9 Content Ideas For Your Social Media Marketing

Ok. So you have hung your social media “shingle” and you are now ready to participate in social media for your business. It’s free, so it should be easy, right? Well … wrong! Yes, social media is free, in its simplest form. However, the true cost, or should I say investment, is in the content and strategy behind the effort — i.e., what you say to whom, where you say it and how often you say it!

To paraphrase Sun Tzu — If you engage and post in the social media marketing space for your brand without a strategy then your efforts amount to nothing but noise!

Here are nine social media marketing content motivators for your brand. In other words, what you should be thinking about Tweeting, Facebooking, blogging, etc.:

  • Question Others. Ask a question to your followers. For example, using Linkedin’s “Answers” section is a great way to ask a question to get the conversation going
    • Link to Links. 
        Be a filter for your followers and pass on links, such as MyMarketingClass.com, to those that you feel you can add value and make their lives a little more informed!


  • Provide a Review. Review and comment on related technology, such as how the iPad might affect your business and lead generation! Shelly Palmer at www.shellypalmer.com does a great job at this! Your blog is a great place to pass on relevant reviews.
  • Pass On a Best Practice Link. For example, Epsilon does a great job of telling us what is working in email marketing for one’s specific industry, along with Lyris, ExactTarget and Constant Contact. Be a filter to your followers and pass on these best practice techniques via a channel like Twitter to your.
  • Announce An Event. Are you headed to a networking event or attending a webinar (and make sure that webinar is an educational one as opposed to those that pose to offer information but truly are a sales ploy!) that others could benefit? Then post it on Linkedin or your blog!
  • Link to Relevant Articles. I read dally paper edition of the Wall Street Journal and always pass on links to relevant articles on WSJ.com via email, Twitter, and Linkedin. Act as a filter and let your followers and contacts know that you are thinking of their needs with great articles!
  • Link to Good Examples. Have you ever seen a good execution of an idea or message that others might benefit from? Take a picture and post it to your Facebook page. Post the link on Twitter. Reference the example in an answer that you post on Linkedin!
  • Pass on Other Thought Leadership. When you see a great quote from a business or civic leader, pass it on. Sometimes a great quote can be a source of inspiration to your followers. Pass it on!
  • Post a Cartoon. Business is not all serious, you know. Dilbert and Non Sequitur cartoons and their take on business constantly motivate me. Their ability to sum up a problem is amazing. Post or pass on a cartoon, with the appropriate attribution, and make your followers laugh!

Some take aways for you regarding your social media marketing content are:

  • It takes time
  • It takes a strategy — who, what, where, when, and why to post
  • It’s about providing relevant content for your follower … and not your business

Back to Sun Tzu … social media marketing noise is a waste of time for all of us and can actually hurt your brand if you are saying the wrong thing to the right person at the wrong time. Think about investing in your social media marketing to learn the right thing to do!

Call Gerry Moran at 215-817-4085 today for ideas on how to set up your social media marketing editorial content calendar!

Do you have some more ideas? Please comment below!

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