Head In The Sand With Your Personal Brand?

Do headhunters find your background and value appealing? Or, is your head in the sand with your personal brand?

If you grew up when televisions were black and white, you probably saw many Tarzan episodes where he was saving a jungle visitor from lions, tigers and … headhunters.

Head in the sand with your personal brand?

Flash ahead to today and many job seekers want to run to headhunters, or recruiters, instead of running from them. However, not all recruiters find your ‘head‘ appetizing, or even know that it‘s there! They are not hungry for your background for a number controllable (by you) reasons.

Many potential candidates unconsciously stick their head and career highlights in the sand  – making their personal brand unfindable by those looking for their type. Understanding how recruiters hunt, will help you bolster your personal reputation to be foundconsidered and converted by a contingency or corporate recruiter!

8 Ways Social Recruiters Use Social Media To Find Your Personal Brand

  1. Recruiters Use Social. 93 percent of recruiters currently use or plan to use social networks to support their recruiting efforts.
  2. Social Recruiting Spend Is Increasing. 73 percent of companies planned to increase their investment in social recruiting in 2014.
  3. Companies Hire Directly From Social Media. 73 percent of companies have successfully hired candidates via social media, with 79 percent of those hires coming via LinkedIn, 26 percent via Facebook and 14 percent via Twitter.
  4. Recruiters Use LinkedIn. Job Seekers Use Facebook. Facebook is the social network of choice for job seekers, at 86 percent, but LinkedIn attracts 94 percent of recruiters, compared with 66 percent for Facebook.
  5. Just About All Recruiters And Hiring Companies Review A Candidate’s Social Profile and Personal Brand. 93 percent of recruiters review candidatessocial media profiles before making hiring decisions.
  6. Over Half Of Companies Reconsidered Hiring Decisions Based On Social Media Profiles. 55 percent of companies have reconsidered hiring candidates based on their social media profiles, with 61 percent of those reconsiderations not resulting in a job offer.
  7. Bad Grammar On Social Media Means Bad First Impressions. Recruiters frown upon poor spelling and grammar (66 percent), profanity (63 percent) and indications of drug use (83 percent.)
  8. Social Media Enables A Candidate’s Personal Brand To Stand Our From The Crowd. 44 percent of recruiters who have implemented social recruiting have seen improvements in the quality of candidates, while 44 percent have seen a higher quantity of clients and 34 percent have experienced quicker times to hire,

Source: JobVite

Do you have a social experience with a headhunter to share to help others? If so, please share in the comment space below. Or, contact me directly at MarketingThink.com or on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

With the ‘write’ personal branding recipe, you can get the attention of the social recruiting headhunters and hiring companies. Your profile highlights, good grammar and interesting content will serve you up as a tasty and hirable dish.

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