How To Write The Perfect Tweet

by Gerry Moran

With only 140 characters in play, it seems pretty simple to write the perfect tweet! How hard can it really be when all you need is a few words to get your point across to your followers? Unfortunately, that is what many marketers and their management think how it works. Are you one of the 80% B2B companies using Twitter, but not quite sure if you are putting out tweets that are driving business?  (source: Brafton)

Perfection is not so easy to accomplish where there is so little room to work with. With limited real estate, your less than perfect tweet mistakes are magnified by your lack of skills and mistakes. Consequences can range from hurting your personal brand to leaving opportunity on the table by under-reaching or under-engaging with your current and potential audience!

To write the perfect tweet you need to connect your business goal you wish with your social content delivery. For instance, you may want to increase your thought leadership or drive awareness of your business.

3 Goals For Your Perfect Tweet

You likely will land on three social media goals for your tweets

  • Amplify. You need to amplify your story with tweets.
  • Engage. You need people to read, comment or pass the message on to others.
  • Convert. You need readers to complete some conversion-related activity, such as a click to visit a registration page or key destination page.

Does Your Perfect Tweet Pass The Twitter Filter?

When you finally sit down to write your perfect tweet you need to make sure it passes through three key filters. Ask yourself this question before you hit that send button!

  • Is it interesting and readable?
  • Is it interesting enough to click?
  • Is it compelling and build to be retweeted?

How To Write The Perfect Tweet Blueprint

Pew reports that adult usage of Twitter had doubled from 2011 to 2012, so “getting it write” is key to you maximizing Twitter’s potential.

How To Write The Perfect Tweet

Please pin this blueprint somewhere close to your physical or virtual desktop to help write the perfect tweet! Follow the instructions and you will reach more people and get more people to engage with your content!

Do you have a tip that you can share to create a better tweet? If so, please comment below or contact me directly at! You can also follow me on Twitter @GerryMoran!

Social Media Marketing Blueprints

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If you use these ideas to create the perfect tweet others will have a better chance to see your messages so you can start to become of the pre-sales conversation earlier, or they can pass your tweets on to help you build your thought leadership and following!

Gerry Moran

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Gerry Moran is a global social media and content marketer. He is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, educator and mentor with close to 30 years experience with iconic brands like Purina HBO, IKEA, and SAP. He's also worked for award-winning digital advertising agencies like imc2, Whitman-Hart and Digitas. Gerry also founded a boutique marketing agency and has been an adjunct professor for over 10 years for St. Joseph's University. Gerry Moran


  1. Hi Adam,

    Nice play on words! Great input, thanks! I wanted to be explicit with the ways in which you can build the tweet for maximum exposure! Not tweeting boring sh_t is a given! I’ll not something like that with the next revision!



  2. Amplify. Engage. Convert. Just gave this a shot. We shall see how it goes and if I can get better at it. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

  3. Good luck, Sylvia! We have seen this approach work with our SAP demand generation campaigns! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


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