Content Marketing

Develop Your SEO Strategy From Your Customer’s Shoes

Content is king, especially when you need your business’ web and blog copy to attract customers who use search marketing! One tip that I always pass on to my clients is to alway use key words and phrases in Web copy and posts that are natural and written from the perspective, and the shoes of the customers – what is he or she typing when he or she sits down at the computer and uses Google! But before you consider what you write, you need to consider for whom you…
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15 Ways to Connect With Your Customer

These tips are sooooo self-explanatory. Take a look and see what you think you can start to implement with your  company today! Be a part of you customers’ comparison shopping Give your customers a reason to stock up with your brand and be a smart shopper Be authentically appreciative and say … “thank you” Acknowledge those that are loyal to your brand Reinforce credibility in your brand by being a part of the social conversation Let you customers know if there is good news Provide a venue for customer reviews…
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Mobile Drives Awareness, Consideration & Conversion

The mobile connection is ubiquitous. iPads, iPhones, Droids, etc. are everywhere! There is not a day, yet alone hour, that you see someone checking her phone for some update. Many big-name retailers are using this growing opportunity. They are moving to use mobile devices and communication to connect and engage with their customers and prospects to drive the purchase roadmap — thinking about buying, researching her buy and then actual purchase — whether they’re in a store, in transit, at work or at home. You can make your small- and mid-sized…
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