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9 Ingredients for a Better Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy

Do you have the recipe to create the best social media and content marketing strategy? Something tasty and enjoyable to keep your community coming back for more?

Think of your marketing content as a delicious cake. And think of your social media channels as a means to deliver that cake. How are you serving up messaging to your clients? Is your audience coming back for seconds?

We’ve all seen the long Sunday-morning lines at our favorite bakery, donut, or pastry shop. What is it that keeps customers coming back each week? Well, whatever it is, it’s part of a fully baked and delicious strategy!

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Transparent Marketing is Risky Business

This blog post will help you understand how to use customer-centric content marketing to make a quicker sale and build a better relationship with your client.

Customer-Centric Messaging

While wearing see-through clothing is sometimes risqué, doing see-through marketing is always risky.

Clients don’t want to see through messaging that is truly a sales or marketing message—especially when they are initially looking for help. You know, the upper-funnel kind. They want information that will start an authentic conversation to help solve their problem or act on an opportunity.

By clouding up the selling and marketing approach, you are obfuscating the customer’s buying journey and delaying your selling process. So, it’s time to introduce a little clarity into your messaging strategy—delivering the right message at the right time on the right channel.

Three Statistics Supporting Your Customer’s Need For Customer-Centric Content

  • 65 percent of senior executives feel that preparing to make a purchase decision is “hard,” “awful,” “painful,” “frustrating,” and “minefield,” as reported in the Harvard Business Review—indicating less pitching and more up-front education might lessen their pain.  (Source: CEB)
  • 86 percent of B2B decision-makers say proactive, prescriptive approach that guides them through decision making increases the likeliness of purchase ease and decreases the likeliness of purchase regret—suggesting the role of the providing the right content at the right time.
  • A Content Marketing Report (CMI) report shows that 68 percent of tech content marketers say creating content appealing to multiple customer roles is their top challenge. 

So, what’s the answer? Take a look at these ways to sell better with content and messaging.

13 Ways To Win Your Client’s Heart with Transparent and Buyer-centric Marketing Messaging 

Consider the following comparisons the next time you work on your sales and marketing message. Whether you deliver your ideas via email, thought leadership content, or social media, it has to be helpful and authentic. This list will help you determine the most effective approach to provide customer clarity and close the sale with content.

  1. Selling vs. solving 
  2. Advertising vs. advice
  3. Commercials vs. thought leadership
  4. Pitches vs. questions 
  5. “I think” vs. “I know” 
  6. Proposals vs. discovery
  7. Audience vs. community
  8. Always-on messaging vs. one-off sales campaigns
  9. You-centric vs. customer-centric
  10. One-off posts vs. conversations 
  11. Entertaining vs. being smart
  12. Talking to vs. talking with
  13. Listening vs. hearing

Well, it’s about time to strip down your sales and marketing messaging to be a bit more helpful—especially early in their buying journey. Or, you’ll find it’s risky business out there.

I’d love to know how you use content marketing to break through to your clients. So, please comment below or reach out to me at

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Connecting The Digital Dots Of The Customer Experience

Does your content marketing connect the digital dots with your customer experience?

My great grandmother, Michaelena, used to give me connect-the-dots books to keep me busy when I was a toddler. Many times the dots I created did not match the intention of the books’ authors. My ‘masterpieces’ often resulted with my grandmother just shaking her head!

Connecting the digital dots - Gerry Moran

If you are not thinking about the client’s experience and how data, digital and content impact, then you will likely not connect those dots either.

Here are a few data points to consider the effects of content and the buyer experience on your business success.

10 Customer Experience And Content Marketing Insights

65% of CIOs have changed their strategies to enhance customer experience — suggesting a trend in delighting the audience with digital and customized content! Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience — indicating buyers and shoppers want to finalize their purchase in the quickest, easiest and most personalized way! Source: Christine Crandell

80% of retail transactions will use social technology by 2020 — so retailers and other businesses need to embrace social to cash in on sales. Source: IBM

Over 40% of banks didn’t collect demographic information about their customers in 2014 — urging us to think about how to turn readily available information into a customized experience  Source: Oxford Economics

Only 14% of CIOs focus on customer experience — which should make us all wonder what the other 86% are thinking about … saving money? Source: Cognizant Center For The Future Of Work and Oxford Economics

97% of brands feel they can enhance their buyer experience. However, hope is not a strategy when it comes to customer connnection — digital and content marketing strategy is. Source: Cognizant Center For The Future Of Work and Oxford Economics

84% of brands already use native advertising to drive buyer awareness — furthering the strategy of providing the right message at the right time to the right customer on the right channel. Source: eMarketer

99.9% of digital display ads go unclicked — confirming the need to customize content to deliver a better ROI! Source: Google

5,500 ads bombard the average US customer every quarter — confirming clutter is the biggest barrier to the content connection! Source: Cognizant

Brands receive 60 monthly messages per 1000 Twitter followers — an encouraging response to how content can be used to connect with the customer. Source: Sprout

Do you have additional insights from these ten powerful statistics? If so, please share them below. Or reach out to me directly at or on Twitter or LinkedIn.

100 Facts & Insights You Need To Ask About Your Digital Business

There are many other digital business facts you might want to consider. Take a look at ninety more:

100 Questions To Ask About Your DIGITAL BUSINESS from Cognizant

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A collection of unconnected digital dots can create a random picture — sometimes scary and other times profitable. Data, metrics, and insight are an excellent way to get started on a positive return on customer experience! If anything, you’ll make my great grandmother Michaelena proud! — by connecting those dots the right way!

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10 Simple Ways To Think About Content Marketing

Content marketing is not as complex and complicated as we make it be.  You don’t have to be an Einstein to be successful. Einstein himself said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

So, let’s talk about a simple content marketing strategy!

Many marketers and sales professionals still struggle with the concept of modern marketing. They struggle with social media profiles, improving their reputation currency, and using content to develop an audience – so the by-product of all of these actions is more sales and higher value sales.

Do We Agree On The Definition of Content Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute states “Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” My experience in marketing leadership roles with IKEA, SAP, Cognizant and many award-winning agencies validates CMI’s definition is spot on!

Research Backs Up The Impact Of A Content Marketing Strategy

Much research suggests that a robust content marketing strategy leads to more business.

  • More Sales Quotas Reached. Social media pros, using relevant content, are 6x more likely to make quota than those who do not use social media. This research suggests all sales organizations need to use content and social selling immediately! Source: KiteDesk, The Ultimate Sales Guide To Crushing Your Quota

6X Reach Quota - Gerry Moran

  • Content Helps You Break Through To Decision Makers. 90% of B2B decision makers never answer a cold call. This statistic indicates content is the key to opening the relationship door! Source: LinkedIn, How Leading Sales Pros Use LinkedIn For Social Selling

90% Don't Answer Phone Calls - Gerry Moran

  • Content Influences Decisions. 65% of buyers (and an overwhelming 82% of senior executives) say the winning vendor’s content had a significant impact on their purchase decision. So, if I am a sales leader I would focus on an efficient content strategy for a competitive edge. Source: The Knowledge Tree

65% Say Content Sealed Deal - Gerry Moran

All of this research indicates that a messaging strategy will help create the competitive edge for your organization – and deliver sales!

10 Ways To Simplify Your Content Marketing


1. Build Your Content Marketing Foundation – so you have a sustainable platform from which to amplify your story. Start your content plan by writing down your strategy. 68% of marketers do not have a written plan, reports the Content Marketing Institute. Develop a foundational approach to your content creation and distribution to inspire your audience to do what you want them to do. Most of all, build a foundation by adding value. Source: Content Marketing Institute, 2016 Content Trends

68% Don't Have A Written Content Plan - Gerry Moran

2. Model Your Target Audience After Your Current Audience – to focus your efforts on ‘look-alikes’ vs. ‘look-aways.’ Develop target audience profiles – i.e., personas – with public-facing information from LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. This digital due diligence enables modeling your content after your current readers and customers. This approach will help deepen more relationships and close more sales. When it comes to what you audience wants, 97% want you to improve the quality of your content by including benchmarking data. Source: Demand Gen Report

97% Want Benchmarking Data - Gerry Moran

3. Build A Content Supply Chain – to efficiently create custom messaging and deliver valuable knowledge to your readers. Architect your content to be easy-to-read, real-time and relevant to today’s conversation. Focusing on this step-by-step plan creates a well-oiled supply chain. This production approach to your storytelling ensures clear thinking create the right message – enabling connection with the right audience on the right channel at the right time. With 32% of companies reporting they do not have the talent to pull off an effective content marketing strategy you may have to invest in a new infrastructure or a hire a consultant. Source: Content Marketing Institute, 2015 Content Trends

32% Don't Have The Talent

4. Be A Storyteller – to help your audience remember your value proposition. Chip and Dan Heath say 5% of an audience remembers a presentation based on statistics – while 63% remember the storytelling. We are all trying to sell something or convince someone. Developing analogies and telling stories helps to make your point! Source: Chip & Dan Heath, 23 Facts about Buyers and Purchasing

63% Remember Your Story — Gerry Moran

5. Properly Position Your Value Proposition – to help guide your readers to know what they should do and why they should do it after reading your messaging. Developing awareness, association and consideration of your expertise and offer takes time. Presenting a call to action is not always about the direct response like selling Miracle Mops on QVC. Plan to develop 7-10 different ways to communicate your story on several different channels and always provide a way to get to the next stop on the customer’s buying journey.

6. You Ought To Be In Pictures – since your readers are visual content consumers. A picture tells a thousand words. There is no better way to tell your story than by using custom-made graphics to support your relevant point. KissMetrics reports appropriate visuals drive 94% more views than content without visuals. So, make sure to use pictures, graphics, and videos in each of your go-to-market social media channels. Source: KissMetrics,  6 Types of Visual Content You Need To Use In Your Marketing Campaigns

94% More Views - Gerry Moran

7. Embrace Your Influencers – since they have the attention of your target audience. 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth, while 47% use blogs to influence their decisions. Marketers also report there is a 3-to-1 ROI for using influencers. So, it appears that investing in influencer outreach will pay out handsomely for you! Source: AdWeek, Why Influencer Marketing Is The New Content King

92% Rely on WOM - Gerry Moran

8.  Focus On Your Form Factor – since Google and native reader behavior requires it. Article titles, keywords, hashtags, subtitles, tags and other form factors help readers find you. If no one can find your content  – did you ever write it? No! Looking for proof? Tweets with hashtags get 16% more retweets than those without. Source: Kim Garst, 20 Quick & Easy Ways To Get More Twitter Retweets

47% Turn To Blogs - Gerry Moran

9. Stay In Touch With Your Touch Points – since it’s easier to be where your customers are vs. getting them to come to you. Think through how to connect with the right audience on the right channel at the right time with the right message. With B2B marketers using an average of 13 ways to communicate with content, you have to use the best mix of touch points to tell the best story to tell on the best channel. Source: Content Marketing Institute, 2016 B2B Content Trends

10. Plan To Make A Measurable Difference – to help you understand if you are successful with your content marketing strategy. You can’t succeed unless you measure it – so set measurable goals and then measure how you performed against those objectives. Once you determine how you performed, optimize your plan and do more of the right ‘stuff’ and less of the ‘stuff’ that doesn’t work.

Do you have a few more simple tips to plan and activate your content? If so, please share below. Or, reach out to me on MarketingThink!

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Einstein also said if you can’t explain it simply then you don’t know it well enough. By creating a simple content marketing strategy, you can begin to simply explain your value proposition to your customers – Ka-Ching!

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Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Lights! Camera! Conversion!

My great-grandmother Michaelena always told me – ‘you ought to be pictures … you sweety, little boy’. Little did I know she was advising me about my future and the future of content marketing!

More customers consume content as part of their buying journey – a likely mix of short attention span, content clutter and the evolution of the buyer. In fact, Microsoft reported in a 2015 study that humans have an 8-second attention span vs. a goldfish’s 9-second hold. So, if you are to hook and catch your customer – video seems to be the winning content bait.

Video content is the critical door into the content marketing world of your customers, influencers, and social media tribe – since it’s where the consumption trends and short-term differentiation sit. Brands who understand the potential impact of video can build solutions for the big content equations – finding a way to connect with their customers and differentiate from their competitors!

Research Backing Up Why Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Here is research provide some attention-getting insights on video and your customers:

  • People Consume Video Content – Whether or Not You Create It. 74 percent of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video – suggesting video formats like Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and others will be must-view and must-produce content. (Source: SalesForce, 2015)
  • Customers Purchase After Viewing A Video. 64 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it – suggesting you can monetize your video content marketing investment. (Source: Adelie Studios, 2015)
  • Video Makes Your Brand Sticky – In A Good Way. The average internet user spends 88 percent more time on a website with video than without – indicating video can help drive the attention span around your brand. (Source: Adelie Studios, 2015)
  • Most Of Your Competitors Are Not Using Video. Only 24 percent of brands are using online video to market to consumers – shining the light on a potential to increase your market share. (Source: Adelie Studios, 2015)

Video Content Marketing Strategy

3 Key Ways Rock Your Content Marketing World With Video

1. Use Video To Tell Your Story. Do you create video because it’s a cool thing to do – because of a big event, popular trend, and it’s what you supposed to do? Or, do you tie your video creation to your overall business narrative or messaging house – so it supports your overall story?

2. Develop Your Video Content Creation Strategy. Do you create video content in a silo with your agency or social media marketing department? Or, do you think about your ‘big content’ strategy – variations of 6-second Vines, Instagram segments, animated GIFs ahead of time?

3. Create Your Video Content Distribution Strategy. It’s many a person’s dream to be in a video, but is your video content marketing strategy built on a field of dreams? If you create you video and no one views it – did you ever really create your video? A solid video marketing strategy needs to have an organic-first distribution plan including – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, etc.

Video Content Marketing Strategy

Now, I want to point the camera at you. Do you have a comment or feedback on video’s future in content marketing, brand building, and driving sales? If so, please comment below. Or, contact me directly at, on Twitter at @GerryMoran or LinkedIn at in/GerryMoran

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Video Content Marketing Strategy

The future of content marketing is now – keeping your customers in their virtual seats and building a deeper relationship ahead of your competition. Before you pick up the camera and start to film, ask yourself the three questions I posed to help you drive big results from a big content strategy. And remember what my great grandmother told me – you ought to be in pictures.

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The Role Of Timing With Your Marketing Strategy

As the greatest rock and roll band of our time, The Rolling Stones, say … “Time is on our side”, especially when it comes to creating a winning content and marketing strategy. You can have the greatest blog posts, videos, infographics, slides or resources in the world, however if you do not consider the role of timing you may miss out!

Time Is On My Side

Timing is something you have complete control over; deploying content, responding to an inquiry, and keeping the user experience as simple as possible. Timely response, execution, user experience and content delivery can help you build a strong foundational approach to your business’s content, customer service and business plan execution.

5 Tips To Create A Timely Marketing Strategy

1. Enable Your Content To Be Found Quickly. With 89% of people starting their purchase process using a search engine, you need to structure your content in a way that it is quickly found. SlideShare, blogging, YouTube videos and infographics all have keyword and structure nuances that will help increase their ability to be found more quickly. Help your potential readers save time and effort by using fundamental search strategies so they can easily find and engage with you.

2. Deliver Content On A Regular Basis. Whether it’s the evening news, the morning newspaper, or the Sunday Football games, we all expect content we know and love to be delivered consistently. We like our expectations managed so there is consistency in our lives. Leverage customer expectations by updating your social media channels and blogs. HubSpot notes companies who blog 15 or more times per month get 5X more site traffic. Now THAT is “return on consistency”!

3. Be A Quick and Easy Read To Save Your Reader Time. There is no right length for a blog post or a piece of content. However, a good rule of thumb is a 500-word blog post takes about 2 minutes to read. Two minutes seems to be the attention span of many readers. Also, readers like to skim content and  get to the point that is relevant to them. If you need more words to get your point across, then use more words, but take your reader’s time into consideration.

4. Make It Easy For Readers To Share Your Content Quickly. Good content gets shared and reaches a relevant and incremental audience to your present network. ShareThis research indicates most content is shared on a mobile device, with consumers twice as likely clicking and sharing content through a mobile device, than a desktop device. On a mobile device, Pinterest and Twitter are the networks, aside from Facebook, where content gets shared the most. So your content needs to be mobile-optimized for reading and sharing to save time and reach more customers more quickly.

5. Respond To Content Inquiries, Comments And Affirmations In 24 Hours (within an hour if there is a complaint). When customers use Twitter to express a customer service concern, eConsultancy reports that 72% of them expect a response within an hour. And, when they ask a brand a question, 53% of them expect an answer in an hour. So, you can put time on the side of your marketing strategy by quickly building up a reputation for quick social media response!

Do you have a timely strategy to share? If so, please share below. Or, reach out to me directly on, LinkedIn or Twitter. And, I will give YOU a timely response.

Get the moves like Jagger and strategically think about the timing of your content, customer response and marketing execution. This approach will help you to create and manage the expectations of your readers. Time is on your side, yes it is …. so use it to your marketing and content advantage, and your customers will come running back … yes they will.

Picture source: Etsy

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Does Your Content Marketing Strategy Need A Decoder Ring?

Did you catch the content marketing lesson during The Christmas Story marathon on TBS this holiday? Since 1983, we’ve been drinking up the Ovaltine content marketing story on The Christmas Story. Ovaltine almost pulled off the perfect execution of using storytelling to generate awareness, engagement and generating a sale with Ralph!


It’s critical for brands to understand the power of storytelling to reach and involve customers so they will “buy stuff”. It may take a little longer to take this storytelling route, than a direct-respond email or telemarketing. However, it’s a necessary approach since many customers need to be wooed this way!

3 Parts To Good Content Marketing Storytelling

The Ovaltine scene in The Christmas Story breaks the need to tell a story with your content down nicely.

1. Generate Brand Awareness Using Storytelling. Like many of the 1940’s and 1950’s brands, Ovaltine used radio shows to connect with their audience of buyers (i.e., moms) and influencers (i.e., kids). As presented in The Christmas Story, Ralph was a captive audience member each week. Since there was no television, Facebook or PS3 in 1940, so Ralph’s entertainment was centered on the Annie radio show. Ovaltine used its storytelling ability to insinuate their weekly chocolatey message into the lives and minds of their listeners. This approach helped to build their brand awareness.

2. Tell An Engaging Story To Build A Great Relationship. Each week Ralph listened to the radio-delivered adventures of Annie. In addition to hearing the weekly escapades, he was intrigued how each show ended with a secret message. He needed a decoder ring to understand this message. He tried to decode it without one, but failed each week. He needed that tool to understand what Ovaltine was saying. We all know that great content marketing and messaging should not require a decoder ring. However, this secret message and the need for a decoder ring was the carrot for the reader’s (i.e., Ralph’s) engagement. What a great idea to keep the audience engaged! Ovaltine did a great job of increasing their awareness and buyer involvement by integrating the story with the need for a true engagement mechanism.

3. The Call To Action To Move The Buyer Toward Purchase. Now, this is where Ovaltine did a good job and not so good job. The announcer’s highlight of the secret message at the end of each episode was a great call-to-action. It truly tried to take the relationship to the next step. Ovaltine wanted little kids from around the country to mail away for the decoder ring! This action was a great step toward the purchase! However, once Ralph received HIS ring and decoded the secret message, he found that is where the storytelling ended, and the sales pitch began. Instead of continuing the story in the way that he expected, the direct message became “Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine”. As Ralph put it, “A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!” The Ovaltine relationship ended due to bad storytelling!

Do you have another great example of content marketing and storytelling embedded in a television classic? If so, please share below! Or contact me directly on, LinkedIn or Twitter!

Great marketing strategies execute on their content marketing strategy with great storytelling. With no decoder ring needed!

Make sure to execute you content marketing strategy the right way! Otherwise, you might shoot your eye out, with your poor storytelling!

Picture sources: Decoder ring from

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Voice Lessons On Content Marketing

Shows like The Voice and American Idol provide incredible content marketing advice …for a song. Where else can a brand-to-be, like Daughtry or Carrie Underwood, get coached to sing someone else’s song in a way to make it their own?

Voice Lessons On Content Marketing

Repurposing and curating messaging so it “sings” is a critical part of every marketer’s content marketing strategy. Businesses and individuals need a content marketing strategy to amplify their awareness. With original content coming at a time and resource premium, many individuals and brands cannot solely rely on developing only original content to cultivate their awareness and credibility. Face it, creating content is expensive and time-consuming. Using others’ content is a great way to augment your brand, It’s also somewhat validating since someone else created it. Marketers should take a lesson from CeeLo and Christina Aguilara so they can create curated content to get them noticed and establish their brand!

3 Ways The Voice And American Idol Provide Content Marketing Advice

  • People Are Interested In Your Take On Curated Content. Just like we love hearing unknown people at a bar or party cover our favorite songs, customers and followers love reading your take on content in which they are interested. Your social network and others are interested in repurposed content, as long as you put you your own spin on it.
  • You May Think You Know How To Curate Content, But Do You Really? Just because you curate content, does not mean you are doing it well. Your blog posts and tweets that you pass on could be underperforming like the really goofy American Idol contestants who do not make it to the second round? Your current approach to content marketing could be harmful to your branding health. Do you think Adam Lambert could have made it if he did not have a coach? Are you using the right hashtags and keywords? Are you adding the right tweak to the message? How many times have you heard Simon Cowell say that a great American Idol contestant picked the wrong song? The bottom line is that most individuals and brands need coaching to make sure they are delivering the best content on the best channels.
  • Be Careful Your Audience Does Not Vote You Off Their Following List. It’s a tough music and content world out there. If people do not like your stuff, then they will let you know of their disapproval. On The Voice, singers will be voted off the show and people will not download their iTunes songs. And in business, customers will decide not to follow social media channels or to do business based on content relevancy and the interest it generates. Your network will vote to choose to read, follow and pass your content on to their friends and followers if they like your content; so pay attention to your coach to make sure that does not happen!

Have you learned another content marketing lesson from The Voice Or American Idol? If so, please pass it on below. Or, contact me directly at, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter.

Here are some other content marketing ideas to help you stage your success:

  1. Your customers run on good content marketing
  2. Lessons On Content Marketing from Van Halen
  3. How to brew up some great social media content with these filters

Great coaches and content can make use all winners. Dig down deep to find your voice to create and curate the best content as possible so you can become the American (or Canadian, etc.) idol of your audience!

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Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want

If you asked today’s B2B decision-makers what they wanted to help them solve their problems, what would they say? Perhaps they might break into a Spice Girls-like song verse response like this:

If you wanna be my solver, you gotta get with my social community

Make it last forever partnership never ends

If you wanna be my seller, you have got to give me relevant and timely content)

Taking is too easy, but that’s the way it is

(Yes, corny, I know … but really really relevant!)

b2b decision-maker


It is important to understand today’s B2B decision-makers as you build your demand generation marketing and social selling strategy. This attention will help you “posh”ture your value proposition to help you have a sporting chance to make the sale and not scare your customers away! That’s the way to think about it … baby! (Sorry can’t seem to work ginger into this post!)

How To Give B2B Decision-Makers What They Really Really Want

  • Be A Part Of Their Early Buyer Journey. Since 89% of buyers start their sales cycle by using a search engine (source: InsideView), your company and your marketing and selling stakeholders need to be creating blog, LinkedIn, SlideShare, YouTube and Twitter content that be easily found. Blogs especially make sense, since Gartner reports that 81% of online customers trust information and advice from this source! When their sales-cycle starts they are likely looking for content and content solutions that help them answer the basic questions, like “What is mobility?” or “What is the cloud”?
  • Become A Partner. With only 10.5% of B2B decision-makers returning emails and 9% returning emails from new vendors, it’s key to become a partner to establish needs and to help frame the solution needs that the customer has. With customers using multiple digital and social media touch points, you will need to find these “fishing holes” and be there when they are looking!
  • Be Invested In Social Communities. 81% of B2B decision-makers using communities and online forums for business purchases. And, 44% specifically say that using communities and support forums, like LinkedIn Groups are important for purchase research. So, companies and their marketing and social selling stakeholders need to be an authentic resource in these communities. Remember, if you “wanna be their seller, you have got to give (them relevant input and insight)”. Start building those relationships today and not on the last day of the quarter!
  • Provide Customer-Centric Content. Most B2B decision-makers feel that company content is too sales-focused, which means your relevant and customer-centric content will break through the noise and clutter of sales-related content. Not sure of what sales-related content looks like? Take a look at a LinkedIn group where the only conversation going on are sales professionals saying how their solution is best!

Do you have another way to give B2B decision-makers what they want? If so, please share below! Or contact me directly at, on Facebook, on LinkedIn or on Twitter!

If you are looking for additional ways to understand B2B decision-makers and what they really really want, you might be interested in learning more about:

  1. Anatomy of the B2B decision-maker
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Every customer is different, just like every Spice Girl brought something different to the concert – something scary, something sporty, something posh, something baby and something ginger. So if you are going to be successful with you B2B marketing and sales strategy, give your customers what they want, what they really really want … vs. what YOU think they need, what YOU think they really really need!

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Social Media Content Creation Gangnam Style

As I get my Gangnam Style moves down for some late-night lounge club dancing at the upcoming Las Vegas event, I cannot help to have some social media content creation ideas arise.

Hmmm. How do I connect content creation , evangelizing, sharing and crowdsourcing for a live event with this now-famous horse dance?!? Yes, everything I think about IS about social media marketing analogies. And, how can I show you how to create some awesome social media content while at the event?

This blog post shows you how to create great on-the-floor content that gets consumed and shared across all audiences at any live event… like the Gangnam Style video!  Psy, the artist behind the sensation was able to create content that was able to connect with multiple audiences and so can you!

Let’s see how Gangnam Style can inspire your content creation. I have applied this inspiration to five content-creation strategies while attending any live event or trade show.

1. Take Interesting Video. All live events offer a treasure trove of potential video! Embrace these opportunites!

  • Interview. Hold an interesting interview with someone (make sure to get the proper form to allow posting though.) Be creative with your approach to help the sharing on blogs, YouTube and Facebook! A few interesting ways into your interview could be “What have you seen at this event that you plan to use in next year?” “What is the most interesting thing you have learned at this event?”
  • Demos. Capture a demo or a snippet of a presentation for social media sharing. Your content may be the first time that this demo has taken place, or it is connected to a trending topic. Whatever the tie-in, pass on the demo to the world!
  • Sessions. Don’t take an entire video of a keynote (or any other presentation) … just take some exciting shots of one can pass it on!  Tease the world with what they are missing. And while you are at it, make sure you have an interesting title to your video post.

2. Take Interesting Photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, so get your Gangnam on and pass it on to the social media world!

  • Signage. Take a creative shots of the show logo and pass it on to the key social media contacts for the even. For instance, I recommend taking a picture of the event  signage and email it to one of the social media contacts. It’s content like this that we love at SAP and love to see it posted it on our Facebook pages!
  • Floor Pictures. Take a picture of the most interesting thing on the show room floor and pass it on to the event’s social media channel managers! Event organizers love to post these types of pictures to show all the non-attendees what they are missing! They might even bestow some special acknowledgment for your creativity

3. Capture Quotes

  • Sound Bites. Everyone loves a sound bite! It’s one of the best takeaways of any session. Write them down and hashtag they key words of your sessions. No need to tweet your quotes in real-time … hang on to them and schedule them for between 6-8PM, the time when most retweets happen!


4. TweetPut on your reporter shoes and tell the people back home what they are missing! But, if you are going do it Gangnam Style … make sure has some legs for retweeting, since the socialsphere is really only interested in relevant ‘stuff’.  What should you tweet about? Here are three ideas:

  • Inquire! Ask a session presenter or social media ambassador a follow-up question and look for an answer directed specifically at you! As a example, I created a blog post for s show that I will be attending for SAP that noted all the key social media attendees. Check this blog post for Twitter Handles –> How To Leverage Social Media Ambassadors & Experts At SAP TechEd Las Vegas
  • Be Ready. If you are going to tweet like PSY make sure you have your key hashtags and key words identified. In addition to every tweet containing #TheShowHashtag make sure to include 1-2 others that have nothing to do with SAP and everything to do with the outside world (e.g., #Analaytics #Mobility)
  • Share! Be a part of someone else’s Gangnam moment and share their content … along with your message!

5. Blog! We are not all bloggers, yet we can all give it a shot! If you feel passionate about a point, then sit down and write 200 words about it on your blog or the event’s site. Follow this guidance to get the Gangnam word out!

  • Event Site. Get signed up today and have your profile in order so you can actually contribute with a blog!
  • Make It Visual. The blog posts that are shared the most (and found the most) have a great mix of pictures, videos and quotes. Include all the aforementioned content you collected to get your blog on everyone’s hit parade! Leverage your collection with a smart blog post!
  • Make It Memorable! Hey, who expected a blog post that tied Gangnam Style in with a live event! Make your point about one takeaway and have some fun with it! If I can do it, so can you! To be sure people find your post, take advantage of using key words and placing the proper tags in the copy!

So, lets’ take a hint from Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style craze and think about how we can individually spread the word of of the event that we are attending so others who cannot attend can reap the benefit of relevant, humanizing and authentic content! Let’s do our own Gangnam Style dance an upload it somewhere.

Gerry Moran