5 Easy Steps To Master Your Social Media First Impression

Good First Impression On Social

You only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression when meeting someone for the first time. You have even less time when you connect online.

If you’ve ever been on a dating site like, OKCupid or Match.com, you know that first impressions are so important for that first content. They are critical! If someone is not engaged with your profile, then you will never get to the first date, which means there is no first kiss, which means you will never march down the wedding aisle. Funny, how dating and building a customer relationship are very similar to each other. You need to make that first impression count on social media, so it leads to the type of relationship you want.

According to Missouri University of Science and Technology eye-tracking research says it takes a user about 2.6 second for their  eyes to land on that area of a website that most influences their first impression. This same research can be applied to your social media profiles and the impressions they set!

If you cannot set the first impression on the first social ‘handshake’ then your long-term social media relationship could be doomed with you or your brand! Fixing it might take a long time. And, it may not be fixable if you set a very poor first impression.

5 Steps To Master Your Social Media First Impression

  • Google yourself. Yes, it IS OK to Google yourself! Before and after you make your changes to your social media accounts, Google yourself to give yourself a real look in the social media mirror. If you don’t see what you like, then change it today.
  • Get a selection of professional-like headshots for your key social media accounts. A set of photos with your sharp and smiling face is the first place new social suitors go to make a judgment if they move any closer to know you. When you do take your new headshot, remember not to let your dog, cat, boat, girlfriend or mysterious hand on the shoulder sneak into the photo!
  • Completely fill out your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn reports that only 50.5% of profiles are filled out. An incomplete LinkedIn profile cuts down your chances to be found. A complete profile helps to set up a great first impression. If you aren’t touting your achievements and skills and expertise on LinkedIn, who will know about them.
  • Completely fill out your Twitter profile. Twitter is the new email and is always checked out by those checking you out. Make sure to use one of your freshly minted headshot photos are placed keenly in the center of your 160-character bio, location and URL (e.g., linking to your LinkedIn account or your blog.
  • Get a Google+ account. Google+ is ‘where the puck is going to be’ with social media and content marketing, so it behooves you to complete your profile here too! If you are a blogger, then a Google+ profile will help you authenticate your authorship and put your smiling profile headshot next to your content when others search for it on Google.

Do you have another tip that has worked of your first impression? If so, please comment below! Or contact me directly at MarketingThink.com or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

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If you find yourself not matching up with the right relationships on social media. Look in the mirror and ask, “mirror mirror on the iPad, why are my social media profiles looking so sad!

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