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How To Tweet. What The @Mt@Rt#dM@d?

Only 27% of companies report employees at all levels are truly aware and trained on how to use and not use social media, reports Altimeter. This low percentage indicates that most who makes strategic decisions for their company do not know how to really use it.  So, let’s start with one of the basics and learn how to tweet. We all know that we need to tweet for our personal branding, our work’s social business agenda, or making our personal business and social selling more successful. But, how to you actually use…
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Content Marketing …80’s Rock Band Style

Rock Bands & Content Marketing

Who says a rock band from the 80’s can’t teach us about content marketing? I was perusing my photos from a 2012 Van Halen concert I attended and was struck by the social media and content marketing lesson that there was hidden in this great rock and roll experience! What Can Rock Bands Teach Us About Content Marketing? from Gerry Moran 12 Things Rock Bands Can Teach Us About Content Marketing Every Song Is Part Of An Album. All of your white paper, blog and video content need to be…
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Social Selling: Tweet Better. Sell More.

It’s a tough social selling world out there … well, not really, if you are doing it right! Selling quotas are getting tougher and tougher to meet. And, many buyers feel that companies and sales executives are undistinguishable. So, there has to be a way to cut through the clutter! There are many sales executives that are making quota just fine. Well, so were the reps back in the day before cell phones and tablet computers. Those easy days of easily  making quota are numbered. Especially, when research tells us…
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