How To Prospect With Twitter … A Social Selling Strategy

Have you advanced your social selling strategy to prospect and cold call without picking up the phone? Well, not too many successful social selling sales executive are that successful. However, more and more  of these social seller are headed in that direction! And with 50% of technology companies have acquired a customer through Twitter, reports Hubspot, it looks like it’s working!

With fewer decisions makers answering the phone and emails in response to cold calls, what is an enterprise software, automobile or consultant sales person to do? Use social selling strategy that leverages Twitter, of course!

Key Social Selling Research

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.07.58 PMInsideView states that 90% of IT decision makers are not responding to these typical old-school sales techniques. IBM reports that 75% of decision makers are using social media to help make their purchase decision. So, why not use social media to be a part of that discussion as early as possible. Instead of overtly cold calling, build a relationship on relevant conversation on customers’ or prospects’ terms? Twitter can help you:

  • Expand your customer reach
  • Engage earlier in the sales conversation
  • Become a relevant part of the early buying journey
  • And help you reach quota

Here are eight easy steps to use Twitter to reduce your ‘old school’ cold calling activity and activate a new one. It’s a brave new buyer journey, and you need to learn how to fish and to fish where the fish are!

8 Steps To Increase Your Social Selling Success By Prospecting With Twitter

1. Prospect List. Write down your prospect list

2. Prospect Indentifiers. Write down your prospect descriptors (title, specialty)

3. Find Prospects. Use, or Google to find their Twitter accounts

4. List Your Prospects. Create a private list on Twitter

5. Use Hootsuite To Organize The Conversation. Add your private list on Hootsuite to follow the conversation

6. Engage With Your Prospects. Begin to RT, Reply/Mention and Favorite list members’ Tweets

7. Continue To Engage Some More. 

8. Direct Message Them. After a while, send a DM with more ‘private’ talk, or, sit back and wait for a DM from them and let them close you for an appointment.

Do you have a successful approach to using Twitter to help you cold call? If so, please leave a comment below! Or contact me directly on at or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

If you are looking to hone your Twitter skills you will want to:

Learn how to create a compelling Twitter profile

Understand how to create the perfect Tweet

Use retweeting to you advantage!

So, put down that telephone and stop emailing your customers and prospects when making that first touch! Use these social selling ideas to help you establish a relationship before you make that first call!


  1. Emeric Ernoult

    Hi Gerry, great article! I thought you would be interested by that twitter tool I recently stumbled upon:

    The baseline is “the customer search engine for social media”!

    It is still in early stage but the idea is promising and right in the scope of your article!

  2. Marshall Ponzi

    Excellent article, Gerry. Managing “conversation” is one of the hardest things to master on Twitter. Most tweets just end up as random, disjointed messages. This is a great strategy for taking control and making Twitter conversations more meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Peter G. Goral

    Nice simple approach Gerry, well done. Looking forward to more of the same.

  4. Gerry Moran (Post author)

    Thanks, Peter!

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