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Paradise by the Social Media Dashboard Light

“Let me sleep on it, I’ll give you an answer in the morning.” This song lyric might be your response if asked for performance data and you don’t have a social media dashboard.

However, it’s not the right answer in today’s competitive B2B landscape. This assertion is especially true if your CEO needs quick insight into your program budget.

Two Key Social Media Measurement Stats Open Up Your Eyes to a Big Surprise

  1. A study by Adobe reports 88% of marketing experts do not accurately measure their social media initiatives effectiveness. 
  2. A Content Marketing Institute study identifies that only 24% of B2B brands are highly proficient at measuring content marketing impact.

Now, these are two reasons to make it easier to measure your social media activity.

So, with the odds stacked against you to show a return on marketing investment, what do you do? Run like a bat of hell? No!

Marketing Dashboards Turn Metrics Into Understandable Stories

A social media dashboard is your best way to provide a management feedback loop. It will help show what’s going to provide insight to make quick and actionable recommendations.

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The simple recipe for a dashboard is like an excellent basic meatloaf recipe — quickly fills the void, so people are satisfied. However, you have to go beyond the numbers with your dashboard. You have to tell a story so management ‘gets it.’ 

Social Media ROI
Instead of talking about followers, likes, and web referrals as key social media metrics tell the story about building and reaching a relevant community, starting conversations, and driving brand consideration!

For example, there is another way of explaining social media results might include followers, engagement, and web referrals. Executives will get the bigger story around your reporting if the metrics are wrapped in a community, conversation, and consideration storyline.

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Stop right there, I gotta know right now if you are going tell a social media story with a dashboard.