2021 LinkedIn Character Counts For Your Personal Profile

The 2021 LinkedIn character counts are confirmed! Here’s everything you need to know about every customizable LinkedIn profile touchpoint.

The key to effective messaging and presentation of your brand on LinkedIn is to know the space you have to use.

Mark Twain once said, “I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one.” This quote applies to how you should develop your brand on LinkedIn. Less is more, as long as you tell your story.

I’ve outlined three key sections and their character limits for your personal LinkedIn account: profile sections, contact information, and message and content posting. Each section includes a link to show you how to edit your customized information.

Please note, while some of these changes can be made from your mobile device, it’s best to use the Desktop experience to make your updates.

38 LinkedIn Character Counts for Your Profile

Key Sections of Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. First name: 20 characters. Here’s how to change how your name appears on your profile.
  2. Last name: 40 characters.
  3. Former name: 50 characters How to add your former/maiden/nickname.
  4. Headline: 220 characters. How to edit your headline.
  5. Industry: LinkedIn predetermined all industry selections which cannot change. Here’s how to change your industry selection.
  6. About (formerly Summary): 2,398 characters. Here’s how to edit the About section in your profile.
  7. Featured — title: 100 characters per title. Here’s how to edit the Featured section in your profile.
  8. Featured — description. 500 characters per description.

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  1. Experience — job title: 100 characters per title. Here’s how to add, edit, or remove a position in your profile. 
  2. Experience — description. 2,000 characters per job title’s description.  
  3. Education: 150 characters per school name. Here’s how to add, edit, or remove education entries in your profile.
  4. Volunteer experience: 100 characters per organization. How to add your volunteerism to your profile.
  5. Skills & endorsements: 80 characters per skill. How to add or remove skills in your profile.
  6. Recommendations: 3,000 characters and spaces. More information on how to secure a recommendation for your profile.
  7. Accomplishments: 100 characters per entry. How to add, edit, or remove accomplishments from your profile.
  8. Interests: 1,000 characters and spaces. How to add, edit, or remove your interests from your profile

Contact Info LinkedIn Character Counts

  1. Public Profile URL: 5 to 30 characters. How to edit your Public Profile URL on LinkedIn. It’s best to use your name in the URL.
  2. Website URL: 256 characters.  You can now display up to three website links in your profile.
  3. Website anchor text: 30 characters.  An anchor text describes your actual website type if not already provided by LinkedIn. How to add or edit a website and anchor text to your profile.
  4. Phone number: 25 characters. How to add and remove mobile phone numbers from your account. 
  5. Home or business address: 1,000 characters.  Note, this input isn’t always necessary to include. How to add or edit your address on your profile.
  6. Instant Messenger Accounts: 25 characters. How to edit your Instant Messenger accounts on LinkedIn.

Status Update LinkedIn Character Counts

  1. Post: 700 characters. Here’s how to post and share on your profile.
  2. Post comment: 1,250 characters.

The key to effective messaging and presentation of your brand on LinkedIn is to know the space you have to use.

Gerry Moran

LinkedIn InMail Messaging Character Counts

  1. InMail — subject line: 200 characters. Here’s how to write an InMail message subject line.
  2. InMail — body copy: 1,900 characters.

Event Creation LinkedIn Character Counts

  1. Event — name: 75 characters. Here’s how to create or manage an event.
  2. Event — broadcast link: 1,024 characters
  3. Event — description: 5,000 characters
  4. Event — ticketing website: 1,024

Invitation Character Counts

  1. Invitation to connect: 300 characters. How to send a LinkedIn invite.

LinkedIn Group Posts LinkedIn Character Counts

  1. Groups — body copy: 1,300 characters. Here’s how to post content in LinkedIn Groups feeds.
  2. Groups — comments: 1,250 character.

Article (Pulse, LinkedIn Publishing Platform) Posts

  1. Article — title: 100 characters. Here’s how to post Articles on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform.
  2. Article — copy: 40,000 characters.
  3. Article — comment: 1,250 characters.
  4. Article — photo credit: 250 characters.
  5. Article — comment: 1,250 characters.

LinkedIn regularly makes changes to its platform, including character counts. If you see a change that we have not noted, please let us know by commenting below or with an email to gerry@marketingthink.com.

“With great power, there must also come great responsibility,” says the Peter Parker principle. This recommendation suggests that even with all the space you can fill with characters and words on LinkedIn, be responsible, and use only what you need. This way, you’ll make a better impression on the web.

Gerry Moran is a social media and content marketing strategist who's worked for large global brands and digital agencies. He's spent significant time in hands-on marketing leadership roles with HBO, IKEA, Ralston Purina, Kodak, and numerous digital agencies. He spent his last ten years working at SAP and Cognizant, where he built their content marketing operating models, developed social media training programs, and helped thousands with their LinkedIn makeovers and personal branding strategies.

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