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30 LinkedIn Sales Triggers

30 LinkedIn Social Selling Triggers

The key to social selling success is fishing where the fish are. You might be fishing where the fish are, but you do know what to do when you get a nibble on the line? Many sales meetings are full of fish tales about the one that got away. These fishing holes are filled with sellers, who did not use social selling techniques. There are customers willing to engage, or bite on an intelligent insight, but many sales professionals do not understand the social sellings signals. Their missed quotas, management…
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How To Use Content Marketing To Be An Incredible Seller

Social Selling Influencer | | @GerryMoran

Do you want to hear a social selling fairy tale? Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most important influencer of all? You are, or should be,  if you want to control your selling destiny and bust your quota! Step in front of the social selling mirror today and ask yourself “Am I an influencer?” There’s no I in team, but there is one in influencer – and the “I” is you!. The quicker you become an influencer, then the quicker you will connect with decision makers and buying teams…
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3 Easy Ideas To Get Customers To Pay For Content

Content Marketing | | @GerryMoran

Is your gated content worth the relationship currency you’re asking your customers to pay? What you think is valuable content may be considered worthless to the customer on their buying journey! Like a toll road, gated content full of how-to insight and relevant research is likely the quickest way for your client to reach their decision destination. However, this swift and easy access comes at a price. Do your customers value your content marketing enough to provide their contact information, email address or social sign-in credentials? This CRM contribution is…
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Stop Being Snubbed On The Buyer’s Journey!

If you were a hitchhiker on the B2B highway, would customers pick you up? Or, would they stick their disapproving and down-turned thumb out? Many new prospects and consumers might consider you a traditional selling stranger – who will scare, bother and inundate them with unwelcome emails – and an unworthy candidate to help them solve their business challenges. Today’s sales reps need to be social selling and content marketing experts to help position them as a stop-over  on their customer’s journey. The Social Selling Facts 92% of customers would…
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You Need To Stop Focusing On The Sales Process, Silly!

The buyer’s journey and the selling process terms are often confused. However, the sales process focuses on how to push the customer to get them to buy from you. While the buyer’s journey presents the client’s questions and needs that need to be answered and met.They need content and contacts to help them through their journey – at their own pace. They need content and contacts to help them through their journey – at their own pace. So, are you creating your business strategy based on the selling process or…
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Treat Content Like Confetti!

content marketing strategy

Who’s ever been covered in confetti – like the aftermath of the New Year’s celebration? A ton of confetti dropped from the roof-top and spread over a block of people has a much different effect than unloading a pallet of paper in the middle of that one block. The same effect goes for thought leadership content. No one enjoys one big source of hard-to-consume content. One 18-page white paper placed on your company website can only be so effective. However, the same content chunked up into infographics, videos, Tweets, LinkedIn…
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Stop Being A LinkedIn Photo Loser!

linkedin profile and tinder

If LinkedIn was like Tinder, would your customers swipe left or swipe right? I know a few Millennials, and scarily a few Gen X friends, who use Tinder to, well, hook up. If you don’t have a great pic, then you are immediately ‘eliminated.’ Sort of voted off the relationship island before you ever washed ashore.   Your picture is the first step to moving toward ‘hooking up’ with your customers and prospects. If they swipe left, then you’d be left in the dark and your chances to connect with…
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You Need To Dish Out Delicious Content!

Patrone Italian Bistro

Are your customers sampling your small business from the comfort of their smartphone? If not, then they’re positively salivating over your competitors’ Instagram, Twitter and Yelp pictures and posts. Much of this content is published by patrons! So, let’s use a restaurant as an example for how small businesses can approach their content marketing strategy. Picture this. Your customers are posting their smartphone snapshots and comments on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Yelp accounts while sitting at your restaurant’s table. What a yummy idea! Are you helping your customers feed…
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Are You InTouch With Your LinkedIn Strategy?

LInkedIn Touch | | Gerry Moran

Are you in touch with your LinkedIn personal branding strategy? My great grandmother used to tell me, “Gerry Moran, you need to take advantage of every LinkedIn opportunity to reach out and touch your contacts. Build and nurture solid relationships by paying attention to the relationship triggers, authentically messaging and paying attention to the little things.”   These B2B relationship-building tools and touchpoints are at your fingertips in your LinkedIn account. You just have to understand how to participate actively! LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to combine good connections and…
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Tap The Heavenly Power Of Employee Evangelists

mployee Evangelists | | @GerryMoran

Meet John – or Mary, or Tom, or Vijay – the (brand) evangelist – a critical part of your employee advocacy strategy. No, I am not talking about a Bible-like evangelist. I’m talking about an even more efficient way of spreading the word about your company – the social media evangelist who sits inside your business. He works for your company and has an entirely different social network that can be reached by your business’s owned for paid channels. If you unleash the power of your company’s individual evangelists within an…
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