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How To Maximize Your Social URLs To Fish For Followers

While checking in at Wegmans yesterday to hook up with some great fish for dinner (I LOVE their salmon) , I noticed their sign (see below) that promoted my Collegeville, PA store’s Facebook and Twitter page for the fish department. Pretty cool way for Wegmans to fish for social media followers! But, this URL was not seducing bait to get me to follow them. Their URL was as long as a “fishing line” instead of being something snappy to get me to “bite”! This got me thinking how they could…
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Craft Beer and Social Media … The Perfect Pairing.

A recent beer pairing dinner I attended reminded my about a recent social media channel strategy I developed! What does a nice cold beer paired with an entree have to do with social media channel strategy? I asked myself that same question in between the 3rd and 4th course at a pairing dinner at one of my favorite craft-beer joints, Pinocchio’s Beer Garden in Media, PA! You see, in between each incredible course at Pinocchio’s, Belgian and German beers were paired with German-inspired baked goods and tasty locally made cheese…
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10 Ways To Go To The Head Of The Class With Email

Like a caring and doting father, I am always trying to get my two college-attending daughters to focus on their grades and go to the head of their class! Not a conversation passes, that I try to get them to answer my call to action in a number of different, strategic and carefully crafted ways. It’s sort of a game at time, like one of my old favorite 1960’s games Go To The Head Of The Class. I guess that I could just mandate them to tell me, but that…
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