Learn To Be A Social Media Jedi In 5 Steps

How can you use social media to help support your company?  I just returned from SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW and discussed this question with many marketers from around the world. In fact, one marketer requested help to become a “social media Jedi”.  So, I wanted to put together some first steps to help anyone to become a social media Jedi for their company. Most marketers with whom I spoke at SAPPHIRENOW are comfortable with activating  social media messaging on official company Twitter and Facebook channels. However, when it comes to activating their personal social brand on Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms, it is another story. (This is where we need Yoda’s advice.)

5 Steps Toward Being A Social Media Jedi At Your Company

Whether you work for a 60,000-employee company like SAP or a smaller 100-person organization, it’s key to be part of their social business to help extend and humanize the brand. If every SAP coworker engaged in one weekly social media action there would be an incredible brand-extending impact. For instance, by sharing a Business Innovation Blog post, updating a LinkedIn status with an SAP article, or liking a post on Facebook at least 312 million incremental impressions (assuming every coworker has only 100 followers) would be generated to help amplify and extend the brand;  and that does not consider sharing, liking, commenting  and retweets.

5 Steps To Start Being Social At Your Company

Here are five easy steps to start to use your social media power and network to help your company:

  • Have A Goal. You wouldn’t go on a trip without a destination in mind, so, don’t start being social without an objective! I often hear, “I need to start Tweeting” or “I need to start doing social media for my work”. Statements such as those generate my immediate response of “Why?”. And the answer is usually some unclear explanation. Two simple goals for starting to “do social media” are: 1) Be an amplifier to extend the reach of your or your company’s message 2) Be a curator to deliver a mix of audience-relevant content to help address their needs or interest.
  • Work On Your Social Profile’s Curbside Appeal. Smart Money Magazine indicated that consumers value a landscaped home up to 11.3 percent higher than its base price. The same concept applies to your social brand’s curbside appeal. Spruce up your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to make sure your curbside appeal makes people want to ‘buy’ your brand. 94% of people only look at the first page of search results. LinkedIn ranks higher than all other profiles. However, if it is not complete, then your profile will not rank on the first page of search results. People will check you out after they find and engage with your social media messaging. So, make sure to you spruce up your profile to set the right impression for your credibility.
  • Be A Stalker, Then A Talker. Look before you leap into the conversation. A great place to start looking and listening is to follow a selection of coworkers, clients, prospects, competition, media publications, thought leaders and company social media channels. Pay attention to the type of words, links and content that are shared and then use their messaging as your guide. The rule of thumb for social media content is that 1% create content, 9% modify content, and 90% read content. By being a part of the 10% of creators and curators, you can easily make a Jedi difference by amplifying and curating content to reach the 90% of the readers.
  • First, Master A Few Social Channels. Research conducted by InSites Consulting shows the average person actively interacts with no more than five brands on social media. By becoming a “human extension” of your company, you can increase the reach of your company’s content through your social brand even if someone is not following your company. Do not try to boil the social media ocean. And, do not focus on only one social media channel. It’s a big place. First master LinkedIn, Twitter and Hootsuite and then move on to other channels. Twitter and LinkedIn are two relatively open platforms that will let you listen, engage and reach others who are not following you. Hootsuite is a client application that will help you manage your listening and messaging.
  • Know The Rules Of Engagement. When in Tatooine, do as the Tatooinians do. When on Twitter, do as the (successful) Tweeters do, etc. etc. Understand the rules of engagement for each of your social media channels. Individuals have different engagement expectations of each social media channel. Once you start to use  your own social media channels to get your messages and content distributed make sure to understand the best message tone, cadence, timing and overall styling to make the biggest impact. Sometimes you will need more than one tweet to make a difference, while other times one LinkedIn status update will do the trick of cutting through the clutter.

Here are some other tips that will help you to start being social for your company:

  1. How to spruce up your LinkedIn profile
  2. How to improve your Twitter profile
  3. How to listen to the social conversation
  4. How to Tweet to reach the most amount of people
  5. How to retweet to add your personal POV to someone else’s message

Do you have an interesting or successful way in which you have successfully amplified your company’s message with your personal social network? If so, please share below. Or, contact me directly at MarketingThink.com. You can also Tweet me at @GerryMoran.

It’s time for your to embrace your social media force and start to take the steps to use your powers (and social media network) to help increase your company’s reach, engagement and conversion. And, if you are ever in doubt with what you can do or how to do it, just ask yourself, WWYD (what would Yoda do?) Or, just email me at moran.gerry@gmail.com. May the social media force be with you.


  1. @hichamchraibi

    Follow these five steps to get you started toward using social media to help promote your compa.. http://t.co/IVRbq7fvo5 #socialmedia

  2. Georgia McCabe (@MamaGG)

    Learn To Be A #socialmedia Jedi In 5 Steps – http://t.co/viyglT4ilI

  3. @MuchaMurapa

    Is The Force with your SM marketing? Look no further young padawans 🙂 Great tips @gerrymoran http://t.co/hrF9GUNwcG

  4. Tom Lauck

    Great stuff! With a Goal in Mind Start is my favorite. Too many companies come to us asking if we do Facebook ads, or manage Twitter, or set up LinkedIn. Their instincts may be right, but if the goal isn’t clarified, it doesn’t work. We talk a lot of companies out of social media, because they don’t have the right expectations, don’t have the budget, and are looking for a quick fix. I send them to Hoth!

  5. John Watson

    I agree with your 5 steps. However I would, like Yoda urge the Padawan to complete their training before confronting the dark side or all could be lost. It is easy to jump into social media before you are ready. I don’t mean have a goal. I mean be prepared to use the medium without doing harm to your business.

    In particular many marketers incorrectly assume that small businesses should do more marketing, without realizing the business is not ready to market. Many who start investing time and money into marketing have far more pressing business issues to contend with. For instance before you start to market you should have factored your expected cost of sale into your profit model. Without sufficient margin to cover the cost of marketing, the business maybe building themselves a social media funeral pyre.

    Small businesses often need to get their marketing and economic fundamentals in place before leaping into marketing of any sort. In our practice we find hardly any small business owners know what their max cost of sale is, nor the role social media is to play in their marketing mix, nor do they have a sense of what they are getting into before they start, nor are they prepared to put the time into maintain what they start.

    The real question these small businesses owners need to ask is, “Why haven’t I completed my business and marketing plans yet? If I knew where I was going, I could effectively evaluate opportunities like social media for my business.”

    Where as I agree most small businesses would benefit from becoming social media Jedi, it can be foolhardy to send them out to engage the Sith before they are ready.

    The lesson – “you must complete your training…”

  6. Amine pirhana

    thanks !
    Great post 🙂

  7. Gerry Moran (Post author)

    You are welcome! Thank you!

  8. Gerry Moran (Post author)

    Nice comment, Obi Wan! So sorry for the delay!


  9. Anthony Dameika

    Great post, Gerry.

    I also agree with John. Too many people want to jump into the social media arena without knowing what they want to achieve and how to measure if their efforts are successful or not.

  10. Gerry Moran (Post author)

    Thanks, Anthony! Yes, setting goals and understanding how to measure your actions are key. Every social media platform has a role, responsibility and comparitive strength to help you achieve your goal.

    It’s really easy, especially when you use the reach, engage and convert measurement buckets.


  11. Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

    It’s definitely a great share Gerry, thanks. As what I think social media is mostly about situations. Any tweet, post or message shared on any social media platform cannot be counted under the head of “good” or Bad”. The fact is, it’s the engagement level that makes it stand out. and Engagement comes from understanding the psyche of the user / client and recipient. Thanks for spilling the beans… 🙂


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