement indicates your content’s relevancy, measured by positive feedback from likes and comments. Interesting comments are a sign of your increasing thought leadership and credibility in your field. If your interaction is boring or not relevant, then you will hear the sound of crickets … Bueuller … Bueller … Bueller?

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.39.44 PM

7. Number of Skill & Expertise Endorsements. LinkedIn eliminated the specialties section in the summary area and replaced it with skills and expertise. These keyword searchable skills will help you rank higher for internal LinkedIn searches, so the more the better. Try to increase your endorsements! More endorsements positively positions you above your competition. So again, more (endorsements) is better!

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.41.45 PM

8. Number Of Recommendations. We all need to have at least 10 recommendations. However, more than 10 is better! Recommendations are a great ‘commercial’ for you. They are a quick way for others to assess your qualities, even if they are always positive. If you do not have enough then get moving and ask for them! Use the built-in function to ask past bosses, current clients and others to endorse you!

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.42.59 PM

9. Key Social Selling Metrics. Your ‘social brand currency’ indicators will help drive your key selling metrics that you can point to in you weekly call reports or in your CRM systems:

  1. Number of leads
  2. Total number of first contacts
  3. Total number of calls generated from making contact
  4. Number of opportunities
  5. Number of sales

Here are some more social selling blog post that will help you to:

Do you have another way to measure your social selling success with LinkedIn? If so, please share below! Or contact me directly at You can also Tweet me @GerryMoran.

Remember to pay attention to the size of your LinkedIn social selling network and cultivate it and nurture it. In addition to its size you need to know what to do with it, so work your engagement opportunities in LinkedIn Groups, status updates and overall brand management. Happy social selling!

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Learn To Be A Social Media Jedi In 5 Steps

How can you use social media to help support your company?  I just returned from SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW and discussed this question with many marketers from around the world. In fact, one marketer requested help to become a “social media Jedi”.  So, I wanted to put together some first steps to help anyone to become a social media Jedi for their company. Most marketers with whom I spoke at SAPPHIRENOW are comfortable with activating  social media messaging on official company Twitter and Facebook channels. However, when it comes to activating their personal social brand on Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms, it is another story. (This is where we need Yoda’s advice.)

5 Steps Toward Being A Social Media Jedi At Your Company

Whether you work for a 60,000-employee company like SAP or a smaller 100-person organization, it’s key to be part of their social business to help extend and humanize the brand. If every SAP coworker engaged in one weekly social media action there would be an incredible brand-extending impact. For instance, by sharing a Business Innovation Blog post, updating a LinkedIn status with an SAP article, or liking a post on Facebook at least 312 million incremental impressions (assuming every coworker has only 100 followers) would be generated to help amplify and extend the brand;  and that does not consider sharing, liking, commenting  and retweets.

5 Steps To Start Being Social At Your Company

Here are five easy steps to start to use your social media power and network to help your company:

  • Have A Goal. You wouldn’t go on a trip without a destination in mind, so, don’t start being social without an objective! I often hear, “I need to start Tweeting” or “I need to start doing social media for my work”. Statements such as those generate my immediate response of “Why?”. And the answer is usually some unclear explanation. Two simple goals for starting to “do social media” are: 1) Be an amplifier to extend the reach of your or your company’s message 2) Be a curator to deliver a mix of audience-relevant content to help address their needs or interest.
  • Work On Your Social Profile’s Curbside Appeal. Smart Money Magazine indicated that consumers value a landscaped home up to 11.3 percent higher than its base price. The same concept applies to your social brand’s curbside appeal. Spruce up your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to make sure your curbside appeal makes people want to ‘buy’ your brand. 94% of people only look at the first page of search results. LinkedIn ranks higher than all other profiles. However, if it is not complete, then your profile will not rank on the first page of search results. People will check you out after they find and engage with your social media messaging. So, make sure to you spruce up your profile to set the right impression for your credibility.
  • Be A Stalker, Then A Talker. Look before you leap into the conversation. A great place to start looking and listening is to follow a selection of coworkers, clients, prospects, competition, media publications, thought leaders and company social media channels. Pay attention to the type of words, links and content that are shared and then use their messaging as your guide. The rule of thumb for social media content is that 1% create content, 9% modify content, and 90% read content. By being a part of the 10% of creators and curators, you can easily make a Jedi difference by amplifying and curating content to reach the 90% of the readers.
  • First, Master A Few Social Channels. Research conducted by InSites Consulting shows the average person actively interacts with no more than five brands on social media. By becoming a “human extension” of your company, you can increase the reach of your company’s content through your social brand even if someone is not following your company. Do not try to boil the social media ocean. And, do not focus on only one social media channel. It’s a big place. First master LinkedIn, Twitter and Hootsuite and then move on to other channels. Twitter and LinkedIn are two relatively open platforms that will let you listen, engage and reach others who are not following you. Hootsuite is a client application that will help you manage your listening and messaging.
  • Know The Rules Of Engagement. When in Tatooine, do as the Tatooinians do. When on Twitter, do as the (successful) Tweeters do, etc. etc. Understand the rules of engagement for each of your social media channels. Individuals have different engagement expectations of each social media channel. Once you start to use  your own social media channels to get your messages and content distributed make sure to understand the best message tone, cadence, timing and overall styling to make the biggest impact. Sometimes you will need more than one tweet to make a difference, while other times one LinkedIn status update will do the trick of cutting through the clutter.

Here are some other tips that will help you to start being social for your company:

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  5. How to retweet to add your personal POV to someone else’s message

Do you have an interesting or successful way in which you have successfully amplified your company’s message with your personal social network? If so, please share below. Or, contact me directly at You can also Tweet me at @GerryMoran.

It’s time for your to embrace your social media force and start to take the steps to use your powers (and social media network) to help increase your company’s reach, engagement and conversion. And, if you are ever in doubt with what you can do or how to do it, just ask yourself, WWYD (what would Yoda do?) Or, just email me at May the social media force be with you.

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5 Ways To Use LinkedIn Invitations For Social Selling

The number one mistake you are making with LinkedIn is the generic use of LinkedIn invitations – invitations and responses to invitations. If you are not leveraging this feature, then you are leaving ‘relationship currency’ on the table. Using LinkedIn invitations is the best way to start, revive or expand your business connections to help you build your social brand.

5 Ways To Use A LinkedIn Invitation

90% of the invites that I receive have generic LinkedIn-provided headlines and copy. Since LinkedIn provides each member with 3,000 invites to ‘last a lifetime’, you have plenty of chances to make a terrific first impression. With a 300-character limit on LinkedIn invitations, you have at your disposal, an essential social branding tool for your networking and social selling. Even with the new “Good to find you on LinkedIn”, there is an enormous opportunity to make your LinkedIn invitations more personal.

Generic LInkedIn Post

5 Ways To Use LinkedIn Invitations To Build Your Social Brand

1. Customize Your LinkedIn Invitations Copy And Subject Line. You need a “LinkedIn pick-up line” for each of your potential “networkees”. Bosses, past co-workers, customers and others require a different networking approach. Customized invitations help provide context to your contact request and help you ‘make the sale’.

Coaching: Create customized templates for each of your networking groups.

2. Tell A Story With Your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn invitations need to include a personalized salutation, an explanation of the context for your connection, an explanation of why you want to connect, a review the mutual benefits of connecting, a call to action and a “thank you”.

Coaching: Sign your name with your Twitter handle to make sure your contact knows that you can be reached in other ways.

3. Do Not Send More Than One Invite. Do not send multiple LinkedIn invitations to the same person so you don’t look like an over-eager connector. If you do not receive a response from your target, then use other social media platforms, like Twitter, to get on their networking radar.

Coaching: Start to engage with your networking target within shared LinkedIn Groups.

4. Work Within LinkedIn Invitations Limits. You have 300 characters to use in your invite. You can never include a hyper link in an invitation.

Coaching: Even though, LinkedIn does not allow for a hyperlink, you can still promote a link by adding spaces within an address (e.g., www. MarketingThink .com)

5. Responding To LinkedIn Invitations. Don’t just click that accept button when you get an invite!

Coaching: Use this opportunity to respond with your own content or call to action to take people to your other social media accounts, blog or article they might find of interest.

If you liked this LinkedIn post, please enjoy these other posts to help you fine-tune your social brand profile for when your new contact checks you out!

Do you have other LinkedIn invitation tips and tricks to help you make a strong connection to grow your network? Please share your experience (screenshots welcome!) below or contact me directly at or tweet me @GerryMoran.

It is extremely easy to turn your biggest LinkedIn mistake around! Take the time to introduce yourself, explain why you are connected and why it would be good to connect. And, respond to each of your invites to move your business relationships to the next level! Oh, and please connect with me on LinkedIn … using your best invitation skills!

PS. Do you want to help your social tribe build their social tribe? Please pass on this blog post, Your Biggest LinkedIn Mistake Can Be Easily Fixed, to them!

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Unleash Your Social Business Super Powers

With great social media power comes great social business responsibility! Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Britt Reid all used their super powers on some level whether or not they were wearing their cape, bat ears or green mask. You are a key part of your company’s social business strategy. You must use your social media power to make your social business world a better place!

Unleash Your Social Business Super Powers

We are in the “infancy”, “just beginning” and “early days” of social business says a recent MIT Sloan study. This 2012 research study reports that 52% believe a social business is essential to their operations today, with 86% of managers believing the importance of a social business will increase over the next three years.

Sandy Carter, VP of Social Business Sales and Evangelism at IBM, stated in a 2011 Forbes interview, “A Social Business isn’t a company that just has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Social Business means that every department, from HR to marketing to product development to customer service to sales, uses social media the way it uses any other tool and channel to do its job. It’s an organization that uses social networking tools fluently to communicate with people inside and outside the company. It’s a strategic approach to shaping a business culture, highly dependent upon executive leadership and corporate strategy, including business process design, risk management, leadership development, financial controls and use of business analytics. Becoming a Social Business can help an organization deepen customer relationships, generate new ideas faster, identify expertise and enable a more effective workforce.”

Whether you are trying to empower your employees, or you are an employee looking to harness your social media super powers, it is vital to understand where to start to develop these powers so you and others can be effective internally and externally with your company.

5 Ways To Harness Your Social Business Super Powers

Your company needs your social business super powers to help them create more revenue and profit. Here are five social business super powers to unleash to make your work world a better place.

  • Amplify. Retweet, share, comment and like your company’s social messages to propel their messages to distant universes they cannot reach with their social channels… your personal network.
  • Engage. Enable the power of being everywhere on your company’s behalf. Engage with customers and influencers on social networks by being a passionate brand ambassador never turning away from a chance to help.
  • Convert. Transform social media encounters on a blog, community, Twitter or LinkedIn Group by helping to solve for a selling need by answering a question or clarifying a point.
  • Knowledge. Share your keen power of non-promotional knowledge and expertise by proactively publishing content on blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn Groups. Let the world know what you know!
  • Support. Use your super listening powers to find and answer customer cries for help on Twitter, blogs, and community groups. Offer your expertise or link them to others who can help!

Have you developed another social business super power? Please share your social media power below so we can make the world a better place! Want to keep your identity a secret?  Then please contact me directly at or tweet me @GerryMoran.

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Building a tribe of social business super heroes is the key to business success over the upcoming years. Understanding how to use social media is a start, but using your powers to help your business answer prospect questions, solve customer problems, amplify their messages and to leverage your knowledge to help others is they key to being a social business super hero and putting a little WHAM, POW and BAM into your results!

PS. Unleash the roadmap to develop social business super powers to your tribe and pass on this post, Unleash Your Social Business Super Powers

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Your LinkedIn Profile Photo Is Scaring People

I have over 4,000 LinkedIn contacts, and I have seen it all when it comes to bad profile photos! With 43% of US marketers finding a customer through LinkedIn (1), it makes sense not to scare away potential customers then! No, this picture of my friend Frank is NOT me! Among my contacts, the most interesting examples are: topless women (at least it appears like that), people with a third hand on their shoulder, people jumping out of planes and there are even men with pets, including a tiger. When it comes to LinkedIn photos and your use of this hub of your social brand, I coach many sales representatives and leadership to use a great photo to help set the tone for their brand.

Frankenstein LInkedIn Profile Pic


Much like a home that is for sale, the curbside appeal is critical for people to make that next step with a positive state of mind walking into the home. People want to see a great photo and get a great impression from you before they start to engage further with you!

6 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Here are six easy ways to make sure your LinkedIn photo does not suck!

  • Recent Photos Are The First Steps Toward Your Authentic Brand! Change your photo every year and use the new photo across your other business-related social profiles! And make sure you have a photo, because ‘ghost profiles’ are sure to scare your network away!

LinkedIn Ghost | | @GerryMoran

  • You Ought To Be In Pictures, But You Ought To Have Someone Else Take Your Photo. By all means do not take a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror and avoid the “hold the camera away from my face far enough to snap a shot” move. Both executions will be terribly unprofessional for your brand. Hire a professional to get your headshot taken. I hired a professional head shot photographer for our SAP Field and Marketing Kick-off meeting in January, 2013. During our event, over 2,000 people visited our Social Media Genius Bar to fine-tune all part of their LinkedIn profiles. The professional head shot booth was one of the biggest hits of the event! I also have had great luck with my significant other taking mine with rapid shots in various poses. If you cannot hire a professional photographer, then a use a friend who can take some rapid-fire shots of your smiling face!
  • Your Photo Is Part Of Your Personal Brand, So Be Consistent Across Social Channels! Once you have a great photo, take the time to change your Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram business profiles!
  • Strike A Close-up Pose. How many bad family photos have you experienced? You know, the photos where you can barely tell who Aunt Mary is from Uncle Bob? Make sure to instruct your photographer to go close to your face for your photo shoot! Make sure to direct your photographer to take your picture against a bold and single-color background to put the focus onto your face! If you are in the middle of trying to lose some pounds, then ask your photographer to take a picture of you from the top of a stool, ladder or couch to hide that temporary double-chin!
  • Avoid The “Right Said Fred” Look (i.e., the band that sang “I’m Too Sexy”). I have seen too many profile photos by women who look topless, since are wearing off-shoulder clothing. Enough said.
  • I’ve Seen The Light, And It Does Not Include Shadows, Avoids Direct Sunlight And Overhead Light! Take advice from various photographers to use natural light or lamp-like light from a higher angle to get that perfect look! Your key take-way with light is to ensure you look great and natural, so take many pictures in many types of light.

How To Build The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Blueprint

Here is some other LinkedIn profile advice you may find helpful to complement your photo!

How To Build The Perfect LinkedIn Profile


Do you have an interesting LinkedIn photo experience to share, whether it’s a tip or an “interesting” photo of one of your contacts (please, no names!) Then please pass it on. If you are looking for some LinkedIn profile coaching, please reach out to me directly on MarketingThink.

I explain to all of our SAP sales executives as part of my social selling strategy work that the first thing that people do when they meet you are talk to you on the phone is to check out your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you don’t scare them away with a LinkedIn profile photo that sucks!

(1) A Sales Guy Consulting

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How To Build The Perfect Twitter Profile

Creating the perfect Twitter profile is much like creating the best curbside impression for your home. Like a home, you want to impress visitors with your outside view. You also want to fill the rooms in your home with equally impressive accoutrements to support your personal brand!

It is important to have a twitterific Twitter profile, since customers and prospects will ‘visit you’ there to check out your social brand! This advice applies whether you are a craft brewery or an executive as SAP! And, much like a home that is on open house, the outside curb appeal is as defining as what’s contained in the home’s inside rooms and closets! You cannot begin a social conversation, whether you are a brand or an individual, unless your Twitter profile is terrific and tremendous! Otherwise, your messaging may fall on deaf ears when the formerly impressed audience leaves unimpressed when they see your profile pic is an egg and your pictures are all of your attendance of “that” party.

Twitter Profile Research

Here are some research that shows that a compelling profile will generate more search results and followers! If your goal is to build your brand, then these are statistics you will want to pay attention to!

  • Location. Only 66% of Twitter users accurately complete the “location” field of their profile, notes a PARC research study. The other 34% are missing out on the ability to be found by those searching for these users
  • Profile Picture. Hubspot reports that Twitter profiles with a picture have 10 times more followers
  • Twitter Bio. Twitter profiles make you more discoverable by Google, which will increase your “findability” and increase your brand’s reach

How To Build The Perfect Twitter Profile

Many are surprised that there is more to creating and managing the perfect Twitter profile than getting a handle, uploading a picture and putting a few descriptive words. Follow this social branding blueprint to make your Twitter profile shine!

How To Build The Perfect Twitter Profile


Do you have a Twitter profile tip or trick that you can share? If so, please note them below or reach out to me directly at And, go figure, I can be found on Twitter @GerryMoran!

Twitter Marketing Tips

Here are three articles that will help you with some other aspects of making your Twitter marketing and branding better:

If you follow this blueprint to build the perfect Twitter profile you will brand’s curbside appeal and your efforts will return a better social brand, more followers and a bigger impact of your messaging and content.

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5 B2B Social Selling Mistakes To Avoid

imagesLearning to dance was the best thing I ever did in high school! By learning to dance I eased my way into many a first date! Who wants to say yes to a dorky sophomore in high school if there is nothing in common … not even knowing if he knows how to do that Saturday Night Fever Dance (ugh oh … dating myself alert!). “Dancing” with you prospect with social media is required before you start to “date” them!
First, Gartner estimates that 50% of companies on social media will fail to manage it effectively AND potentially drive customers away. It’s the driving away part that really puts a damper on reaching a sales reward club like 21 Club (what they called it when I sold copiers at Kodak in the 80’s), Winners Circle and many other descriptive titles. To make it to those clubs though, these days, you need to know what to avoid AND what do with social selling. But, that’s another story for another blog post!
Also, a recent social selling survey says that 75% of B2B Buyers say that social media would influence a future purchase. And, a ComCore survey says that 82 per cent of those who are online (worldwide) can be reached through social networks.
Combine those three statistics to realize that you CANNOT make mistakes with your social selling or you may not meet your goals! So, here are then social selling mistakes to avoid t0 help you be successful!

5 Social Selling Mistakes To Avoid

1. Don’t ask for the demo or appointment! Ugh! You need to ‘dance’ before you ask someone out on a date! We need to add value first, be an available resource and let the customer ask (early) for the demo! Be smart, clever and needs-oriented when you start to engage and “dance” with a prospect. Triangulate your first-close activity by getting on your clients radar with a little bit of LinkedIn knowledge and then a retweet. Build that authentic, relatively speaking, relationship, by adding value and let THEM ask you for a demo … unless you are on your 2oth message … and then it’s OK!
Your relationship can start with a tweet, and also end with a tweet. Avoid that.

Your relationship can start with a tweet, and also end with a tweet. Avoid that.

2. Bad or Stale Social Profile. Nothing looks worse than a social media profile pic with a signficant other, your dog, your boat or a picture a mysterious hand on your shoulder with an unconnected body than an unattended to profile (Creepy … unless you are double-jointed … and THAT is even creepier that you are showing it in your profile pic). Update your profile or contact me @GerryMoran for some ideas on some quick fixes! Remember the first thing that customers and prospects do when then meet you or take your call on the phone … they check out your social profile! So, make a good first impression!
Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 9.06.54 PM
3. Standard LinkedIn Request. How can we do so well with engaging with someone to get to the point in the “relationship” to ask for a LinkedIn request … and just use the standard copy! Use this feature to personalize and strike a chord with your new found business contact. Heck, when people reach out to me, I even respond to them to tell them how much I look forward to network with them … “but in the meantime, check out my blog at”
Don't use the standard copy when trying to connect with someone on LinkedIn!

Don’t use the standard copy when trying to connect with someone on LinkedIn!

 Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 8.58.47 PM

4.  Don’t avoid flirting with your customer! Do your due diligence and comment on their blog, ask them or answer their question on a LinkedIn Group and follow and list them on Twitter and retweet their tweets! These are sure-fire ways to get on their radar and flirt with them!

Use mentions, RTs and favorites to get the attention and to "filrt" with your prospects

Use mentions, RTs and favorites to get the attention and to “filrt” with your prospects

5. Don’t ignore cries for help! Now, your customers may not be as blatant as these unhappy cable subscribers, however, you need to listen and to respond to your customers! If you respond to your damsel in distress, then you are worth your wait in gold to him or her>

Listen for "help me" triggers and respond right away to your customers and prospects!

Listen for “help me” triggers and respond right away to your customers and prospects!

Do you have a few social selling mistakes to avoid? If so, please comment on this blog post or reach out directly to me on or via Twitter @GerryMoran,

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Now, put on these social media dancing shoes and work on your steps so you can avoid any mistakes! It really is easy! Good luck social selling!