How To Retweet To Extend Your Company’s Messaging

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 7.44.26 AMYou are a key player on your company’s team and knowing how to retweet is an important skill to have to be successful. It’s like my basketball coach would always tell us before each game “There is no ‘u’ in ‘team’ and, to win we all need to contribute our personal skills. Flash ahead 40 years, and that advice applies to your individual role with your company’s social business strategy.

You are a powerful brand advocate and team member for your company. You are the only one that can give access to an audience that cannot be easily reached by your company. And, the easiest way for you to tap into your extended network is to retweet your company’s tweets. The power of the retweet is an easy way to activate your social business powers! But, do you know how to tweet and how to retweet? If not, then read on!

It is important to take ownership of how to tweet so you can use your social business powers to increase the effectiveness of your company’s messaging. By building up and reaching out to your social network, you can help extend your company’s or brand’s message over 10-fold! Maybe even more! In fact,

  • Dell reports that only 8% of a brand’s social media followers overlap with an individual coworker’s followers, which means your contacts are true assets to your company.
  • Gartner reports that 70% of  people trust a person’s recommendation about a brand (e.g., at retweet) vs. 15% who trust a message directly from a brand. Your friends and network see you as an expert, and you need to leverage that positioning!

10 Steps To Learn How To Retweet

Do you have any other retweet tips? If so, please share them below. Or, contact me directly at or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

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You are a key team member of your company’s social business team, and you can help increase your impact on its messaging strategy. Retweeting is just one way to help.


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