Social selling posts from nationally recognized sales training and enablement expert, Gerry Moran.

5 B2B Social Selling Mistakes To Avoid

Learning to dance was the best thing I ever did in high school! By learning to dance I eased my way into many a first date! Who wants to say yes to a dorky sophomore in high school if there is nothing in common … not even knowing if he knows how to do that Saturday Night Fever Dance (ugh oh … dating myself alert!). “Dancing” with you prospect with social media is required before you start to “date” them! First, Gartner estimates that 50% of companies on social media…
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3 Steps To Fix Your Social Media Profile BEFORE The Trade Show

I can remember when My mom sent me off to my first day of school. she put me through this checklist that included getting me all spit-shined, presentable and various index cards tucked away in my pockets, lunchbox and school folders. She wanted me to make a good first impression and have a way for others to get in touch with her in case I got lost! Well, here I am headed to a software industry event, SAP TechEd Las Vegas and going through a self-checklist that would make my…
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