What Ben Folds Five Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

So, who names their band Ben Folds Five when there are only three members in the group?!? I think the other two members of the ‘five’ includes the guy who brings in the various bass guitars and the crowd who attends the concert. I was one of that said crowd last night and thought Ben Folds put on an amazing show ┬áin the comfort of the cozy tower theater. The whole experience reminded me of great content marketing!

5 Things Ben Folds Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Great social media content is:

  • Relevant … like the lyrics in the concert’s song that covered love to frustration
  • Refreshed … like the band’s new album
  • Authentic … Ben just rolls with the crowd, even shouting out in response to the questions from the crowd.
  • Brings together a community … like the mix of the hipsters and not-so-hipsters in the crowd
  • Inspires conversation and activity… like crowd singing in harmony (and buying a t-shirt at the end of the crowd). Hey, Ben even took video of the crowd singing! Now that’s some user-generated content, huh!

Great show Ben Folds Five and great lesson on content marketing. On another not maybe Zack and Sara (without an H) are the other two of the Ben Folds Five … but, they were missing last night. Really missed that song!

Gerry Moran is a global social media and content marketer. He is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, educator and mentor with close to 30 years experience with iconic brands like Purina HBO, IKEA, and SAP. He’s also worked for award-winning digital advertising agencies like imc2, Whitman-Hart and Digitas. Gerry also founded a boutique marketing agency and has been an adjunct professor for over 10 years for St. Joseph’s University.
Gerry Moran

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