13 Social Selling Take Aways

IBM Social SellingWhat a day at the Social Shakeup (#SocialShakeUp) in Atlanta with much of the buzz around social selling! Just watching the Twitter stream was a lesson on onto to itself! Here are my key social selling take-aways from the second day of the Social Shake-Up in Atlanta!

13 Key #SocialShakeUp Social Selling Take-Aways

  • Just because linking social selling to bottom line $ is hard, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. @SenseiMarketing
  • IBM picked twitter and linkedin as primary platforms for social selling@insightpoolHQ
  • IBM leadership directs/empowers social selling. Culture change precedes social success. via @SamFiorella
  • Big take away for social selling is just to listen and learn. Don’t try to quickly engage! via @alewites
  • IBM started their Social Selling journey with the CUSTOMER. 92% of B2B buyers start their search on the web. via @jill_rowley 
  • [Social Selling] 45% of IBM sales has come off of social Sales pages via @DarrellKeezer
  • [Social Selling] “Have a sales organization with marketing in it” via @DarrellKeezer
  • Social Selling is an initiative not a training exercise. Via @jlbrowning
  • Content is 2nd pillar in Social Selling framework via @jill_rowley 
  • Social Selling is not about spamming… it’s about building relationships on social via @alewites

Do you have another quote that I missed? Let me know @GerryMoran

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Here to some more great social selling sessions and a very educational Twitter stream!



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