Social Selling: Tweet Better. Sell More.

twitterIt’s a tough social selling world out there … well, not really, if you are doing it right! Selling quotas are getting tougher and tougher to meet. And, many buyers feel that companies and sales executives are undistinguishable. So, there has to be a way to cut through the clutter!

There are many sales executives that are making quota just fine. Well, so were the reps back in the day before cell phones and tablet computers. Those easy days of easily  making quota are numbered. Especially, when research tells us that the tried and true ways of scraping LinkedIn for leads and hounding prospects with phone calls and emails might be long gone!

  • 50-70% of the buying process happens before sales executives get involved (Source: Forrester)
  • 90% of CEO’s say they NEVER respond to cold emails or calls (Source: InsideView)
  • 89% of consumers begin searching for products and services using a search engine (Source: InsideView)

5 Great Examples Of Social Selling With Twitter

Just this week I received 5 best-practice Tweets that engaged me in a way that caused or will cause a response.

Social Selling With Twitter

1. Say Thank You With Twitter. @InsideView used my Twitter handle to say thank you with a Reply and to start a connection. They may have found out that I used a phony phone number and had no other way to connect with me, but they certainly got my attention with their Tweet!

Social Selling With Twitter

2. Ask An Open-ended Question To Get Your Prospect’s Attention. I have been swamped over the last few weeks and could not prioritize a proposal from @PeopleBrowsr / @Kred. PeopleBrowser’s VP, Travis Wallis, connected with me using an open-ended question about an off-topic talking point. This got my attention! Nice subtle and best-practice touch! Love it. I have now prioritized his call for this week.

Social Selling With Twitter

3. Comment on Someone’s Blog. Joan Stewart (@PublicityHound) did a “social-selling two-step” by leaving a comment on my blog post and then Tweeting me about it! She opened up a line of communication where none existed before.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 2.29.04 PM

4. Retweet Your Prospect To Get Their Attention. Back to @PeopleBrowsr / @Kred, when I answered @TravisWallis’s tweet, which showed him that I was still alive! He paid off the answer by retweeting to his 44,000+ followers. Now that’s a nice present for someone like me, who is building his Twitter base. That “payoff” makes me mentally commit even more!

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 2.30.36 PM

5. Write Content About A Prospect. @LindaDessau runs a wonderful blog and business at For the second time this month I was named as one of her “Twitter Tricks”. She’s now on my radar, and I am helping her sell her services by talking about her… and I do recommend to everyone!

Have you seen a great social selling Tweet? Please share and let’s grow the social selling tribe! If you are a little shy, then send your input to me directly at or tweet it to me @GerryMoran.

Looking for more social selling tips? Here are some that will help you:

So, put down that phone and think about how you can connect with your prospect and customer a little differently and more effectively! I hope that you found these five samples of social selling Tweets inspiring. I sure did, since I reacted to each of them!


  1. Ernst Jan Bos (@ErnstJanBos)

    90% van de CEO’s reageert niet op “koude mailings”. Tijd voor #socialselling maar hoe? Voorbeelden;

  2. @jill_rowley

    Social Selling: Tweet better (not more)! Thanks for the great tips @GerryMoran

  3. @johngeades

    Social Selling: Tweet Better. Sell More. via @GerryMoran 5 Good tips for more social engagement

  4. @SWillins

    Social Selling: Tweet Better. Sell More. via @GerryMoran > great advice that I’m going to act on starting today!

  5. Jeremy Woolf (@jeremywoolf)

    @gerrymoran says “Tweet better, sell more.” Some great real-world examples (in 140 #s or less)

  6. @DebbieRoxboroug

    Social Selling: Tweet Better. Sell More. via @GerryMoran Thanks for a great article!

  7. @lindadessau

    @GerryMoran Thanks so much for the mention in this fantastic blog post: Tweet Better. Sell More.

  8. @BrainBytesLLC

    Sometimes all it takes is a simple “Thank You”.

  9. @socialtosales

    5 Spectacular Examples of #socialselling with Twitter #socialsales

  10. @socialtosales

    5 spectacular examples of #socialselling on Twitter

  11. Georgia McCabe (@MamaGG)

    #social Selling: Tweet Better. Sell More. –

  12. Jill Rowley (@jill_rowley)

    @barbaragiamanco @gerrymoran Hi Barb. Have you seen Gerry’s writing on Social Selling? Tweet Better. Sell More.

  13. @barbaragiamanco

    Indeed I have and connected with @gerrymoran yesterday.Thanks Jill! RT @jill_rowley: @barbaragiamanco @GerryMoran

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  15. Lois Walcott

    Hello Gerry, I have read ‘Social selling. Tweet better, sell more.’ ’10 Social Selling Touch Points To Build Your Social Currency’ ‘Social Media Homework For This Year’s College Students’ and ‘Social Selling. It’s A Piece Of Cake.’ As a marketing student this blog is now an essential resource for me.

    What really stood out to me was the importance of not only reading blogs, tweets and posts, but actively engaging with individuals and businesses on these social networking sites.

    I have very recently become a lot more active on social networking sites for business and have already started making connections. I can see the impact of acknowledging other individuals material, thoughts and ideas as feedback and comment seems highly appreciated by the contributor allowing connections to be made easily.

    I will now also utilize the information you have posted about linked in as I can see what changes I may need to make to my own profile.

    I will keep posting feedback and would like to thank you for this blog. I will definitely promote it on my page and among my fellow course mates at university

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