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Gerry Moran and Cheryl Tuverson have hands-on leadership experience with marketing, personal branding, social media, and content strategy with global brands, digital agencies, and higher education institutions.



Gerry Moran

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Cheryl Tuverson

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What industries do you specialize in?

We have deep hands-on and leadership experience in technology, television & entertainment, higher education, business services, retail, consumer package goods, and small business industries.

We both have had client-facing, management, strategy, and program building and running experience.

How does a LinkedIn Makeover process work?

Every LinkedIn makeover situation is unique. However, some fairly common steps include the following:

  1. Initial review of the LinkedIn Makeover process. Walkthrough of guidance so you can provide the best input to improve your profile.
  2. Understanding of your goals. Please tell us what you’re working toward. Is it a promotion? Do you want a new job? Are you looking to connect with clients? Or do you want to establish yourself as a thought leader? Do you have another go?
  3. Review your existing LinkedIn profile and digital footprint.  Before you begin to improve on your profile, you need to assess its current state. Understanding best practices and LinkedIn’s profile and content performance metrics will help establish the gap that you need to close.
  4. Capture current LinkedIn profile performance. Before you begin to improve your performance, you need to record how you are doing — profile views, engagements, connection requests, SSI score, etc.
  5. Set up your new LinkedIn profile goals. Set up measurable goals to align with your objectives.
  6. Do your keyword research. Since your audience finds your profile by searching for it, establishing at least ten keywords and phrases will help your audience find you.
  7. Work on creating, refreshing, or making over your profile. Consider your goals, best practices, and your keywords to tell your end-to-end tell story.
  8. Review your refreshed profile once you refresh your profile map the results to best practice and your goals.
  9. Update your profile. Go live with all of the changes.
  10. 30-day review. Once your LinkedIn profile makeover is live for 30 days, please review it to see what tweaks you need to make.

A typical project takes about seven hours to complete.

What are your social media qualifications?

Gerry is a globally recognized social media expert. He has been noted by Forbes, Onylitica, and other publications as a social media leader, a speaker at Social Media Week, and has been regularly quoted by the media.

He started in 2006 developing social media strategy while he led IKEA’s North American catalog operations, IKEA Family loyalty program rollout, and customer relationship marketing.

After IKEA, when he worked with several award-winning digital agencies he focused on working with major brands like Meijer, Mars, Rita’s Water Ice, and several pharmaceutical brands.

For the last ten years, he’s worked for SAP and another top-tier IT consulting company to build and run their social media and content marketing operating models. Specifically, he has hands-on and leadership experience with:

  1. Employee governance and social media policies
  2. Measurement and insight plans
  3. Social media listening programs
  4. Content marketing studio team build-outs
  5. Social media content development content
  6. Global content and channel regionalization
  7. Employee advocacy programs
  8. Social selling programs
  9. Executive voice
  10. Personal branding, including scaling LinkedIn Profile development
  11. Social media and content training programs and workshops
  12. Social media centers of excellence

Do you do social media consulting?

Our marketingthink.com blog is a great source of social media strategy, content marketing, and personal branding ideas and instruction.

We do not provide consulting services, but what a great idea!