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Head In The Sand With Your Personal Brand?

Head in the sand with your personal brand?

Do headhunters find your background and value appealing? Or, is your head in the sand with your personal brand? If you grew up when televisions were black and white, you probably saw many Tarzan episodes where he was saving a jungle visitor from lions, tigers and … headhunters. Flash ahead to today and many job seekers want to run to headhunters, or recruiters, instead of running from them. However, not all recruiters find your ‘head‘ appetizing, or even know that it‘s there! They are not hungry for your background for a number controllable (by…
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Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Melting Away

Hatteras Sno-Balls

Your social media strategy likely does NOT have a snowball’s chance at the beach to succeed, if you are like most small businesses. This dripping performance is especially the case if you count on Facebook as your promotional engine. Your Facebook Messaging Doesn’t Reach All Of Your Followers You see, 58% of small businesses use Facebook at their primary online marketing machine. While 43% do not know if it’s even working for them. Yikes! Talk about driving in a snowstorm. I speak with hundreds of small businesses every year and…
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4 Social Selling Strategies For Your Sales Playbook

While social selling has clearly taken strong hold in the B2C world, its prevalence in B2B interactions is less well established. Sure, plenty of companies have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social sites, but that’s a far cry from getting sales teams to use social media as a central component of their sales strategy. The question is, what best practices really work to turn social into a powerful sales tool for your business? Even more important, is the payoff worth the effort? The Rewards of Social Selling…
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What’s In Your Social Selling Secret Sauce?

Social selling secret sauce

What’s in your social selling secret sauce? Do you have the social ingredients for successful cold calling on your B2B, B2C or small business prospects? McDonald’s Big Mac has its secret sauce. Jack In The Box has its secret sauce. Even my great-grandmother Michaelena had her secret sauce that she used to make her Polish golumpkis. But, as my great-grandmother Michaelena always said, “You know when your secret sauce is working when your customers come back for more!” And, we always went back for more of her golumpkis. So, what’s…
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10 Things On My Social Santa List. What’s On Yours?

Dear Social Santa, I tried dropping my Social Santa Christmas list to you at the mall this weekend, but the lines were too long! I thought that you’d rather receive a blog post or tweet instead of a letter since you are Social Santa and you do have a Twitter account, after all! The things I am asking for this year can help us all, big business bloggers, small business tweeters and social selling LinkedIn users to be better social media publishers. I want to make communication easy to read,…
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Social Selling for Sales Leaders: How Social Selling Works

This post originally was posted on HootSuite’s blog by Brian Bailard and was partially based on using their social selling interaction with me, Gerry Moran.   In part 1, I defined social selling as the use of social media by salespeople to generate revenue. In this post, we’ll walk through how one of your salespeople would do social selling. We’ll start with an overview of the biggest social networks, then explore a social selling example to see how it works in practice. To learn how social selling can boost revenue across your…
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11 Small Business Social Media Ideas Inspired By Festivus

Is your small business social media plan up to the Festivus feats of strength? Your small business potential should be inspired by Frank Constanza’s story from the 1997 Seinfeld episode. As Frank said, “Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way.” How can your business experience that in-store traffic and demand? If you aren’t getting the most muscle out…
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Social Media Homework For This Year’s College Students

Social Media Homework For The College Bound

Is your college-age son or daughter thinking about the impact of their social media skills to aid their future job search? They are probably not developing those skills if they are ‘minoring’ in beer pong or sorority parties. A Millennial’s social media skills are critical for their ability to transition from the classroom into the real world. College students need to begin their social media homework to help them pass the ultimate test of a job search and ultimately thriving in today’s economy. Whether you are a parent who has just…
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Don’t Use Facebook For My B2B Marketing Strategy?

Facebook facts

Question. Should I use Facebook as a tactic for my B2B marketing campaigns? Answer. Sgt. Joe Friday from Dragnet used to say “All we know are the facts, ma’am.” And the facts tell us that Facebook is a bad place to execute your B2B marketing strategy. Facebook is a great social media platform to the message and engage fans. However, mostly for B2C brands. Many B2B brands and their marketing managers are getting a very low ROFI – Return On Facebook Investment because they do not know all the facts!…
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Using A Guy In A Chicken Suit Instead Of Social Media?

Do you think a worker dressed as a bird ‘hawking’ pizza will generate more store traffic than a well-crafted social media campaign  using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ‘toppings’? Are you feeling ‘clucky’, well are you? Apparently the pizza shop in my neighborhood does. I have seen this slice of marketing strategy in my home town and it made me wonder if small businesses “get it” when it comes to the power and scale of social media. It’s important for small businesses to drive foot traffic in the most efficient way possible….
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