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Every day I hear consumers say that the Walmarts and Starbucks are just killing the small business owner! In fact, my significant other’s sister won’t shop at a small Walmart because of what is does, according to her, to the local businesses. I don’t completely agree. I think every small business owner has the tools at his or her fingertips to compete at an acceptable level. They just have to be smart about it or connect with a marketing coach to help with their strategy and execution … much like they would resource an accountant!

Next year 47.3 percent  of big businesses will be spending more on social media and digital marketing in local neighborhoods. Small businesses owners, take heed and figure something out!

There are a number of ways that small businesses can be the David to the big brand Goliath. I just recently posted 7 different ways a small business can use Foursquare to help with their social media strategy to get more people through their front door.

Whether it’s Foursquare or Yelp! or Facebook, small businesses can position themselves ahead of their competitors. It’s just takes a little strategy and execution!

For instance, Foursquare is one place where local businesses can really one-up big brands, for now. Bigger brands are not as nimble as locally owned stores. However that may change, given the spending predictions for next year! What bigger brands do have is marketing departments with smart people! I know, since I have been one of them at at my various positions at Kodak, Purina, HBO, IKEA, SAP and a few others.

The following offers I outlined show you how beatable the bigger brands are:

Newbie Special By Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

The Check-in Special By American Eagle

Loyalty Special By Modell’s

The Discount Special From Starbucks

Newbie Special from Elevation Burger

Each of these types of deals are likely deals that you offer now! And, there are a few Foursquare offers that big brands cannot touch, like the Mayor, Swarm and Friends specials that can help you one-up them! There are other ways to to counter the competition with Yelp!, Twitter and blogging! You have the equalizing tools at your finger tips!

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If you have a question about how to implement your small business social media marketing strategy, please leave a comment on this MarketingThink blog post, reach out to me at @GerryMoran or

As you work through this holiday season and start to plan for 2013, remember that these larger brands will be spending more on social media, digital marketing and resources to help grow their market share. Think about how you are going to compete!

Gerry Moran



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