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Content Marketing Lessons From Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

My last day of vacation in Rehoboth Beach presented a great content marketing lesson courtesy Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s brewpub. Imagine craft beer pouring on some great social media ideas! How could life be so good to a social media marketer? The Dogfish brewpub’s fresh and creative approach to craft beer creation provides a wonderful lesson for us all on to take an off-centered look at our own content marketing strategy. Four-pack Of Off-Centered Homemade Content Marketing Inspiration From Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Brew Up Small Batches Of New Content…
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6 Ingredients To Increase The Life Of A Tweet

Twitter Recipe

There is nothing better than a 5-ingredient recipe, especially with it’s a recipe to make your tweets last longer. My great-grandmother Antoinette used to make this awesome 6-ingredient cake that would be gone in minutes after it was served. Contrary to her delicious recipe, I want to give you a 6-ingredient recipe to make your tweets last longer than her cake did! There is no ‘Twitter Timer” to let you know the beginning and end of your tweet. Yes, you know when you send it; however, you can’t really know…
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5 Ways To Measure And Optimize Your Blog Traffic

My great-grandmother used to say about her blogging success, “Blogging success is a lot like managing highway traffic. You can always get to where you need to go no matter the traffic. Just, some traffic is better than other traffic. So, you need to pay attention to the kind of traffic that is driving views to your blog.” Counting the amount of your blog visits is a great indicator of your success. I look at my site site traffic every day to check on its daily health. However, I…
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Content Marketing …80’s Rock Band Style

Rock Bands & Content Marketing

Who says a rock band from the 80’s can’t teach us about content marketing? I was perusing my photos from a 2012 Van Halen concert I attended and was struck by the social media and content marketing lesson that there was hidden in this great rock and roll experience! What Can Rock Bands Teach Us About Content Marketing? from Gerry Moran 12 Things Rock Bands Can Teach Us About Content Marketing Every Song Is Part Of An Album. All of your white paper, blog and video content need to be…
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Rolling Stones Songs Doubling As Social Media Strategy

Rolling Stones & Social Media Strategy

50 and still ticking … The Rolling Stones are truly inspiration for any social media strategy, whether you are a small or large business! As the Rolling Stones begin their 50 And Counting tour, they are a great inspiration of how to continue to put out a relevant message no matter the channel … vinyl, digital downloads or Vine videos! Thinking outside of the box is key to develop your social media strategy. I invite you to dust off your old vinyl or turn up that iTunes download to find…
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How To Brew Up Some Great Social Media Content

Effective social media content is a lot like a great cup of coffee. People read great content or drink the cup of coffee and go “mmmmmm”. Like a great cup of coffee, that requires great ingredients, a great piece of content requires … well, great content! For my coffee, I prefer freshly ground beans from Trader Joes. To brew the best tasting cup of coffee I use my favorite filters to make sure I get the taste just right! With my social media content, I use great sources of information and I…
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5 Tips To Find & Work With Your Social Influencers

Social influencers can help small businesses, big brands and people reach an audience they cannot typically reach with their own marketing and messaging. So, why wouldn’t a marketer want to find and set up some level of a relationship with influencers to help them reach their business goals? At SAP, we focus on two sets of social influencers – bloggers and tweeters. By connecting with each type of influencer on their terms, we can amplify our story and connect with those people new to our brand. This strategy is nothing…
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How To Build The Perfect Blog Post Blueprint

Writing the perfect blog post is like building a house. With a mix of strong materials and a good blueprint to guide, you can create the rich space to host a growing collection of returning visitors. Your blog similarly needs to have great content in a great format to be successful. Hubspot reports that 57% of B2B companies have secured a lead through blogging. They also report that B2B companies that blog only 1-2 times monthly generate 70% more leads than those that don’t blog at all. With that type of…
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5 Ways To Get The Most From The #Oscars With Social Media

Here is how you can use social media to enjoy the Oscars tonight on your social media second screen! So, you’ve purchased the gold tablecloth, found the Oscartini recipe on Google and invited all of your film friends to your home … complete with a red carpet in the foyer! Now what? Well the not-so-new entertainment habit is using Twitter as a second screen to the television viewing experience! Second-screen Social Media Research Researchers Nielsen, Deloitte, Google and Thinkbox tell us: 75% to 85% of TV viewers use internet devices…
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How To Write The Perfect Tweet

With only 140 characters in play, it seems pretty simple to write the perfect tweet! How hard can it really be when all you need is a few words to get your point across to your followers? Unfortunately, that is what many marketers and their management think how it works. Are you one of the 80% B2B companies using Twitter, but not quite sure if you are putting out tweets that are driving business?  (source: Brafton) Perfection is not so easy to accomplish where there is so little room to work…
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