Cut To The Customer Experience Chase With QR Codes

QR Code Signage | SAP

QR codes connect a customer opportunity with social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) experience to help you build a relationship or make a sale. QR codes are 2-dimensional (2D) encoded bar code images that resemble maze-like square. Getting their start in Japan a few years back, they continue to gain traction and are the most popular of today’s 2D options.This SoLoMo marketing strategy makes it easy for (some) consumers to quick access content and information on their terms … a win-win situation. While not for everyone is adopting this tactic, as eMarketer reports that…
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5 Ways To Continue The Social Conversation After The Event

How do you use social selling to continue the conversation after the event or trade show? Your feet are aching, your back is probably hurting, and you might still have the ‘customer smile’ set in stone on your face, but there is still quota and sales goals to meet. I just returned from SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, where MY feet are tired from logging over 50,000 steps across the show floor; my Fitbit says that is 25 miles of walking! After any event like SAPPHIRE NOW, every small business or…
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Crafty Social Media Ways To Make Craft Beer Marketing Work

When I walked into the annual Valley Forge Craft Beer Festival by Starfish Productions last night I was not greeted as if I was walking into Cheers, but there was a great sense of craft beer camaraderie. There always is comaraderie when craft beer is involved. What a great common denominator and a very social environment beer creates! Everyone wants to share about the latest find … from the brewers to the attendees! These beer festivals are classic blocking and tackling strategy by brewers and distributer to drive product sampling….
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