Think Before You Post That Next Social Media Message!

Content marketing strategy has always been a key topic of discussion with my years of marketing coaching and consulting whether it has been as an adjunct marketing professor for over the past 12 years at St. Joseph’s University or leading SAP’s North America’s social media Center of Excellence and strategy for the past two years. No matter the marketing goal or how well-built the “rails” of the system are, it is content that is king and is the fuel that will make the “train” run and a strategy succeed. I have found that this social media filter is a useful before-you-press-that-send-button tool to make sure that you are delivering the best messages possible for your readers, customers and prospects!

9 Ways To Make Your Content Marketing Better

  • Sharable. Is your content interesting enough that users pass it on and post about it? Also, is it in the right form and packaging to make it sharable? For instance, are you tweeting with 100 characters or 140 characters? That decision alone makes a big difference!
  • Native Behavior. Does your message address and complement behavior typically done by your readers. Make sure to write about what your audience is actually doing or asking them to do something in way that is in their realm, since most people will not stay engaged with advice or news that does not add value in a way that they feel they can or want to “pull off”.
  • Promotion. If you are promoting an event, asset or sale, are you doing it tactfully and including some value to the readers? In our SAP content marketing model, that you can see @SAPNorthAmerica, we make sure that each promotional campaign has a healthy of mix pull-marketing messaging that readers are searching on and find value with.
  • Linkage. If you are sending a link, does its destination match the value proposition or message that Does my link connect with my post? We have have experienced this bait-and-switch experience where the tweet is very interesting and relevant to us, but the landing page is like a fourth-removed cousin!
  • Genuine Utility. There is a reason why Batman has a utility belt! It adds value! Does your post add value for the reader? Make sure your messaging provides a general use to your audience.
  • Simplicity. Readers like simple ideas, like, how to I use a content marketing checklist to make my social messaging better. So, does you post promote a simple idea?
  • Customer-centric Keywords. Are you using the right key words and hashtags to maximize exposure? Key words are critical to a successful content marketing strategy. Your readers are following hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and searching on keywords on Google to find blogs! Make sure you use key words to reach an audience beyond your followers. THIS is how you build your community!
  • Repeat Business. Is your content interesting enough for them to return for more content? Have you sold them enough on the value of your blog that they will give you their email address for your blog updates? Will my reader like my post so much that they will read my next one?
  • Best Asset Use. Are you leveraging video, photos and other mechanisms like polls and quizzes that drive engagement? If not, you need to be using them to keep your target audience engaged!

What tips to you have to add to this content marketing checklist? I’d love to know! Please share them below on this post, contact me directly on or tweet me @GerryMoran.

Here are some other ideas to help you make your posts and content marketing strategy work harder for you:

  1. Get your video asset found on YouTube to help you get your message found

  2. Add the best tools to your social media utility belt so your messaging can be the best that it can be
  3. Find the best keywords and hashtags to help your message reach the widest audience

Sometimes it’s not always best to use a filter, but this think-before-you-act filter exercise will increase the odds that your content is valued by your readers. Good luck developing and deploying some killer content to support your content marketing strategy!