5 Insights Into Marketing To Millennials

InfographicReaching out to Millennials is not about talking to a bunch of upcoming kids. However, it is about considering them to be a separate segment, which you are targeting. Think of them as the “country” of Millennial.

Here are four insights that may make your visit and engagement with this “country” more effect

1. Social Networking. With 75% of Millennials on a social-networking site, it behooves brands to start to invest and engage in social media, whether it’s B2B or B2C.  Building and investing now will help to set the right tone and direction for this target

2. Online Video. 20% of Millenials posting videos of themselve online presents opportunities for brands to start to incorporate this medium

3. Being Green. Being online and social is not a choice to “be green” rather it’s about a native behavior, so don’t bother to pitch the concept of choosing social or digital communication to be green — since that sustainable choice is not necessarily on their radar. (you just have to be there)

4. Technology Makes Life Easier. To gain share of mind and heart with Millennials, you WILL need to embrace digital and social in a way that this group acknowledges your effort to make their life easier — which may be different from engaging with Gen X, etc. (it’s called targeting)

These four insights are certainly not in depth advice to help you build your entire strategy, however, it gives you a direction to navigating this group.

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(Source: Fast Company graphic)

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