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Your LinkedIn Profile Is Your Reputation’s Destination

What does a good craft beer bar have in common with a great LinkedIn profile? Both are great destinations that get more visits based on their reputation! If you’ve ever walked into a great craft beer bar, the bartender, or cicerone, can provide you an excellent customer experience by asking you a set of questions to lead you to what you should be drinking based on what you like. There is not a best craft beer for everyone, just like there is no one LinkedIn profile format or formula every…
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10 Steps To Use LinkedIn For Small Business

inkedIn For Small Business | | @GerryMoran

LinkedIn is the marketing hub of many social selling executives and solopreneurs. What about small businesses using LinkedIn to reach their goals? 80% of small business owners, with 200 or fewer employees, use social networks to find new customers and grow their revenue, and LinkedIn is one of them, as they report. A recent Wall Street Journal study also indicates that 41% of small businesses feel that LinkedIn provides them the most potential to generate business. LinkedIn For Small Business Goals Your LinkedIn for small business goals can range among:…
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What Does Twitter Success Look Like?

Twitter Success Formula

What do you need to achieve Twitter success? Is Twitter a means to an end or is it the end goal? Do you need 100,000 Twitter followers to be successful? Do you need to have engaging content to be a winner on Twitter? Or, do you need to increase your social and personal brand currency to help you reach your bigger goals? Winning marketing leaders, sales executives and thought leaders understand this differentiation and the need to do five key things to be successful with Twitter. 5 Things You Need…
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Social Media Career Advice For Graduating Seniors

ocial Media Mistakes | | Gerry Moran

Are you a Millennial graduating with the Class of 2014? Or, are you a parent who is hoping for a return on college investment from your Class of 2014 Millennial? I am the father of two Millennials, a hiring manager of a few more and a connector to many. To help this Class of 2014 I have liberally borrowed (or highjacked) from Max Ehrmann’s famous Desiderata commencement poem to help this year’s graduates (and many other Millennials) to successfully use social media to start and build their careers. The following…
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Social Media Is The Biggest Gear In The Demand Gen Engine

Physics of Social Media and Demand Gen | | Gerry Moran

Social media is the most important gear in the sales and demand generation engine.  Simply put, it’s the science of social media and lead generation physics. The bigger the gear size the harder the gear works. And the harder the gear works, the faster and more productive the machine will work to create revenue. Do you remember riding a bike and you tried to pedal as fast as you could to make your bike go faster? You made sure you worked the highest gear to make the wheels get you to…
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How 15 Top CEOs Started Using Twitter

Everyone has to start somewhere; even CEOs and the C-suite with using social media. Some CEOs have embraced social media to authentically connect with their constituency. And, they have done it more effectively than the pointy-haired boss characterized in Dilbert!   Why Aren’t There More Social CEO Leaders? However, not every CEO has jumped on this “new corporate communications” opportunity. Many are not relating with customers, coworkers and ‘the street’ and leaving valuable social currency on the table. In fact, only 30% of executive directors within NASDAQ 100 companies are…
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Stop Using Social Media To Drive Sales

You can lead a customer to your brand with social media, but you can’t make them buy from you using social media. This is my B2B marketing advice. In other words, social media does not fit neatly into a B2B marketing strategy and last-touch attribution. So, don’t think  you can tweet and directly cause a million dollar sale. However, you can get on the customer’s radar and start to build a relationship with relevant content and messaging. Get Your Customers To The Watering Hole First So, if want your customers…
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Time To Take A LinkedIn Selfie

LinkedIn Profile Selfie

More than 49.5 percent of LinkedIn users have underperforming personal brands on the network. You see, their LinkedIn profiles are incomplete, their status updates underperform, and they are not plugged into the properly sized network. It’s time for them to take a picture of their brand’s success and start to develop an improvement strategy. Here is how you can take a selfie of your LinkedIn account! 5 Steps To Baseline Your LinkedIn Brand 1. Baseline Profile Views. Establish your quarterly, monthly or weekly profile baseline views to help you understand…
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10 Native Behaviors To Build Your Social Business Strategy

Social Business Strategy

The foundation of a social business-strategy needs to be built on connecting with the customer’s native buying behavior. My great-grandmother, Michelena, used to say, “I can’t make a great meal unless I know who I am cooking for”. A great social selling, marketing and business lesson from a Polish cook! Why is this lesson important? If we know how customers natively act, then we will have a better chance to meet business goals; especially if their behavior is leveraged instead of asking them to change. Brands that figure out how…
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10 Steps To Be A LinkedIn MVP – Most Viewed Profile

LinkedIn MVP - Most Viewed Profile

Do you know how to be the MVP – Most Viewed Profile – on the LinkedIn All Star Team? Yes, it’s easy to earn a spot on the All-Star LInkedIn team. However, in this time where it seems like everyone wins a spot on the team, you can take home the BIG trophy by fine-tuning your LinkedIn profile to outperform your competition. True, there is no official MVP LinkedIn status. However, you can establish yourself as a Most Viewed Profile. Follow 10 simple strategic steps to take home the LinkedIn…
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