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Social selling posts from nationally recognized sales training and enablement expert, Gerry Moran.

10 Ways To Teach Your Customers To Buy From You

When it comes successful social selling and meeting your sales quota, being more like a car mechanic, instead of a car salesman, might be the key to your success. Huh? How are you going to meet your quota if you don’t act like the tenacious and famous car salesman, Cal Worthington? I have purchased over 10 cars in my lifetime and cannot remember any of the names, faces or other details of the people who sold them to me. However, I remember every car mechanic I’ve ever worked with. I…
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4 Social Selling Strategies For Your Sales Playbook

While social selling has clearly taken strong hold in the B2C world, its prevalence in B2B interactions is less well established. Sure, plenty of companies have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social sites, but that’s a far cry from getting sales teams to use social media as a central component of their sales strategy. The question is, what best practices really work to turn social into a powerful sales tool for your business? Even more important, is the payoff worth the effort? The Rewards of Social Selling…
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Social Selling Luddite, Laggard or Lover?

Are you a social-selling laggard, luddite or lover? If you are a laggard or luddite, then it’s time to put your beeper in the drawer, because your customers aren’t using theirs any more. If you are still cold calling with phoning, emailing or using good old-fashioned shoe leather, then your selling strategy may not prove to be successful for much longer. Avoiding adding social media to your prospecting, call preparation, customer contact or relationship building, then you are probably a social selling luddite or laggard. So, what’s a social selling…
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What’s In Your Social Selling Secret Sauce?

Social selling secret sauce

What’s in your social selling secret sauce? Do you have the social ingredients for successful cold calling on your B2B, B2C or small business prospects? McDonald’s Big Mac has its secret sauce. Jack In The Box has its secret sauce. Even my great-grandmother Michaelena had her secret sauce that she used to make her Polish golumpkis. But, as my great-grandmother Michaelena always said, “You know when your secret sauce is working when your customers come back for more!” And, we always went back for more of her golumpkis. So, what’s…
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Look 5 Times Before You Contact Your Customer.

Look 5 times before you cross the social selling street.

I can hear my mom giving me my first social selling lesson over 40 years ago, “Gerard Michael Moran, look five times before you cross that street!” Why did my mom want me to go through what seemed to be and extreme exercise to do a simple task? Well, she wanted to set me up for success to make it to the other side of the road. “Having more information before you act will keep you alive and make you successful” was what she always said. What great selling advice…
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10 Killer Social Media & Social Selling Infographics

Social media and social selling infographics can cut a long story short in a very visual and illustrative way. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here are’s 10 most popular 2013 infographics that are worth at least 10,000 words! 10 Best Social Media & Social Selling Infographics How To Build The Perfect Tweet This infographic has been translated in German, Danish, Swedish, Spanish by passionate MarketingThink readers. Use this no-nonsense approach to creating a tweet to connect with the people and businesses you want to…
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Social Selling for Sales Leaders: How Social Selling Works

This post originally was posted on HootSuite’s blog by Brian Bailard and was partially based on using their social selling interaction with me, Gerry Moran.   In part 1, I defined social selling as the use of social media by salespeople to generate revenue. In this post, we’ll walk through how one of your salespeople would do social selling. We’ll start with an overview of the biggest social networks, then explore a social selling example to see how it works in practice. To learn how social selling can boost revenue across your…
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LinkedIn Power Require Great Social Selling Responsibility

LinkedIn is the key social selling tool in every seller’s toolkit. Because you can use LinkedIn to reach anyone in the world directly, does not mean you should. LinkedIn gives us the social selling super power to reach out to almost anyone on earth that is on the Web. And when it comes to connecting on LinkedIn, it’s like Spiderman’s uncle said to his nephew, Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility.” We all should be using LinkedIn with some more responsibility before we make that first sales or…
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How To Measure Personal Branding Success On LinkedIn

The power of your personal social brand impacts the effectiveness of your overall marketing, selling and social selling strategy and activity. The more visible and more acknowledged as an expert you are, then your chances that you will be successful will increase. An important start to establishing your presence and expertise is to use LinkedIn as your branding hub. Being found and extending your content and messaging is key! Your Personal Branding Strategy Establishing your credibility and awareness is important for you to become an earlier part of the new…
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5 Ways To Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Active And Relevant

Keeping your LinkedIn profile active is a lot like keeping a baseball glove worn-in and ready to use. When I was growing up playing baseball, my dad always told me to oil up my glove and use it regularly. Otherwise, it would get stiff and make it hard to catch fly balls and grounders. Catching these fly balls and grounders would be critical in a game to maintain the favor and friendship of my teammates! Little did I know my dad was teaching me a LinkedIn lesson in the 1970’s!…
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