5 Insights Into Marketing To Millennials

Reaching out to Millennials is not about talking to a bunch of upcoming kids. However, it is about considering them to be a separate segment, which you are targeting. Think of them as the “country” of Millennial. Here are four insights that may make your visit and engagement with this “country” more effect 1. Social Networking. With 75% of Millennials on a social-networking site, it behooves brands to start to invest and engage in social media, whether it’s B2B or B2C.  Building and investing now will help to set the…
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6 Tips to Increase Sales for Your Small Business

Looking for ways to get more customers through your front door?  Here are six ways to impact your business sales … TODAY! 1. Ask for your customers’ contact info. If you let your customers know why you want to keep in touch with them (e.g., coupons, value-added information, sale dates, etc.) they will be happy to give you their contact information. However, remember, with power comes great responsibility. So let them know! 2. Ask your customers what they want you to offer. All you have to do is ask and…
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How Many Calls Have You Received From SEO Experts?

I recently had a discussion with a group of small business owners and local attorneys who shared with me that they continually receive calls from consultants and search companies that can guarantee results! Some of the owners “got it” that there was “something up” with this guarantee. Others have concluded that search is somewhat commoditized and there is not differentiation. Small business owners need to beware! Not all self-proclaimed SEO experts are created equal. Why do you need to beware? Search marketing is a true hero in today’s recessionary and…
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Apple & Lady Gaga … Birds of a Feather

Comparing a business icon to a entertainer that is named Gaga might seem silly. However, their methodology to deepen their branding is similar. Their  approach includes: 1. Simple messaging 2. Cultivating “fanship” 3. Resonating with great (or at least recognizable) packaging And … their brand promise?  Well, maybe, that is another posting. Follow @GerryMoran