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10 Ultimate Steps Be A LinkedIn All-Star!

LinkedIn All Star Chuck Taylor

Have you ever dreamed of being an NBA, NFL, MLB or even LinkedIn All-Star? The first 3 teams might be hard to make, even if you think can still go pro! However, you can make the LinkedIn All Star team and move on to social stardom by following 10 key steps. It’s very important for you to be a LinkedIn All Star since it will help your brand be found and make a difference. Face it, with over 1 billion name searches on Google, you need to be able to…
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3 Steps To Fix Your Social Media Profile BEFORE The Trade Show

I can remember when My mom sent me off to my first day of school. she put me through this checklist that included getting me all spit-shined, presentable and various index cards tucked away in my pockets, lunchbox and school folders. She wanted me to make a good first impression and have a way for others to get in touch with her in case I got lost! Well, here I am headed to a software industry event, SAP TechEd Las Vegas and going through a self-checklist that would make my…
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