Social Selling Anatomy Of A B2B Decision-Maker

So what does a trip to the hospital with my Great Aunt Peggy have to do with a successful social selling strategy? When we rushed to the hospital when her appendix burst the doctors knew exactly how to treat her since they knew the human anatomy. Similarly, by knowing the social selling anatomy of your B2B customer, you can know exactly how to operate your sales strategy to engage with the right message on the right social media channel at the right time.

Social Selling Anatomy Of A B2B Decision Maker

It is critical that you know the basic anatomy of your B2B customers so you can help quickly meet your sales quota. By always ‘operating’ in one way with one ‘instrument’ to address a selection challenges you will never be successful. It would be like using an Ace bandage to fix appendicitis! So, you cannot just use one tool like a LinkedIn expanded sales license or one of the many content management systems. Knowing the social media anatomy of your B2B customer will help you be more successful with your social selling strategy operation!

Here are a few different ways that the B2B decision maker consumes content across the top social media watering holes of communities and blogs, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Communities and Blogs and Social Selling. 81% of B2B decision makers use communities and blogs to help them make a decision. Primarily they use these content areas to:

  • Read blogs
  • Watch videos
  • Publish posts
  • Comment on posts
  • Post ratings
  • Provide reviews
  • Upload visual media like video and infographics

LinkedIn and Social Selling. 74% of B2B decision-makers us LinkedIn to aid them with their B2B purchase decisions. You can find customers:

  • Networking with peers about decisions
  • Connecting with vendors in LinkedIn Groups
  • Consuming content in various feeds

Twitter and Social Selling. 42% of B2B decision-makers use Twitter to efficiently make their buying decisions.In fact, they are very active on Twitter with:

  • Consuming content
  • Retweeting content
  • Posting content
  • Looking for support by asking questions to vendors, peers and like purchasers

Once you have fine-tuned your approach to your B2B decision-maker social selling anatomy you might find these other social selling resources useful to perform the following operations:

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  5. How to cold call with Twitter

Are your B2B customers acting in similar ways as reported by Forrester research in their July 2013 study? If so, please share below! Or contact me directly on or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

As you create you next social selling strategy, consider the anatomy of your B2B customer. Remember, they are using more than just LinkedIn! Find out where they are engaging and start to operate! My Great Aunt Peggy has fully recovered from her appendicitis and wishes you good luck in cutting through the sales clutter with a great social selling strategy!