7 Easy Ways To Find Social Selling Triggers On Flipboard

Finding an easy way to listen to your customers’ social media activity is the key to your social selling success! Customers will not alert you to the opportunities they do not see.  You need to be look for triggers and conversation starters to help them connect the dots that help to show them that opportunity. At times, you need to get the immediate pulse of what’s happening in your sales world. Wouldn’t it be great to flip open your tablet and get an instant read on what is important to you? Sure it would.

CSO Insights reports that the average sales executive spends 24.1% of their time each week on research and lead generation activities. Even with this amount of lead generation research being done, IDC reports that 54% of sales reps are unprepared for their first customer meetings. Wow! That tells me that these sales reps are going about their client research all wrong!

With this amount of time spent on research and knowing that 60% of sales reps waste the equivalent of 6 selling weeks a year (reported by CSO Insights) trying to get customers to answer the phone, it’s critical to find easy and feasible ways to listen for and leverage key sales triggers. Sales and marketing execs are very busy and do not have hours to spend on social listening. So, I have few ideas on how to “trick out” Flipboard, an app from Flipboard.com, to use on your tablet, smart phone or desktop computer to make your time spent on social media listen more profitable. You can use Flipboard listen for seven key types of real-time social activity. And best of all, your personal social listening report is delivered in the format of an electronic magazine, for easy reading.

7 Ways To Use Social Listening For Your Social Selling Strategy

1. Search For Selling Signals. Social media provides access to an assortment of sales triggers. Knowing how to sift through the noise and filter the important pieces of information is one key to your social selling success. Search for a key phrase, with Flipboard, to find real-time news about a range of issues from customer pain points to product failures. For instance, if you are a B2B software solutions sales executive you can search the phrase “database failure” across the Web and get it displayed on your tablet, smart phone or desktop in a magazine format.

photo (4)

Folllow key phrases to find buzz and sales triggers

2. Master The Media Sources. Listen to industry publications to keep you on top of the issues. Your customers and prospects read these same news sources, so you need to do the same. But, how do you follow the wide array of these publications? Flipboard gives you immediate updates from these publications in an easy-to-read aggregated magazine format. You can even share these updates with your clients via email or social media!

Social Selling

Follow key industry publications to stay on top of breaking news.

3. Pick Up On Prospects’ Activity. Keep a keen focus on key prospects’ blogs and social media accounts to read in-between-the-lines of their activity. This insight can help you turn social listening into new business opportunities. By understanding your prospects’ customers likes and dislikes about their products and services you’ll have a conversation starter when you make your cold call.

photo (6)

Keep up with what customers are saying about your prospects.

4. Stay In Touch Better With Your Clients. Up-selling and contract renewals are critical to your sales quota success. Listen closely to your customers’ activities by using Flipboard to follow what they are liking on Twitter, updating on LinkedIn and blogging about. Information is power!

photo (10)

Easily follow your client contacts to see how they are engaging on social media.

5. Think About Those Thought Leaders. Thought leaders in your industry, solution, product or LoB area have their collective ears to the ground. They know about the key issues and trends, are connected and are on the bleeding edge of where your business is headed. Tap this resource with Flipboard and be a resource and thought leader for your team, customers and prospects.

photo (8)

Keep up with trends by following your thought leaders.

6. Customer Care, App-Style. Your customers are your top priority, but you definitely are not their top priority. They likely are not picking up the phone to let you know about every company move or up-sell opportunity. Use Flipboard to stay on top of their activities. Turn your targeted listening into an ongoing conversation starters and nuggets of read-in-between-the-lines up-sell opportunities. Don’t have another client conversation without first checking in on their social media pulse.

photo (9)

Keep up with your customers’ social happenings to help you read in between the lines for up-sell opportunities.

7. Community Communication. Standing advice to my social selling stakeholders is to belong to many groups, take part in a few and own (i.e., be a key contributor) to one. Flipboard provides an easy way to follow individual LinkedIn Groups, for example. Stay on top of this community chatter to act on all sales opportunities.

photo (11)

Use Flipboard to easily keep up with your LInkedIn Groups.

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Do you have a social listening tool or technique that you have used to find a social selling opportunity or close a sale? If so, please comment below! Or, contact me directly on MarketingThink.com or via Twitter @GerryMoran.

Flip on your Flipboard app today and start up your personal listening program. Never start another day or client call without a quick check-in to the real-time conversation that’s going on whether or not you are involved!

PS. If you think someone in your social tribe would benefit from 7 Easy Ways To Listen For Social Selling Triggers With Flipboard please pass it on!


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  2. Stephen Tierney

    Gerry, very good advise. Proving your relationship with your clients is valueable in the ‘ Social ‘ selling arena ( I hate using that name in B2B) is working is the golden moment. Thanks
    Now come up with a better name than social selling? It is not social after all is it? It is business! Best I can come up with is The New Media.

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