What I Learned In Las Vegas About Twitter

The average American sees about 3,000 advertising messages per day, and last night when I stolled down The Strip in Las Vegas, I think I consumed my total in 60 minutes. I saw everything from $5 t-shirts to tribes of hawkers handing me business cards promising me a good time! There was just too much to see on The Strip. I was bombarded with messages and it was not enjoyable. 20 minutes into my jaunt, I thought to myself … wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool to help me to see just what I wanted to see … a portable Twitter list of sorts!

My thought is that if  I could filter through the superfluous then I would enjoy my experience by seeing only what I want to see.

This challenge is analagous to social media media messaging, especially for newbies. For instance, from the outside in an unfiltered Twitter stream is chaos, presenting a busy stream of unconnected information. Almost useless. This business can turn off the best of social media fans. However, introduce a Twitter list or strat to follow a stream on Hootesuite into the picture, then it’s a very different experience … a good experience.

Why is this analogy important? We are becoming a social world and it is beneficial to adopt this change sooner vs. later, given the additional access to information and relationships you can have. Listening to the conversation first is a great intro to social media. And, introducing  a sense of  order to your social media feeds takes the haphazardness out of messaging so you can keep things in order.

That advice takes care of your social media challenges, but doesn’t address my Las Vegas  Strip challenges. I think I will stay in tonight and experience Sin City via Hootesuite.


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