We help your team with critical social media, content, and personal branding skills.

Social Media Training Workshops & Bootcamps

When it comes to improving social media, personal branding, and content marketing skills, we teach executives, marketers, and teams ‘how to fish.’ In other words, we teach them best-practice social media with easy-to-grasp, actionable ideas.
Over the last ten years, we have found that leadership, professionals, and company associates don’t know how to effectively use social media. This uncomfortableness negatively affects brand awareness, the share of voice, and website visits. Our training sessions can turn that around!
Each of our sessions provides instructions you can begin using immediately. Most of all, they are fun and engaging!

Gerry Moran — Experienced College Professor, and B2B Marketing Trainer

Gerry Moran is an experienced educator and B2B social media and content expert.

He taught marketing at St. Joseph’s University for over 12 years. He also ran Temple University’s Fox School of Business top-ranking Executive MBA program.

He built and ran SAP and Cognizant’s social media programs for more than a decade. He also created and ran more than 500 social media training programs. He helped thousands of executives, marketers, professionals, and sales executives for over ten years.

Whether your group is over 1,500 associates or just one executive, he’ll serve up energized and engaging takeaways along with actionable ideas to help everyone immediately improve their skills.



Advantages of Social Media Bootcamps and Workshops

We help individuals and teams understand the power of social media. An improved skill set helps to improve brand awareness, consideration, and conversions. From basic Linkedin profile tips to sharing company posts, we’ll show your team how to make the post of their social-media skills.

  • Gerry Moran has conducted over 750 training sessions during the last ten years.
  • We design our 45- and 90-minute training sessions to your social-media pain points.
  • Gerry Moran was both an undergraduate and MBA marketing professor for 12 years at a top Philadelphia business school.
  • We provide actionable advice and takeaways — things that can be used today.
  • Everything we recommend can be measured to ensure improvement

While we can create custom sessions, our core workshops include: 

  • Personal branding on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Executive, leadership, and subject matter experts social media and personal branding training
  • Executive voice social media and personal branding training
  • Marketing team social media and personal branding training
  • Employee social media and personal branding training
  • Organization (e.g., non-profit, membership) member social media and personal branding training
  • Small business social media and personal branding training
  • Social selling workshops
  • Content marketing workshops

We conduct 45-minute, 90-minute, and customized sessions. Let us know if this format does not work for you — we’re flexible.

For smaller sessions, we answer questions during the presentation. For larger sessions, we collect questions in the chatbox and answer as many as possible before we close our session.

We can accommodate most groups — from 1-1 executive training to groups exceeding 1,500!

  • 45-minute consultation Zoom meeting
  • 30-minute pre-workshop or boot camp to confirm presentation alignment with your goals
  • Presentation/workshop/Bootcamp
  • PDF leave-behind presentation for participants
  • Follow-up Q&A access
Gerry Moran 

We’ll help your executives, team members, or organization improve their social media skills to drive more business. Ask us about my 1-to-1, workshop, and bootcamp sessions!