Personal branding |

15 Resources To Help Improve Your Personal Branding

Strong personal branding will help you sustain a solid career, develop a deeper relevant network and help you advance your agenda. You probably are not doing it as good as you … [Read More...]

Hatteras Sno-Balls

Does Your Social Strategy Have A Snowball’s Chance At The Beach To Succeed?

Your social media strategy likely does NOT have a snowball’s chance at the beach to succeed, if you are like most small businesses. This dripping performance is especially the case if you count on … [Read More...]

Listening For Customer Triggers |

Listen Up. Your Customers Are Complaining On Social Media.

79% of your customers who complain on social media do so in hope that their friends see their dissatisfaction with your brand, reports Edison Research. Think about the negative impact of this … [Read More...]

Content Marketing Play |

5 Content Marketing Plays To Win At Social Selling

Content marketing or social selling success is not as easy as turning on a switch. Using content for sales plays to connect with audiences to drive specific results has proven successful for many … [Read More...]

Content Is King |

Content Is King Only When The Kingdom Is Interested

80% of B2B decision makers visit vendor-independent communities, vendor-sponsored forums, and LinkedIn at least monthly for business purposes, says Marketing Charts. I’d call these communities the … [Read More...]

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Need A Social Media Tune-up?

Do You Need A Social Media Tune-up?

Is your social media community sputtering along? Are your social media campaigns hitting on all cylinders? Are you fueling your social media marketing with the right content? If you are unsure of your … [Read More...]