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5 Tips To Find & Work With Your Social Influencers

Social influencers can help small businesses, big brands and people reach an audience they cannot typically reach with their own marketing and messaging. So, why wouldn’t a marketer want to find and set up some level of a relationship with influencers to help them reach their business goals? At SAP, we focus on two sets of social influencers – bloggers and tweeters. By connecting with each type of influencer on their terms, we can amplify our story and connect with those people new to our brand. This strategy is nothing…
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5 Ways To Get Your Thought Leaders To Blog For You

Your company’s content marketing producers and go-to-market thought leadership resources are likely just a flick of the switch away. You just have to know where to look and how to ‘turn them on”! I had coached my daughters’ softball and basketball teams for over 15 years while they were growing up. There was a selection of skilled and not-so-skilled girls on each of my 40+ teams, yet we always were in contention for a championship! The key to success was finding a contributing-role for each team member and coaching to…
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B2B Social Media Marketing: Work Your Influencers

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My first job out of college was selling Kodak Ektaprint Copier-Duplicators; which made me a copier salesman! I remember distinctly my sales training that you do not get what you ask for.  And, if you don’t ask, then you cannot sell! Lots of pressure for a 22 year-old! I just did not know how to ask and leverage influencers like Joan in Mad Men. I just wish I had known how to leverage the influencers in my sales process! How much further my sales efforts would have gone! Flash ahead…
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