15 Ways to Connect With Your Customer

These tips are sooooo self-explanatory. Take a look and see what you think you can start to implement with your  company today!
  1. Be a part of you customers’ comparison shopping
  2. Give your customers a reason to stock up with your brand and be a smart shopper
  3. Be authentically appreciative and say … “thank you”
  4. Acknowledge those that are loyal to your brand
  5. Reinforce credibility in your brand by being a part of the social conversation
  6. Let you customers know if there is good news
  7. Provide a venue for customer reviews
  8. Ask if you can help … duh!
  9. Acknowledge your missteps
  10. Let your customers know if there is an added value application with your product or service
  11. Connect with first-time users of your product or service to ensure they feel comfortable
  12. Keep your customers in the loop with any update on your brand to make them feel a part of your “family”
  13. Keep the vibrance of your company first and foremost in the minds of your consumers
  14. Communicate how pricing communicate value – on the terms of the customer
  15. Be relevant
These tips are also a conversation starter.  If you have any questions or want to start a conversation, please call Gerry Moran at 215-817-4085.

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