How To Build The Perfect Google+ Profile Blueprint

Are you one of the 70% of brands with a Google+ profile or presence? How many of you want to use Google+ but don’t know how to get started; even if it’s only creating your Google+  profile? Setting out to use a complex and robust social media platform like Google+ is daunting. My Polish grandmother used to say, “You can’t start to use what you haven’t built, and you can’t build anything without a blueprint.” I wanted to give you the blueprint to help you build your Google+ profile.

Google reports that 235 million users are using Google+ to +1 content, video chat with friends, and share content among friends. While only 135 million people are using the platform monthly, the newest update (and this blueprint to build the perfect Google Plus profile) might activate a larger and more engaged audience! Building and using an optimized Google Plus profile will help to make you more accessible to others. Your contacts will find it easy to discover your content and updates with a well-built Google Plus profile page.

Blueprint To Build The Perfect Google+ Profile Page

Perfect Google+ Blueprint

If you do not yet have a Google Plus profile, then sit down today and get one started! And, if you do have one, check and change your settings and profile wording against this blueprint. You’ve heard it before, an optimized Google+ account is key to helping you be a more successful business, content marketer and blogger. Google+ “membership” will maximize your visibility in search, authenticate content authorship, and connect you with new and different social tribe members on their terms!

I would love to see your new or improved profile after you use this blueprint. Please add me to one of your Google+ circles and I will add you to my MarketingThink circle. Find and follow me on Google+ at

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Do you have other tips to make a terrific Google Plus profile? If so, please comment below. Or, please contact me directly on or tweet me @GerryMoran.

Kick-start this next generation of content and social media marketing and get your Google Plus profile firing on all cylinders. Remember what my Polish grandmother said … or, was she talking about being frugal instead of doing something with Google? Must be that Polish accent! Good luck with your changes and I look forward to seeing your new profile!

PS. If you found this How To Build The Perfect Google+ Profile Infographic blog post informative, please pass it on to your social tribe!


  1. @chuckfrey

    How To Build The Perfect Google Plus Profile Blueprint (infographic): – awesome diagram from @gerrymoran

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  3. @rryan29

    “@GerryMoran: Instructions To Create Your #Google+ Profile –> pass on to your friends and coworkers!” Thats handy.

  4. @cautioustrain

    Dealing w/ #GooglePlus confusion RT @cogentcoach: #Infographic How To Build The Perfect Google Plus Profile Blueprint

  5. gettubelaunch

    Outstanding information for anyone who have a google + account. I believe that google plus will be here for a long time and better optimized the profile is better result you get

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  8. Ricahrd Morris

    Thank you, Gerry, for the great content and infographic. I would be interested in what tools you use to make infographics. I love sketching ideas but haven’t settled on a really great tool yet. I use Mac.

  9. Sean Olson

    Gerry, great job. This is exactly what I was looking for — a quick guide to setting up my Google+ profile. Very nice graphic too. Cheers!

  10. Gerry Moran (Post author)

    Thanks, Sean! I am glad you found the post helpful! I have few more blueprints coming!


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  16. Irene Reardon

    There are really useful information for me. Google has 235 million users, so any one can easily promote their business through their Google profile. This is an excellent way where anyone can create a business page using Google local listing.

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