Your Customers Run On Good Content Marketing

Have you ever pondered the strong connection between donuts and content marketing? It’s a delicious thought! I just returned from a Sunday morning trip to the new Dunkin’ Donuts store in my neighborhood and was hit over the head with a content marketing lesson like a stale bakers dozen of glazed donut falling off the top shelf of a bakery!


For months, I had been meaning to stop into this new Dunkin’ Donuts store; however I could never figure out to get into the parking lot. Lacking clear direction to reach the fresh and delicious donuts, I was not able to consume the content I was craving and was willing to pay for! Finally breaking down from my ‘jonesing’ for a donut, I embarked on a journey this morning to find the content I desired and address my appetite! I ended up getting my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts product, a Boston cream donut, but had to work too hard to get to it!

The business lesson here is that it is critical for you to connect your great content with your consumer. And, you can only do that by delivering it in a way that makes sense to your customer. If you spend time creating blog posts, white papers, infographics and videos that help frame your company’s value proposition, then you need to make sure the content marketing delivery system meets that need.

In other words, you need to make it easy for your audience to find, get to and consume your content.

3 Key Considerations To Help You Make Your Content Marketing Successful

  • Good Content Marketing Includes A Strategy To Make Content Easy To Find. With 89% of consumers starting their buying journey using Google search (source: Fleishman-Hillard study), it is critical to make sure your content is easy to find to deliver the impact that you and your customer desire. I find that there are many great blog posts that thought leaders and companies write that are not formatted correctly; titles, tagging, keyword density all matter! These mistakes are very easy to fix!
  • FredDunkinsEffective Content Marketing Makes It Easy To Access. Like my trip to the difficult-to-get-to Dunkin’ Donuts store, if you make it difficult to access your content, then it won’t get consumed at the rate that you need to help you reach your business goals. With 81% using blogs, 74% using LinkedIn and 42% using Twitter (source: Forrester) B2B decision makers are leveraging social media channels to consume content. So, it behooves marketers to provide their “donuts” on those “shelves” to reach their audience.
  • Delivering Content On The Consumer’s Terms Is The Secret Filling To Successful Content Marketing. Like Dunkin’ Donuts content, businesses need to deliver fresh and relevant content like a Pumpkin Creme donut in the Fall, and in a way that the customer desires, like drive-in ordering, walk-in, order by phone! Your business’ content needs to be served up in the form that the customer requires, like an infographic or a quick video. It also needs to be served up on the platform that they value, use and expect to find content, like Twitter or SlideShare. With 75% of B2B decision makers using social media as part of their buying decision process, this fact makes it key to a business’ success!

Do you have another delicious piece of advice to squeeze into this box of ideas? If so, please share below! Or contact me at or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

If you are looking for ways to help box up your easily consumable content, take a look at these posts to help you to:

  1. Develop a YouTube post that will be viewed more
  2. Create a blog post that will be found more easily
  3. Write a tweet that will be read more

Box up and deliver your content like this and you will certainly be baking up some additional sales. Like Dunkin Donuts’ America Runs On Dunkin’ slogan, your customers run on your great content marketing, so it’s not time to make the donuts, but it is time to make your content marketing work harder for you.


  1. Ted Birkhahn

    We often find ourselves telling brands they must think and act like a publisher. A publisher’s primary goal is to curate, develop and disseminate content that readers can use, interact with and share. Brands should be thinking the same way if they want to have a fighting chance of implementing a successful content marketing strategy.

    Unfortunately, many brands are still mired in “marketing speak” and developing content that is inward facing and too self-serving. They are struggling with the concept of getting great content into their customers’ hands that adds value beyond the core products or services that they offer.

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  3. Alex Flagg


    I just came across your blog and find it very insightful. You make some great points about not letting content go stale. It takes a lot of work and dedication. If you’re doing in it professionally, it’s tireless effort. Great points.

    I just posted a few best practices about Content Marketing on my personal blog at Let me know what you think as well.


  4. Gerry Moran (Post author)

    Thanks for your kind words, Alex! I’m glad you like my take on social media and social selling strategy! I will check out your blog.

    – gerry.

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