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The Role Of Timing With Your Marketing Strategy

As the greatest rock and roll band of our time, The Rolling Stones, say … “Time is on our side”, especially when it comes to creating a winning content and marketing strategy. You can have the greatest blog posts, videos, infographics, slides or resources in the world, however if you do not consider the role of timing you may miss out!

Time Is On My Side

Timing is something you have complete control over; deploying content, responding to an inquiry, and keeping the user experience as simple as possible. Timely response, execution, user experience and content delivery can help you build a strong foundational approach to your business’s content, customer service and business plan execution.

5 Tips To Create A Timely Marketing Strategy

1. Enable Your Content To Be Found Quickly. With 89% of people starting their purchase process using a search engine, you need to structure your content in a way that it is quickly found. SlideShare, blogging, YouTube videos and infographics all have keyword and structure nuances that will help increase their ability to be found more quickly. Help your potential readers save time and effort by using fundamental search strategies so they can easily find and engage with you.

2. Deliver Content On A Regular Basis. Whether it’s the evening news, the morning newspaper, or the Sunday Football games, we all expect content we know and love to be delivered consistently. We like our expectations managed so there is consistency in our lives. Leverage customer expectations by updating your social media channels and blogs. HubSpot notes companies who blog 15 or more times per month get 5X more site traffic. Now THAT is “return on consistency”!

3. Be A Quick and Easy Read To Save Your Reader Time. There is no right length for a blog post or a piece of content. However, a good rule of thumb is a 500-word blog post takes about 2 minutes to read. Two minutes seems to be the attention span of many readers. Also, readers like to skim content and  get to the point that is relevant to them. If you need more words to get your point across, then use more words, but take your reader’s time into consideration.

4. Make It Easy For Readers To Share Your Content Quickly. Good content gets shared and reaches a relevant and incremental audience to your present network. ShareThis research indicates most content is shared on a mobile device, with consumers twice as likely clicking and sharing content through a mobile device, than a desktop device. On a mobile device, Pinterest and Twitter are the networks, aside from Facebook, where content gets shared the most. So your content needs to be mobile-optimized for reading and sharing to save time and reach more customers more quickly.

5. Respond To Content Inquiries, Comments And Affirmations In 24 Hours (within an hour if there is a complaint). When customers use Twitter to express a customer service concern, eConsultancy reports that 72% of them expect a response within an hour. And, when they ask a brand a question, 53% of them expect an answer in an hour. So, you can put time on the side of your marketing strategy by quickly building up a reputation for quick social media response!

Do you have a timely strategy to share? If so, please share below. Or, reach out to me directly on, LinkedIn or Twitter. And, I will give YOU a timely response.

Get the moves like Jagger and strategically think about the timing of your content, customer response and marketing execution. This approach will help you to create and manage the expectations of your readers. Time is on your side, yes it is …. so use it to your marketing and content advantage, and your customers will come running back … yes they will.

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by Gerry Moran Gerry Moran 3 Comments

How To Take A Day Off From Social Media

IEven Ferris Bueller Takes A Day Offt’s Labor Day in the US, and many businesses are closed today to honor the contributions of the worker in the US. You may be off today, or any other day for that matter, but social media never sleeps! However, with the recent US government shutdown, the EPA sent their workers home and mandated that they do not tweet!

How can you walk away from social media for a day and still be a part of the game? Embrace the Ferris Bueller in you and take heed of these ideas!

It’s important for everyone to shut down now and then to re-energize, reorganize and reinvigorate! Here is what you can do to take a day off from social media and still look as if you are tweeting, blogging and ‘Linking’!

5 Ways To Take A Day Off From Social Media

1. Schedule Your Tweets In Advance. The day before you rest from using Twitter schedule your 8-20 tweets using HootSuite. Make sure to:

  • Schedule your tweets about an hour apart, since the life of most tweets are under and hour.
  • Mix up your tweets with your own content, curated content and others’ retweets.
  • Follow the best practice to create the perfect tweet.

2. Use An Autoresponder To Message New Twitter Followers. While using an autoresponder is not the best way to manage the beginning of your new one-to-one relationships, they do work in a pinch. A touch is a touch, so make sure to follow these guidelines when creating your auto-response message:

  • Keep your message short and well under the 140-character limit.
  • Include a link to a Twitter-only landing page on your blog. No landing page? Then don’t include a link.
  • Be ready to follow your new followers back the next day, if it makes sense.
  • Be ready to respond to your DM’s or messages immediately the next day to make sure you are nurturing the new social relationship.

3. Optimize Your Blog Posts With Keywords. A well-optimized (for keywords) blog is your always-on, 24-7 social media workhorse. Optimizing your blog for the best format and keyword selection cannot really be done the night before you take off from social media; however, start optimizing today to make sure people can easily find you for your next day off. Key items to pay attention to are:

  • Select a keyword and keyword variation for which people are searching.
  • Include your keyword in the blog’s title, first line of the blog and in at least one of the subhead titles (i.e., h2 tag).
  • Try to have about a 2% keyword density throughout your blog.
  • Include you keyword in the blog’s meta description.
  • Include the keyword in the URL.

4. Schedule Your LinkedIn Update In Advance. HootSuite is the ‘MacGyver’ of social media tools with its ability to schedule, listen and measure! Use HootSuite, or your tool of choice, to schedule your daily 1-2 LinkedIn updates. If you are not updating your LinkedIn profile at least once on a daily basis, then you have some extra preparing to do before you take a day off!

5. Favorite Your Shareable Articles So You Send Them Tomorrow. Feedly and Flipboard are great go-to sources for news that can be turned into curated content. While you will likely not take a break from reading the news (even I have cancelled my paper edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer and depend on Feedly for my news), you can take a break for real-time curating and scheduling content. For instance, use the “Save For Later” feature on Feedly and schedule your curated content tomorrow!

Do you have a tip that you can share that saves you time or lets you take a day off from social media? If so, please do share below! Or, contact me directly at or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

Whether you plan to take the day off today, tomorrow or on an upcoming holiday, use this advice to help you re-energize, reorganize and reinvigorate! I am signing off for the day and cracking open a cold IPA. It’s always 5PM somewhere, right?