Do You Need A Social Media Tune-up?

by Gerry Moran

Is your social media community sputtering along? Are your social media campaigns hitting on all cylinders? Are you fueling your social media marketing with the right content? If you are unsure of your social media marketing performance, then it’s time for a branding and community management social media tune-up!

Need A Social Media Tune-up?

Need A Social Media Tune-up?

Just about two years ago, SAP was experiencing the same sluggishness with our North American social media engine. We were generating sales and marketing activity but were under-delivering on community engagement, reach and conversion with our social media campaigns. This is the same problem that many large and small brands are still experiencing. It is key to understand when your social media engine is not humming along. When your engine sputters, you spend more money, waste time and win fewer races.

I’ll be speaking on how SAP built a social media community and campaign engine to drive reach, engagement and conversion at SAP. I’ll be doing this at the upcoming J. Boye Web & Intranet Conference – Turn Experience Into Advantage on May 8th in Philadelphia. I will be using the following checklist to show you how we built our branding and community with social media for our North American marketing campaigns.

Social Media Tune-up Checklist

Here’s a checklist to see if you need branding and community management need a tune-up:

1. Social Media Channel & Community Reach

  • Is your social media channel and community base growing with the “right” type of followers and members
  • Are you adding more influencers to your social tribe?
  • Does your messaging reach and connect with people who do not follow you?
  • Do your social media channels effectively perform their roles?
  • Does your content generate an increasing amount of impressions?

2. Social Media Channel and Content Engagement

  • Does your content resonate with your target audience?
  • Are you exposing your audience to the right messaging level to make a difference?
  • Does your messaging start a conversation with your audience?
  • Do your readers value your message enough to drive social sharing?
  • Is your content constructed to engage readers?

3. Social Media Conversion Strategy

  • Does your social media and community messaging convert into sales-related activity?
  • Are your individual social media platforms performing according to their roles?
  • Are your landing pages and other conversion “hand-offs” working as hard as possible for you?

4. Social Media Activation

  • Is it easy for your community members and marketers to access your social media?
  • Are your social media listening, deployment and measurement tools performing optimally for your social media channels and community?
  • Are you considering community members’ native social behavior when asking them to act.

5. Other Social Media Considerations

  • Does management and leadership value social media channel and community activity?
  • Is your social media listening giving you actionable account- and marketing-based insight.

Sometimes it’s good to back to the basics of creating channels and understanding how the messaging works best in each of those channels when performing a social media tune-up. Take a look at these other blog posts to understand how to:

I hope to see you at the May 7-9, 2013 J. Boye seminar in Philadelphia. You can register here. If you attend live or virtually through social media, please use the hashtag #jboye13 to follow or participate!

If you need help to answer the above questions to help you with your social media tune-up, please leave a comment below, reach out directly to me at or Tweet me at @GerryMoran.

Social media community and program needs a tune-up now and then. I hope that you found these questions helpful in identifying if your program or community does! If you answered a few questions tentatively, then you likely need a social media tune-up!

Gerry Moran is a global social media and content marketer. He is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, educator and mentor with close to 30 years experience with iconic brands like Purina HBO, IKEA, and SAP. He's also worked for award-winning digital advertising agencies like imc2, Whitman-Hart and Digitas. Gerry also founded a boutique marketing agency and has been an adjunct professor for over 10 years for St. Joseph's University. Gerry Moran


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