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Connecting The Digital Dots Of The Customer Experience

Connecting the digital dots - Gerry Moran

Does your content marketing connect the digital dots with your customer experience? My great grandmother, Michaelena, used to give me connect-the-dots books to keep me busy when I was a toddler. Many times the dots I created did not match the intention of the books’ authors. My ‘masterpieces’ often resulted with my grandmother just shaking her head! If you are not thinking about the client’s experience and how data, digital and content impact, then you will likely not connect those dots either. Here are a few data points to consider…
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Cut To The Customer Experience Chase With QR Codes

QR Code Signage | SAP

QR codes connect a customer opportunity with social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) experience to help you build a relationship or make a sale. QR codes are 2-dimensional (2D) encoded bar code images that resemble maze-like square. Getting their start in Japan a few years back, they continue to gain traction and are the most popular of today’s 2D options.This SoLoMo marketing strategy makes it easy for (some) consumers to quick access content and information on their terms … a win-win situation. While not for everyone is adopting this tactic, as eMarketer reports that…
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Be Nice, Not Naughty, With Your Customer Service This Season!

Can you believe it? People are already putting up their holiday decorations this year! Thanksgiving is early, so THIS is the weekend that the shopping really starts! I am hoping that that red-suited guy stops by MY house this year, I thought about his list and hoping that I am making it loud and clear since he is going to be checking it twice! If you are a business of any size, you need to make sure that you are on the good list of your customers since there is…
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Craft Beer and Social Media … The Perfect Pairing.

A recent beer pairing dinner I attended reminded my about a recent social media channel strategy I developed! What does a nice cold beer paired with an entree have to do with social media channel strategy? I asked myself that same question in between the 3rd and 4th course at a pairing dinner at one of my favorite craft-beer joints, Pinocchio’s Beer Garden in Media, PA! You see, in between each incredible course at Pinocchio’s, Belgian and German beers were paired with German-inspired baked goods and tasty locally made cheese…
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