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11 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid When Job Searching

If you are a college senior, a recent graduate, or just looking for a new gig, you need to know these 11 social media mistakes to avoid. These poor posting behaviors could cost you your first job.

70% of recruiters and hiring managers look for lousy behavior on social media channels when researching your background. Whether or not you think it’s fair, it happens.

Managing your burgeoning digital brand is likely not discussed in any of your classes. So, it would be best if you started to do a little extra credit to understand how you can make the grade with your future employer.

11 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid When You Are Looking for a Job

The primary reasons employers did not extend a job offer after researching a candidate on social media are varied. You are likely committing them.

  1. Provocative Posts. 40% of future employers look for provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos, or information. Even if you use a secondary account, you must be careful.
  1. Drugs & Drinking. 36% of hiring managers won’t hire you if you post drinking or drug use on social media. A social toast is OK. Smoking from a bong is something else.
  1. Discriminatory Comments. 31% of hiring companies search for discriminatory comments about race, gender, religion, etc. This behavior can manifest in a like of a political candidate who has made similar discriminatory posts. Also, sharing others’ not-so-smart posts informs potential employers about your judgment or lack thereof.
  1. Criminal Behavior. 30% of companies won’t hire you if you look linked to any criminal behavior on social media. You know, the type that has you jumping on cars after your team wins the world championship. 
  1. Embellished Job Qualifications. If you say one thing about your job qualifications, but your LinkedIn profile says another, that’s a recipe for disaster. 27% of hiring company check for that type of thing.
  1. Poor Grammar and Punctuation. You’ve heard the saying that poor punctuation kills (e.g., Let’s eat Grandma vs. Let’s eat, Grandma.)! 27% of hiring organizations also will think twice about hiring you if you exhibit poor communication skills.
  1. Badmouthing. If you badmouth your past company, coworker, or professor on social media, you will likely badmouth your current one. 25% of hiring brands will not consider you if you exhibit this behavior.
  1. Unprofessional Screen Names. We’ve all seen funny and unprofessional screen names. If you have one, 22% of hiring managers will probably pass on interviewing or hiring you.
  1. Sharing Confidential Information. Spreading confidential client or company information is a ‘no-no.’ Even if it’s not nefarious. 20% of employers will confidently say no to hiring you if you’ve done this on social media.
  1. Lying. Playing hooky and talking about it on social media can land you without a job offer, says 16% of hiring companies.
  1. Overposting. If you post too much on social media, 12% of potential employers will likely not provide you with a job offer; however, if you under-post or don’t have any social media footprint at all, then that behavior may also cost you your gig, especially if you are applying for a social media role.

Source: CareerBuilder

Let Us Help You or Your Student/New Graduate Secure That Job

We don’t know what we don’t know. And if a young job seeker doesn’t have a social-media-experience-support network, they may be hurting themselves without even knowing it. So, we’re here to help. Here are a few blog posts from to jumpstart your job hunt correctly.

Your Next Move to Help Avoid Social Media Mistakes

So, now you know eleven social media mistakes hiring managers will notice when checking your background. If you avoid these bumps in the road, you will increase your chances of getting hired.

With over 51% of people like you who want to improve their personal brand on social media, a better LinkedIn profile will help you get that promotion and improve your chances for that dream job. What are you waiting for?

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P.S. LinkedIn regularly makes changes to its platform, including character counts. If you see a difference we have not noted, please let us know by commenting below or emailing

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