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5 Ways To Get Your Thought Leaders To Blog For You

Thought-LeadershipYour company’s content marketing producers and go-to-market thought leadership resources are likely just a flick of the switch away. You just have to know where to look and how to ‘turn them on”!

I had coached my daughters’ softball and basketball teams for over 15 years while they were growing up. There was a selection of skilled and not-so-skilled girls on each of my 40+ teams, yet we always were in contention for a championship! The key to success was finding a contributing-role for each team member and coaching to that role. Everyone cannot be responsible for pitching, nor can everyone be responsible for being the point guard. All players had to understand how the game worked. However, they needed to understand their role to give to the success!

The same goes for using thought leaders to create social media-distributed content in your company. Thought leaders, or Industry Principles as we call some at SAP, in your organization need to know how social media, content marketing and content distribution work, but they need to focus on their key role of content creation!

This focus is important and key to your content marketing strategy since it allows you to leverage many roles so they will do the most good!


Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 11.00.35 AM

Make it easy for your thought leaders to be found and make sure their social brand truly positions them as a thought leader!


5 Ways To Use Social Media To Leverage Your In-house Thought Leaders

  • Enterprise Social Media Channels. Use your company’s existing social channels to promote your thought leadership, like a collection of well-orchestrated tweets with a link to a blog post.
  • The Social Business Approach To Distribution. Inform all related coworkers of the thought leadership content to leverage their personals channels (i.e., their Twitter handles, own blogs, etc.). This extra “bump” in awareness will help to increase awareness of your organization’s solutions. Remember … it takes a village!
  • Guest Blogging and Syndication. Ensure your social media marketing team works to distribute this interesting thought leadership on guest-blog sites. For instance, I guest blog and syndicate my content on SAP’s SCN (SAP Community Network) SAP’s Business Innovation site and on Business2Community. These and other sites are great ways thought leaders to extend their message!
  • Influencer Outreach. Thought leaders love to spread the “thought leader-love” with each other! Part of your social media marketers’s responsibility should be a rigorous influencer identification and engagement plan. With this in place (and if you do not have one, reach out to me on how to do this) you can further amplify the key messages you need to distribute … reaching those that you would have never reached!
  • Thought Leader Activation. With a professional and engaging social brand in hand, along with some great content, thought leaders need to activate their own content distribution on their own social channels. A great place for your thought leaders to start is their own blog, LinkedIn and Twitter! A great example of this self-directed activation is an SAP evangelist, Timo Elliott!

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 12.06.05 PM

Some thought leaders, like Timo Elliott, are very effective and efficient in creating, expanding or insinuating themselves into the big discussion. Others will need some help. My advice to connect with your potential contributors with a briefing process that ties in your quarterly marketing priorities. Remember, you are not using your thought leaders to sell. You are leveraging them to have those smart, tough and interesting conversations.

If you have a great thought leadership story to share, please comment on this blog, contact me privately via or message me on Twitter @GerryMoran.

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So, put on your coaching hat and start to work with your organization’s thought leaders and industry principles to provide the right guidance and direction to make it easy to what they do best … create thought leadership! And, if they are social media ninjas on top of that … you will be even more successful. But, it’s first things first!

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How To Do B2B Content Marketing, Daily Show-Style

The Daily Show can teach us a lot about how to do B2B content marketing.Jon-Stewart-shouts-over-The-Daily-Show-logo
Now who doesn’t like The Daily Show?!?! There is no better alternative to the 11PM network news than Jon Stewart! I have seen a lot of content in my years. All kinds including direct mail, television, radio, email and social media have passed across my desk over the years and I can see how The Daily Show are great examples of content marketing recommendation:
  • Develop the Best B2B Content Possible! At one point in Jon Stewart’s Daily Show development, he addressed his killer content need by hiring writers from the Onion to hit his audience’s sweet spot. Are you doing the same for your content development;  are you training your in-house resources with the “right stuff” or are you hiring the external talent? Don’t think you can do it yourself and skimp on a resource. Like my grandfather always said, you don’t want to build a house with 2 x 2s when you need 2 x 8s! If you do, then your castle will come crashing down! The same goes for using the wrong in-house resource to do a task. So, don’t cringe at any of those alternatives.  Content is king and if you don’t put out the best content you will surely be uncrowned and lose your kingdom of followers – which is not a good thing in the sales world.
  • Laser Focus B2B Content Marketing And Editorial Strategy. The Daily Show primarily focuses on news satire from yesterday’s stories. Stewart has a fluid, yet formulaic, approach in developing and proving content. In a brand like SAP, where I lead the social media strategy for North America, part of the social media strategy is to provide content to promote events and white papers to an expanded customer audience. Likewise, each industry, line of business, service and solution has a similar focus – for their efforts and their content! Be focused with your content strategy and you will hit your target and be very successful, since you are delivering against customer expectations.
  • Find Your Outside Inspiration For Your B2B Marketing. This one is easy! Jon Stewart has Steven Colbert! I personally have just started to work much more closely with my SAP coworkers at SCN and the Business Innovation blog to develop my personal brand. This team is working to ensure we get inspired by the blog-based conversations around our demand generation events. This is a great recommendation and lesson. Also, what are the influencers saying? What do they think? How do we word our content to get maximum value for a community like SCN community and our own demand generation priorities? If you need an angle for an event, article or idea reach out to a world-class community like SCN or a B2B influencer like an SAP Mentor or someone that follows you on your blog!
  • Become a Trusted Resource With Your Content Marketing. The Daily Show has become THE news source for many a Millennial. Stewart has become their trusted resource. Your B2B content needs to keep emerging and enterprise prospects engaged and in a ready-to-act state – ready to attend a big event or even ready to convert to a customer.  We all need to do become a trusted resource to the group with whom we have earned the right to call prospects. This trusted content approach is especially important, since not every customer follows down the same conversion funnel. Create content that establishes you as a trusted resource and it is likely that conversion will be easier and faster!
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I would love to know how you do your content marketing for your business, so please comment below or reach out directly to me at MarketingThink or via Twitter @GerryMoran.
So, let’s forget about Jon Stewart for a second and put on our Bill Mahr hat – new rule … let’s put out the best content possible in 2013 and beyond!
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How To Pick Keywords For Content Marketing Strategy

Even Perry Mason was challenged on how to optimize his blog to get people to easily find him.

I found myself at a neighborhood Harvest Party last night in Drexel Hill, PA that was well-attended by many people that I had not previously met. It was a great venue held in a cool little court area in backyard. However, with the right combination of cider, bonfires and live music, we all became friends very quickly. As I have experienced over the years when meeting new people, a great icebreaker is “what do you do for work?” I asked that question first this time, like many other times, and found myself surrounded by attorneys, most of whom were in one- to five person firms. Like most small business owners, this group of attorneys appeared that they were better at their craft than they were at marketing. Thank goodness, since I am a better marketer than an attorney!

This challenge of skills became even more apparent as the conversation spun on. I found that each attorney had some degree of a digital and social marketing presence, but it seemed disjointed causing underperformance by all.  Some had a blog, while others had a web site and a few others had both marketing properties. When the question was posed to me and I answered that I worked with SAP help drive our awareness to help businesses run better, they were intrigued. They wanted to know how to use social media to help THEM run their practices better. I had their collective ear!

What Good Are Keywords And Blogging To Marketing A Law Practice?
Now, I was holding court! (I have been waiting to use that line for such a long time!). Someone asked, “what good are keywords and blogging to marketing a law practice?” I noted that the common denominator across all business was that content is king. 60% of customers and clients are searching for content to help them make a decision on what business to choose … before they make the first phone call to that business.  That searching applies to whether you are a law firm or a software sales company! This statement intrigued each attorney. I think they realized that if they could get their content in front of their potential clients at an earlier place in time, then they could have more prospects. But, how? Now, the discovery begins!

The social media conversation moved from dismissing the use of tweets to promote a law firm to how to create great content to be found by clients searching for a solution to a legal problem!  I was not prepared to go too much deeper into the conversation, given the time that was needed. And hey, time is money, right? And I figured that this was my “free consultation”. However, I told them I was happy to demonstrate a few easy ways to make sure their web and blog content for their your can work  harder for them! The idea was to show them how to use a tool to get an understanding what potential clients where searching for on Google, so they can use the same terms to be found easier!

5 Steps To Finding Your Best Keywords
Here are the 5 simple steps that I advised to help create content that will be found easier. You too can use this advice, substituting your relevant words:

Step 1. Open Up A Google AdWords Account. Google AdWords lets you get under the hood to find the best words to get you found! It’s easy to set up a free Google AdWords account. If you have a Gmail account now, you are even closer to doing it!

Step 2. Find the Keyword Tool Under Tools and Analytics. After you open your account go to the Tools and Analytics tab to the drop down for Keyword Tool. This choice will put the engine at your fingertips!

Step 3. Enter your relevant terms. For instance if you are an attorney, like my new set of friends, enter works like “family law” and “Philadelphia Attorneys” and then click “Search” to generate words in the “Keyword Ideas” tab. These are the start of a collection of words that you should consider strategically placing in your web content, blogs and social media to be found … since there are the words that your prospects are searching.

Step 4. Investigate more relevant terms around your niche. You can go deeper into you research my using Google’s Ad group ideas tab, which will group key words around more refined niche areas.

Step 5. Download your words to begin to think about how to integrate them into your marketing. Create a ranked (by local monthly search counts), ensuring you have a mix of popular and less popular words.

Now that you have found how to find the keywords to incorporate into your content and messaging, think of some key ways to do it:

  • Incorporate into blog posts with SEO-driven headlines and copy woven into the body. For instance, 3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Family Law Divorce Attorney In Pennsylvania
  • Website design by working a designer to optimize your site for search. For example use “Family Law Services” as a page title instead of “Services”

I am glad that I attended that Harvest party! As I got back to my party after the marketing lesson I was out of my favorite beverage and wanted to refresh, that is, order (my beer) in the court!


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How To Blog In 5 Easy Steps

Do you know how to blog? What if they had instructions like IKEA provides to help you get started?

I am fresh off of a trip from IKEA where we purchased a selection of put-it-together-yourself furniture! Many of my friends and other shoppers avoid IKEA for the simple reason of not knowing how to put their product line together! Full disclosure, I ran IKEA’s direct, loyalty, catalog and email marketing for the US for a few years. However, it’s not as if we all received furniture assembly on-boarding training. I embraced the simple instructions that are included with each piece of furniture to the point where I can now put together many pieces of furniture with my eyes shut!


Blog Ikea | | @GerryMoran

So, how does this relate to blogging? Well, I just received a tweet from an SAP colleague who noted that he had a hard time making time to blog! I maintain that blogging is easy if you have a simple way in … a play, if you will. I have 3 of them that make it very easy to blog. I’d like to share these with you to make it easy for you to show the world the expert that you are and what is on your mind!

First, the average reader consumes content is short bursts, so we want to aim for a 2-minute read, which is typically 500 words or so. So, my blueprint for your blogging process is a 5-step, 500-word blog.

5 Easy Steps To Learn How To Blog

  • Set Story up in first 100 words. You want to start to tell your story in the first 100 words. Set up your story within a story. I typically do not jump right into the “business.” Rather, I find my angle and then set up the “lesson.”Explain your idea in next 100 words. Take the time to articulate your ONE IDEA in this section. You want to explain why this blog is about. You want to start to tell your story in the first 100 words. Set up your story within a story. I typically do not jump right into the “business.” Rather, I find my angle and then set up the “lesson.”
  • Explain your idea in next 100 words. Take the time to articulate your ONE IDEA in this section. You want to explain why this blog is about. Take the time to articulate your ONE IDEA in this section. You want to explain why this blog is about.Blog relevance in next 100 words. Explain why this idea that you articulated is relevant to the reader. This is the WIIFM moment!
  • Provide the blog relevance in next 100 words. Explain why this idea that you articulated is relevant to the reader. This is the WIIFM moment! Explain why this idea that you articulated is relevant to the reader. This is the WIIFM moment!
  • Offer your advice in 3 or 5 bullets in penultimate 100 words. Bullets are the best way to clearly community your advice, key takeaways, etc.Recap blog in last 100 words. Take these last 100 words to recap your idea, the benefits of your advice and include a call to action! Bullets are the best way to clearly community your advice, key takeaways, etc.
  • Recap blog in last 100 words. Take these last 100 words to recap your idea, the benefits of your advice and include a call to action! Take these last 100 words to recap your idea, the benefits of your advice and include a call to action!

If you have a question about how to start to blog for your business, please leave a comment on this MarketingThink blog post, contact me from this blog comment tab or reach out to me on Twitter at @GerryMoran

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So, blogging is easy. Even easier  than assembling IKEA furniture. Follow the directions above and you can get started in no time. Be brave and blog!


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What Ben Folds Five Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

So, who names their band Ben Folds Five when there are only three members in the group?!? I think the other two members of the ‘five’ includes the guy who brings in the various bass guitars and the crowd who attends the concert. I was one of that said crowd last night and thought Ben Folds put on an amazing show  in the comfort of the cozy tower theater. The whole experience reminded me of great content marketing!

5 Things Ben Folds Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Great social media content is:

  • Relevant … like the lyrics in the concert’s song that covered love to frustration
  • Refreshed … like the band’s new album
  • Authentic … Ben just rolls with the crowd, even shouting out in response to the questions from the crowd.
  • Brings together a community … like the mix of the hipsters and not-so-hipsters in the crowd
  • Inspires conversation and activity… like crowd singing in harmony (and buying a t-shirt at the end of the crowd). Hey, Ben even took video of the crowd singing! Now that’s some user-generated content, huh!

Great show Ben Folds Five and great lesson on content marketing. On another not maybe Zack and Sara (without an H) are the other two of the Ben Folds Five … but, they were missing last night. Really missed that song!

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Social Media Content Creation Gangnam Style

As I get my Gangnam Style moves down for some late-night lounge club dancing at the upcoming Las Vegas event, I cannot help to have some social media content creation ideas arise.

Hmmm. How do I connect content creation , evangelizing, sharing and crowdsourcing for a live event with this now-famous horse dance?!? Yes, everything I think about IS about social media marketing analogies. And, how can I show you how to create some awesome social media content while at the event?

This blog post shows you how to create great on-the-floor content that gets consumed and shared across all audiences at any live event… like the Gangnam Style video!  Psy, the artist behind the sensation was able to create content that was able to connect with multiple audiences and so can you!

Let’s see how Gangnam Style can inspire your content creation. I have applied this inspiration to five content-creation strategies while attending any live event or trade show.

1. Take Interesting Video. All live events offer a treasure trove of potential video! Embrace these opportunites!

  • Interview. Hold an interesting interview with someone (make sure to get the proper form to allow posting though.) Be creative with your approach to help the sharing on blogs, YouTube and Facebook! A few interesting ways into your interview could be “What have you seen at this event that you plan to use in next year?” “What is the most interesting thing you have learned at this event?”
  • Demos. Capture a demo or a snippet of a presentation for social media sharing. Your content may be the first time that this demo has taken place, or it is connected to a trending topic. Whatever the tie-in, pass on the demo to the world!
  • Sessions. Don’t take an entire video of a keynote (or any other presentation) … just take some exciting shots of one can pass it on!  Tease the world with what they are missing. And while you are at it, make sure you have an interesting title to your video post.

2. Take Interesting Photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, so get your Gangnam on and pass it on to the social media world!

  • Signage. Take a creative shots of the show logo and pass it on to the key social media contacts for the even. For instance, I recommend taking a picture of the event  signage and email it to one of the social media contacts. It’s content like this that we love at SAP and love to see it posted it on our Facebook pages!
  • Floor Pictures. Take a picture of the most interesting thing on the show room floor and pass it on to the event’s social media channel managers! Event organizers love to post these types of pictures to show all the non-attendees what they are missing! They might even bestow some special acknowledgment for your creativity

3. Capture Quotes

  • Sound Bites. Everyone loves a sound bite! It’s one of the best takeaways of any session. Write them down and hashtag they key words of your sessions. No need to tweet your quotes in real-time … hang on to them and schedule them for between 6-8PM, the time when most retweets happen!


4. TweetPut on your reporter shoes and tell the people back home what they are missing! But, if you are going do it Gangnam Style … make sure has some legs for retweeting, since the socialsphere is really only interested in relevant ‘stuff’.  What should you tweet about? Here are three ideas:

  • Inquire! Ask a session presenter or social media ambassador a follow-up question and look for an answer directed specifically at you! As a example, I created a blog post for s show that I will be attending for SAP that noted all the key social media attendees. Check this blog post for Twitter Handles –> How To Leverage Social Media Ambassadors & Experts At SAP TechEd Las Vegas
  • Be Ready. If you are going to tweet like PSY make sure you have your key hashtags and key words identified. In addition to every tweet containing #TheShowHashtag make sure to include 1-2 others that have nothing to do with SAP and everything to do with the outside world (e.g., #Analaytics #Mobility)
  • Share! Be a part of someone else’s Gangnam moment and share their content … along with your message!

5. Blog! We are not all bloggers, yet we can all give it a shot! If you feel passionate about a point, then sit down and write 200 words about it on your blog or the event’s site. Follow this guidance to get the Gangnam word out!

  • Event Site. Get signed up today and have your profile in order so you can actually contribute with a blog!
  • Make It Visual. The blog posts that are shared the most (and found the most) have a great mix of pictures, videos and quotes. Include all the aforementioned content you collected to get your blog on everyone’s hit parade! Leverage your collection with a smart blog post!
  • Make It Memorable! Hey, who expected a blog post that tied Gangnam Style in with a live event! Make your point about one takeaway and have some fun with it! If I can do it, so can you! To be sure people find your post, take advantage of using key words and placing the proper tags in the copy!

So, lets’ take a hint from Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style craze and think about how we can individually spread the word of of the event that we are attending so others who cannot attend can reap the benefit of relevant, humanizing and authentic content! Let’s do our own Gangnam Style dance an upload it somewhere.

Gerry Moran

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9 Content Ideas For Your Social Media Marketing

Ok. So you have hung your social media “shingle” and you are now ready to participate in social media for your business. It’s free, so it should be easy, right? Well … wrong! Yes, social media is free, in its simplest form. However, the true cost, or should I say investment, is in the content and strategy behind the effort — i.e., what you say to whom, where you say it and how often you say it!

To paraphrase Sun Tzu — If you engage and post in the social media marketing space for your brand without a strategy then your efforts amount to nothing but noise!

Here are nine social media marketing content motivators for your brand. In other words, what you should be thinking about Tweeting, Facebooking, blogging, etc.:

  • Question Others. Ask a question to your followers. For example, using Linkedin’s “Answers” section is a great way to ask a question to get the conversation going
    • Link to Links. 
        Be a filter for your followers and pass on links, such as, to those that you feel you can add value and make their lives a little more informed!


  • Provide a Review. Review and comment on related technology, such as how the iPad might affect your business and lead generation! Shelly Palmer at does a great job at this! Your blog is a great place to pass on relevant reviews.
  • Pass On a Best Practice Link. For example, Epsilon does a great job of telling us what is working in email marketing for one’s specific industry, along with Lyris, ExactTarget and Constant Contact. Be a filter to your followers and pass on these best practice techniques via a channel like Twitter to your.
  • Announce An Event. Are you headed to a networking event or attending a webinar (and make sure that webinar is an educational one as opposed to those that pose to offer information but truly are a sales ploy!) that others could benefit? Then post it on Linkedin or your blog!
  • Link to Relevant Articles. I read dally paper edition of the Wall Street Journal and always pass on links to relevant articles on via email, Twitter, and Linkedin. Act as a filter and let your followers and contacts know that you are thinking of their needs with great articles!
  • Link to Good Examples. Have you ever seen a good execution of an idea or message that others might benefit from? Take a picture and post it to your Facebook page. Post the link on Twitter. Reference the example in an answer that you post on Linkedin!
  • Pass on Other Thought Leadership. When you see a great quote from a business or civic leader, pass it on. Sometimes a great quote can be a source of inspiration to your followers. Pass it on!
  • Post a Cartoon. Business is not all serious, you know. Dilbert and Non Sequitur cartoons and their take on business constantly motivate me. Their ability to sum up a problem is amazing. Post or pass on a cartoon, with the appropriate attribution, and make your followers laugh!

Some take aways for you regarding your social media marketing content are:

  • It takes time
  • It takes a strategy — who, what, where, when, and why to post
  • It’s about providing relevant content for your follower … and not your business

Back to Sun Tzu … social media marketing noise is a waste of time for all of us and can actually hurt your brand if you are saying the wrong thing to the right person at the wrong time. Think about investing in your social media marketing to learn the right thing to do!

Call Gerry Moran at 215-817-4085 today for ideas on how to set up your social media marketing editorial content calendar!

Do you have some more ideas? Please comment below!

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How To Embrace The Blog

Your phone rings, your Twitter twings, your email dings or your Pinterest pings  … and you have been asked to speak at an event! Whether you are a first-timer on the stage (or virtual podium) one of the first things that come to mind should be self-promotion! I know that that is the case for me! I’ve been asked to speak at Social Media Week in Chicago on September 24-28, 2012 and at the B2B Social Media Summit in Philadelphia on October 9&10, 2012. The first thing that came to mind when asked to be a part of the conference content was … how I self-promote to drive attendance to my event!

The two asks I have received from the conference organizers were:

  1. Please send us your bio so we can get your information listed on our sites and blogs
  2. Will you help drive awareness of our event by leveraging social media

My first instinct is to how can I leverage more attendance by not just retweeting and reblogging about the event, rather take a bigger discussion item and own it … or at least make it mine for pre-event. I follow the best-practice community- and brand- (i.e., me, the brand) blogging practice of owning the conversation and creation a POV about a topic and you will seek me out with passion vs. waving the sandwich-board to self-promote. I want to be a slightly more provocative and strategic with my branding and promotion.

I understand that there are two goals when leveraging blogging for an event:

  • Goal #1: Engage the current registered community audience enough to drive an authentic conversation to drive value-add experience from being a part of the community. Once value is added then event registration to show results such as awareness, registration, touched pipeline and sales will follow as a byproduct
  • Goal #1 (yes, two goal #1s): Create content that can be found by non=community  audience from Google searching for solutions (not products) to customer pain points

Blogging is a critical pull-marketing strategy to drive attention, engagement and reader take-action. I reported at my weekly Social Media Office Hours meeting (a center of excellence best practice that SAP NA uses to help activate social media among the marketing stakeholders) that a recent Hubspot State of Inbound Marketing Report shows that 57% of B2B channel users acquired a customer through blogging. Think about it … it’s not the promotional blogs that drive all fo the interaction!

If you are invited to speak at a blog there are two forms that blogs take!

  • Form #1: Marketing information. This type of blog posts tells the reader … the who, what, where, why, etc. about an event. If you have ever read an experiened-in-bloggomg organizer’s blog posts that kick off big events, then you know what I mean! This type of information is a valuable read for readers, especially when it’s accessed on their own terms. These posts are tagged in a number of ways where in-community readers will be able to find it easily and outside-community readers will be able to find it with a Google search.

This type of promotional post has a place and a purpose for every event and in every community. Just make sure you make it or it’s made for you in the right place! At SAP we like to use these marketing and sales posts in the section you’re reading right now … Events. Typically this type of post will be taken care of for you! A great way that you can leverage this area as a speaker is to comment on the blog post with a link to your other blog post … about a key point/interesting point of discussion!

  • Form #2: Key point / interesting point discussion. This type of blog post takes a big idea, like 5 Key Questions You Need To Ask To About Operational Reporting or How to Answer 10 Big Marketing Questions With One Free Social Media Tool and answers it in a way that promotes discussion but does NOT sell the event or company you represent. The company, product or event sell comes in at the end of the post with a nice wrap-up and outbound link that promotes … if you want to know more, then attend this webinar. This type of blog does double-duty for the the community and the outside community audience. Most of all, it’s providing content that supports the charter of the community – whether it’s your event or your own blog.

So, how do you do operationalize this … meaning, how do you get it done? If you are an organizer looking to recruit a speaker to write a post or if you are a speaker being asked, you should expect this basic process to occur:

    • The way in is to ask the speaker “can you write a 500-word post on the 5 key questions a company needs to ask when considering blah blah blah”. It’s easy to overthink this stuff … so don’t. Ask the speaker what he or she thinks about the topic … the real issue, or value, is the topic itself. I mean, “how will operational reporting help your company” vs. “how you can use HANA to do operational reporting” is a great way to look at which will drive more interest. Which one would you be more interested in? (there is an SAP reference here)
    • Now, combine that great content with best-practice blog formatting (you know, a great title, keywords, bold subheadings, lists, etc. and you have a magnet for reader! Don’t fret if you are a speaker … your organizer will help you with the formatting and editing.

Good luck with the blogging process! If you ever have a question, I am happy to help!


Gerry Moran


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Develop Your SEO Strategy From Your Customer’s Shoes

Content is king, especially when you need your business’ web and blog copy to attract customers who use search marketing! One tip that I always pass on to my clients is to alway use key words and phrases in Web copy and posts that are natural and written from the perspective, and the shoes of the customers – what is he or she typing when he or she sits down at the computer and uses Google!

But before you consider what you write, you need to consider for whom you are writing … that is … what are the demographics. For instance, you need to consider your target market’s age, education, and gender, among other things, when developing your message.  Take a look at the link below to help you get a better idea of which types of your customers are using search engines and in which direction you should proceed to get more people walking through your door!

Good luck and please contact me at 215-817-4085 by phone, @GerryMoran on Twitter or

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15 Ways to Connect With Your Customer

These tips are sooooo self-explanatory. Take a look and see what you think you can start to implement with your  company today!
  1. Be a part of you customers’ comparison shopping
  2. Give your customers a reason to stock up with your brand and be a smart shopper
  3. Be authentically appreciative and say … “thank you”
  4. Acknowledge those that are loyal to your brand
  5. Reinforce credibility in your brand by being a part of the social conversation
  6. Let you customers know if there is good news
  7. Provide a venue for customer reviews
  8. Ask if you can help … duh!
  9. Acknowledge your missteps
  10. Let your customers know if there is an added value application with your product or service
  11. Connect with first-time users of your product or service to ensure they feel comfortable
  12. Keep your customers in the loop with any update on your brand to make them feel a part of your “family”
  13. Keep the vibrance of your company first and foremost in the minds of your consumers
  14. Communicate how pricing communicate value – on the terms of the customer
  15. Be relevant
These tips are also a conversation starter.  If you have any questions or want to start a conversation, please call Gerry Moran at 215-817-4085.