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How To Tweet. What The @Mt@Rt#dM@d?

Only 27% of companies report employees at all levels are truly aware and trained on how to use and not use social media, reports Altimeter. This low percentage indicates that most who makes strategic decisions for their company do not know how to really use it.  So, let’s start with one of the basics and learn how to tweet. We all know that we need to tweet for our personal branding, our work’s social business agenda, or making our personal business and social selling more successful. But, how to you actually use…
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What I Learned In Las Vegas About Twitter

The average American sees about 3,000 advertising messages per day, and last night when I stolled down The Strip in Las Vegas, I think I consumed my total in 60 minutes. I saw everything from $5 t-shirts to tribes of hawkers handing me business cards promising me a good time! There was just too much to see on The Strip. I was bombarded with messages and it was not enjoyable. 20 minutes into my jaunt, I thought to myself … wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool to help…
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