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10 Killer Social Media & Social Selling Infographics

Social media and social selling infographics can cut a long story short in a very visual and illustrative way. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here are MarketingThink.com’s 10 most popular 2013 infographics that are worth at least 10,000 words! 10 Best Social Media & Social Selling Infographics How To Build The Perfect Tweet This infographic has been translated in German, Danish, Swedish, Spanish by passionate MarketingThink readers. Use this no-nonsense approach to creating a tweet to connect with the people and businesses you want to…
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How To Build The Perfect Google+ Profile Blueprint

Are you one of the 70% of brands with a Google+ profile or presence? How many of you want to use Google+ but don’t know how to get started; even if it’s only creating your Google+  profile? Setting out to use a complex and robust social media platform like Google+ is daunting. My Polish grandmother used to say, “You can’t start to use what you haven’t built, and you can’t build anything without a blueprint.” I wanted to give you the blueprint to help you build your Google+ profile. Google reports…
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Are You Marketing Your Small Business Old School Style?

I am dating myself here. Last Saturday I was shopping actually purchased a LP last weekend at a local record shop, The Mad Platter in West Chester, PA. I thought I was doing a good deed by supporting independent music, independent music retailers and the old school  way of doing thing(i.e., the vinyl)! But no matter how old school you get with the business side of things, social media has insinuated itself into the small business world. In fact, it’s a necessity.  Every small business has to do it AND…
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